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NIAA Organizational Structure (niaa) PowerPoint Presentation
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NIAA Organizational Structure (niaa)

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NIAA Organizational Structure (niaa) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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__________________________. NIAA Organizational Structure ( Our Mission. __________________________. Recognizing that we are the true measure of INROADS’ success, we commit ourselves to facilitate the network of our members,

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NIAA Organizational Structure(

our mission
Our Mission


Recognizing that we are the true measure of INROADS’ success, we commit ourselves to facilitate the network of our members,

to promote the personal and professional development of our members and to be recognized as a valued resource to the INROADS organization and civic communities.



NIAA Regional Structure(Regional Leadership Councils and NIAA Local Advisory Teams have yet to be established.)

Note: The new structure will mirror that of INROADS, Inc. and should maintain alumni presence at the local level in order to continue to capture the alumni audience.

niaa executive board
Chairman of the Board

William J. Bennett, III “BJ”


Latifa Ellis


Yolanda Traylor

National Marketing Director

Johnathan Medina

National INROADS, Inc. Board Rep

Tiffany Eubanks-Saunders


Rachel Thomas

NIAA Executive Board


inroads inc regional areas
INROADS, Inc. Regional Areas



Vacant (Previously held by Tina Bradley)

National Vice President


Jacqueline Bailey

National Vice President

  • Great Lakes - Dan Ortego
  • Midwest - Stacy McMurray
  • Pacific Northwest - Michelle Neal
  • Pacific Southwest - Hector LaFarga
  • Rocky Mountain – Donna Cotton
  • South Central - Sonja Gonzales
  • NY/NJ – Doreen Wilburn-Smith
  • Florida – Michael Elem
  • Mid-Atlantic - Harry Holt
  • New England - Marcos Morales
  • Northern Central -Vacant
  • Southeast – Anthony Mitchell


INROADS / NIAA East Territory

New York / New Jersey

INROADS Reg Director: Doreen Wilburn-Smith

NIAA Vice Chair: Jacquilla Trigg


  • New York City
  • Central New Jersey
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Upstate NY
  • Western NY

New England

INROADS Reg Director: Marcos Morales

NIAA Vice Chair: Theodore Jones


  • FWC
  • Central NE
  • Greater Hartford


INROADS Reg Director: Michael Elem

NIAA Vice Chair: Valerie Robinson


  • Central FL
  • South FL
  • Jacksonville
  • Tampa


INROADS Reg Director: Harry Holt

NIAA Vice Chair: Nolan Boseman


  • Greater Baltimore/WA
  • Philadelphia
  • Virginia


INROADS / NIAA East Territory

Northern Central

INROADS Reg Director:Vacant

NIAA Vice Chair: Vacant

  • NE Ohio
  • Greater Cincinnati
  • Columbus
  • Metro Detroit
  • Pittsburgh
  • SW Michigan


INROADS Reg Director: Anthony Mitchell

NIAA Vice Chair : Melva Peed


  • Atlanta
  • Birmingham
  • Charlotte
  • Memphis
  • Mississippi
  • Nashville
  • NC Triangle


INROADS / NIAA West Territory

Great Lakes

INROADS Reg Director: Dan Ortego

NIAA Vice Chair: Danelle Johnson


  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana
  • Minn-St. Paul
  • Chicago


INROADS Reg Director: Stacy McMurray

NIAA Vice Chair:Vacant

  • St. Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Nebraska

Pacific Northwest

INROADS Reg Director: Michelle Neal

NIAA Vice Chair: Dianna Moore


  • Puget Sound
  • Oregon
  • Northern CA

Pacific Southwest

INROADS Reg Director: Hector LaFarga

NIAA Vice Chair: Treavon Northern


  • Southern CA
  • Arizona
  • San Diego


INROADS / NIAA West Territory

South Central

INROADS Reg Director: Sonja Gonzales

NIAA Vice Chair: Quenita Fagan


  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Central TX
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma

Rocky Mountain

INROADS Reg Director: Donna Cotton

NIAA Vice Chair:Keith Jones (Pending)

  • Colorado
  • Southern Colorado
inroads online alumni community
INROADS Online Alumni Community


Please be sure to take the time to visit the INROADS Online Alumni Community to ensure that your alumni information is up-to-date and accurate as an INROADS alumni member.

If you haven't signed-up yet...there's no time,

like the present time. . .