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COMPOUND Tara cooked dinner for us, and Tom washed the dishes.

COMPOUND Tara cooked dinner for us, and Tom washed the dishes. (FANBOYS ), for,and,nor ,but ,or ,yet ,so semicolon - ;. 1. Who are the soc’s ? Who are the greasers? 2. How is Ponyboy different from the other members of his gang?

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COMPOUND Tara cooked dinner for us, and Tom washed the dishes.

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  1. COMPOUND Tara cooked dinner for us, and Tom washed the dishes. (FANBOYS), for,and,nor ,but ,or ,yet ,so semicolon - ;

  2. 1. Who are the soc’s? Who are the greasers? 2. How is Ponyboy different from the other members of his gang? • What happens to Pony boy when he walks home from the movie? • What does Ponyboy mean when he says,”I lie to myself all the time?” Do you every lie to yourself? Why? • How do the characters treat members of the same sex, and of the opposite sex?

  3. Do Not Use “YOU” in Essays • Replace “you” with “the reader.” The author shows you how brave the character was. The author shows the reader how brave the character was. • Replace “You” with “one” or “people.” Clearly, you must not judge people before knowing them. Clearly, one must not judge people before knowing them. • Cut out the “you” phrase altogether. As you read this essay, you will see how baseball is like fishing. Baseball is like fishing.

  4. Plan ahead when visiting Big Bear Lake, California. You don’t want to sleep at a rest stop. You don’t want to use railroad ties for firewood. Big Bear lake is near San Diego. It is near Los Angeles. It is near Las Vegas. There are many campsites. There are lodges. There are RV parks. They fill up fast. There are many hiking trails. Bring sturdy shoes. Sandals are not optimal for hiking. Many pro athletes live there. There’s a lake at Big Bear lake, California. Big Bear lake is at 7,000 feet above sea level. The water is cold. Swimming is discouraged. Boating is encouraged. Fishing is encouraged. Kayaking is encouraged.

  5. What does Ponyboy mean when he says, “I lie to myself all the time?” Do you ever lie to yourself? Why? • What does Ponyboy mean when he says, “Johnny and I understood each other without saying anything?” have you ever had a relationship with someone whom you understood, or who understood you, without having to say anything? Why is that important? • What would your advice have been if Ponyboy and Johnny came to you for help instead of Dally? • How does the author use humor during the church fire? Why do you think she does this? • Find a quote from chapter three that foreshadows Ponyboy and Johnny’s experience in the burning church.

  6. 1.What is a noun? What is a proper noun? • What is an abstract noun? What is a concrete noun? What is a collective noun? • What does possessive mean? What are the 3 rules for making a noun possessive?(Blue Box – page 42) • What is a compound noun? • What is a pronoun? What are the personal pronouns? How do we use them in our writing? List the subject pronouns. List the object pronouns. List the possessive pronouns. • List the interrogative and the demonstrative pronouns. • What is an indefinite pronoun? List 10 of these. • What is an action verb? What is a linking verb? • What is a helping verb?

  7. Have you ever felt like an outsider? • How are outsiders usually treated? • Do you think our school has outsiders? • Would you do anything to protect your family? • Loyalty is the thread that holds friendships together. • Violence is sometimes necessary to resolve conflict. • People from different economic classes will usually not be friends.

  8. Go to chapter 11. Read the first three paragaphs. • Write 2 sentences about first paragraph • Write 2 sentences about second paragraph • Write 3 sentences about third paragraph Put these sentences together and using transitional words write a summary of these paragraphs at the bottom of the page.

  9. Daily Routine: • Read – nonnegotiable – Complete Mystery Story Structure and your new Reading Log. • Vocabulary Sheet – Should be nearing completion by Wednesday. Choose your assessment from choices on wall above smart board. • Use it Don’t loose it – you will do this activity on days when there is something you need to make sure that you know. (Teacher Decision) • Quiz over The Speckled Band • Writing Assignment

  10. Draw a scene from the chapter: The Funeral The Dance • Draw one of the characters – use details from the book. • Draw one of the houses.

  11. Directions for Sentence Cookbook Stations: • Go to Station #1 • Take your Flip Book • Write the recipe – 1 independent clause and one example underneath the first flap (above the words simple sentence). Write the definition of Clause, independent clause, and dependent clause. • List all of the conjunctions (FANBOYS and subordinating conjunctions, and conjunctive adverbs. ) underneath the second flap (above the words conjunctions.

  12. Directions for Station # 2 • Open the envelop labeled compound sentence. Lift up the 3rd • flap (labeled conjunctions) and write Recipe #1, Recipe #2, and Recipe #3. Don’t forget to write the examples. • Open the envelop labeled complex sentence and Lift up the 4th flap (labeled compound sentence) and write recipe # 1 with the example and recipe # 2 with the examples • Open the envelop labeled phrases and lift up the 5th flap (labeled complex) and write the definition of Phrase and the definition of each kind of phrase with an example.

  13. Classical Roots Chart Lessons 1 and 2

  14. To twist or bend out of shape. • Speech or writing without rhyme or rhythm. • Stubbornly doing something other than what is reasonable or required. • A person who is shy – thoughts directed inward • To change something to make it false • To reply quickly and sharply • To turn away (one’s eyes) • Having many twists and turns • A passage from a book or written material • Excessive • To free from blame

  15. To free from blame • A precise statement or explanation • To mix together two or more parts (elements) • Coming from outside; foreign • Outside of the earth’s atmosphere • One who argues in support of something • To set forth an explanation of or view of • To force something on someone • One who deceives by using a false identify • To cheer or stimulate

  16. To scramble – climb using hands and feet • A fruit – sweet or tart • Someone intolerant of those who are different • A victim – one who is killed or hurt • Obvious – often offensively so • Depressing • Unpredictable – changing suddenly • Generous gift – reward • Capable of keeping a body afloat • To give up or surrender

  17. To come to an agreement by making concessions • Overcrowded • Required • To disguise • Careful • Convincing • Having to do with dogs • To agree; to cooperate • Open, honest, sincere

  18. CHECKLIST FOR MYSTERY STORY: Find these in your story. Quickly give an example of each of these. • Figurative language • Development of theme • Setting • Determining key events • Author’s tone • Analyzing dialogue • Making inferences • ( Each of these that you find – 15 minutes)

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