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Jorgensen Laboratories (JorVet)

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Jorgensen Laboratories (JorVet) Luminex Therapeutic Laser System Laser Therapy Challenges Obsolete and Missing Information Awareness of new information Aggressive marketers Comfort zones because other veterinarians have purchased a competitive product

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jorgensen laboratories jorvet
Jorgensen Laboratories (JorVet)

Luminex Therapeutic Laser System

laser therapy challenges
Laser Therapy Challenges
  • Obsolete and Missing Information
  • Awareness of new information
  • Aggressive marketers
  • Comfort zones because other veterinarians have purchased a competitive product
  • Perceived absence of science (Quackery)
  • Existing distributor agreements (public or private)
laser therapy challenges3
Laser Therapy Challenges
  • Placebo effect of older lasers
  • Understanding the meaning of accurate and effective laser therapy dosages
  • Gaining awareness of the benefits of buying equipment designed for fast/easy service and upgrades
laser therapy guiding principle
Laser TherapyGuiding Principle
    • All Laser Therapy target doses are expressed in Joules per square centimeter
  • The actual size of the probe used to deliver the energy is a governing factor. (Example: A 50 sq/cm probe at 5000 mw delivers 100 mw per square cm. Delivering 1 Joule will take 10 seconds.
  • A 1 sq cm probe at 1000 mw will deliver 1 Joule in __???
important facts
Important Facts
  • Providing accurate therapeutic dosages is “Good Medicine” (Focus on people and pets)
  • Therapeutic Laser depth is governed more by wavelength than power.
  • The Contact Method provides the most accurate method for delivering Laser Therapy treatments
  • Key laser wavelengths to remember are 808nm, and 904nm.
  • The Luminex Ultra (808nm) is supported by “Independent Research”.
laser therapy7
Laser Therapy
  • Assumptions that are true
    • Pain Management is currently the fastest growing area of veterinary medicine
    • Animals can have or reach an intolerance level for NSAIDS.
    • Laser Therapy is a viable option to complement existing pain management programs.
    • Laser Therapy can also help manage inflammation and improve healing times
laser therapy8
Laser Therapy
  • Assumptions that are True
  • Laser Therapy sessions can be completed by trained technicians
  • Established protocols help with concurrent adult learning
  • Progressive hospitals are looking for additional pain management options and new revenue sources
laser therapy9
Laser Therapy
  • Assumptions that are NOT true
    • The market is currently saturated with laser therapy units.
    • All animals can be helped with Laser Therapy
    • Class III Laser light and anything less than 6 watts only penetrates the surface of the skin
    • More power in excess of 10-12 Joules causes lasers to penetrate better
    • 980 nm is an optimum wavelength
    • 90% of the information on the internet seems to be produced by Lite Cure, therefore this must be independently researched information.
supporting information
Supporting Information

Potential accounts

    • Any active veterinary account has potential
  • Likely accounts to target
    • Progressive key influencer veterinary hospitals wanting to be first (The activists)
    • Hospitals looking for options to expand services
    • Referral hospitals or hospitals doing major surgery
    • Attendees of competitor seminars
    • Holistic accounts of adequate size and buy-in
    • Existing laser therapy accounts looking to upgrade
      • (Beware of the placebo effect)
supporting information11
Supporting Information
  • Feedback from field trials.
    • Three accounts were targeted.
      • Tufts University Veterinary Referral Center-
        • Dr. Brenda Salinardi
        • Focus on pain management and healing after surgery
      • Chelmsford VH, Chelmsford, MA –
        • Dr. Hart and associates less experienced in Laser
        • New hospital built next to existing location.
        • Focus on options to expand services
      • Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital, N. Dartmouth, MA –
        • Dr. Pitcairn had a Class III Laser
        • Focus on evaluating a Class IV Laser as an upgrade
field trial key findings
Field Trial Key Findings
  • Veterinary Hospitals must integrate their laser therapy protocols as a team
  • Hospitals with at least one team member experienced in laser therapy makes them more successful
  • It takes about 3 hours of practical application to gain a comfort zone in the use of Laser Therapy
  • Offsite training sessions offer an important value
  • The Luminex Ultra has significant competitive advantages over other laser therapy units on the market.
assumptions that are true
Assumptions That Are True
  • Jorvet has:
    • The best laser therapy equipment
    • A sales team that can get the job done
    • The best service and value (Made and serviced in USA)
        • Mfg has 24+years of experience
    • The greatest adaptability for product enhancements as the laser therapy market continues to evolve over the next few years
    • A Clear Winner