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Industrial Applications

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Industrial Applications
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Industrial Applications

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  1. Industrial Applications 6A TungTung

  2. Computer-Aided Design • What is CAD? • Computer-aided design is a term that refers to the use of computers and graphics-oriented software to aid in the design process. • It allows engineers to create 2D or 3D electronic objects. They also enable the designers to view the objects from different perspectives.

  3. Example uses of CAD • Building design: • The architect is designing a building model using a CAD system. • Two AutoCAD Drawing Samples

  4. Example uses of CAD • Vehicle design • A engineer can design a vehicle model using a 3D-CAD system. The system allows the engineer to view the models at different angles.

  5. Example uses of CAD • Watches And Clocks Industry • The use of 3D CAD, parametric-based components CAD Database greatly enhances designers' creativity.

  6. Advantages of CAD system • Modify the design more easily than traditional manual drafting. • View the object at different angles, because not necessary to produce a different drawing for each view. • Reduces the design time.

  7. Computer-Aided Manufacturing • What is CAM? • Computer-aided manufacturing is a term that refers to the use of computers to control equipment drilling, welding and milling in the manufacturing process.

  8. Example uses of CAM • Vehicle welding • The computer controls the welding robot when and where to spot weld on the vehicle being assembled.

  9. Example uses of CAM • Bakery • Robot can help to place the baking plate in the trolley, unload the baking plate. Using robot can ensure hygienic.

  10. Advantages of CAM • The computer-controlled robot can perform tasks with precision and it is more accurate than a human. • The computer-controlled equipment can perform dangerous and repetitive tasks for humans. • The computer-controlled equipment reduces production costs because it does not require any annual leave or other fringe benefits.

  11. Computer-aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Centre • It acts as a crucial link to foster the development of high value-added services and to streamline product innovation processes in Hong Kong.

  12. Transportation Systems - KCRC • The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation is a public corporation. And 3 lines are in service which are East Rail, West Rail and Light Rail.

  13. Automatic Train Operation • A system that can let trains travel in auto mode. Operator can also choose drive manually, ATO will display the max. speed to operator. Operator must change the speed before the next block.

  14. Transportation Systems - MTR • Since 1979, the MTR has been providing a safe, reliable and efficient service to passengers. There are five lines - the Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Island, Tung Chung and Tseung Kwan O Lines, running over 80.4 km through 49 stations. Today it keeps over 2.3 million people on the move every weekday, making it one of the most heavily utilized mass transit systems in the world.

  15. SACEM • The SACEM system is a high-performance continuous automatic train control system for light rail and metro systems. And it is a system based on “distance-to-go” mode. It can exchange data between train and train. So, the operators will know the distance between 2 trains.

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