housing for boomer residents in carver county l.
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Housing for Boomer Residents in Carver County PowerPoint Presentation
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Housing for Boomer Residents in Carver County

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Housing for Boomer Residents in Carver County - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Housing for Boomer Residents in Carver County Twin Cities Metropolitan Area 2030 in Carver County

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2030 in Carver County

Population is expected to increase from 92,000 today to 200,000Number of residents age 65 and older will increase from 5,246 in 2000 to 24,490 Over 90% of these older residents will be boomers

who are the boomers
Who are the Boomers?

Those people born between 1946 and 1964:

  • Two income families and more women working
  • More divorces
  • Fewer children who are more geographically disbursed
  • Fewer pensions, drop in IRA values and home values
  • More people plan to continue working
  • Most women drive
  • More communal living experiences in apartments and dorms
  • Better quality of life and health
  • Less disability
focus of the office of aging
Focus of the Office of Aging
  • Aging boomers will have different life experiences and different expectations as they age.
  • The current systems serving today’s seniors may not be appropriate and affordable for the boomers.
  • Our challenge is to work with current Carver County citizens who are 44 to 62 years of age to begin to design the system for their future.
carver county housing situation 2006
Carver County Housing Situation - 2006
  • 33,353 total housing units
  • 72% single family homes
  • 83% owner occupied
  • 88% built after 1950
  • 40% have 8+ rooms (median 6.8 rooms)
  • 37% have 4+ bedrooms
  • 18.7% valued at $500,000+ (median value $292,300)
  • Average new single family home in 2007 = $520,000

Sources: 2007 American Community Survey and 2007 Maxfield Study

carver county senior apartment buildings 2009
Carver County “Senior” Apartment Buildings - 2009
  • Market rate and subsidized senior apartment buildings
    • Four cities with 15 buildings total
  • Subsidized senior apartment buildings only
    • Three cities with one building per city
  • Market rate senior apartment buildings only
    • One city with 2 buildings
  • No market rate or subsidized rental apartment buildings
    • Three cities
What type of housing will Carver County Boomer Residents want if they want to move or downsize in the next ten years?
  • Ownership not rental
  • Close to current residence
  • Same level of amenities as current residence
  • Not age segregated
  • Near recreational areas
  • Near amenities like restaurants, coffee shops, clinics
  • Lots of storage areas
  • Office and/or guest room
  • Universal design to “Age in Place”
how will carver county cities meet these housing needs
How will Carver County Cities meet these housing needs?
  • Include diverse housing options in their Comp Plans
  • Attract developers and builders who will build these products
  • Modify their zoning, ordinances and codes to allow flexibility in development
  • Talk to their current residents about their needs and expectations

Senior Housing Continuum




Multi-unit Ownership Options*




* = Optional Features: Universal design and single floor living,


Family Homes


Housing Apartments

Assisted Living



Nursing Homes

universal design initiative carver county office of aging
“Universal Design Initiative”Carver County Office of Aging

With growth of Carver County, it is estimated that

47,000 new housing units will be built by 2030.

Goal: Provide Empty Nest housing options incorporating Universal Design (UD) in all new construction in Carver County.

carver county universal design initiative
“Carver County Universal Design Initiative”
  • Technical assistance for planning staff from 4-6 cities
    • Overview on Universal Design and Visitability
    • Hands-on review of cities’ codes, ordinances and zoning
    • Determination of modifications needed to accommodate UD
  • Community workshops on Universal Design for residents of each city or work session with City Council and Planning Commission members

Planning for the boomers in Carver County will be used as a vehicle to “create a positive aging environment for future generations.”