high altitude training college of aviation l.
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High Altitude Training College of Aviation

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High Altitude Training College of Aviation. Glenn Harmon, Aerospace Physiologist, Asst Professor of Aeronautical Science. High Altitude Training. Purpose: Demonstrate the symptoms and effects of hypoxia and recovery using airline-style oxygen masks.

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high altitude training college of aviation

High Altitude TrainingCollege of Aviation

Glenn Harmon, Aerospace Physiologist,

Asst Professor of Aeronautical Science

high altitude training
High Altitude Training

Purpose: Demonstrate the symptoms and effects of hypoxia and recovery using airline-style oxygen masks.

Hypoxia: Lack of oxygen in the blood or brain caused by low atmospheric pressure or content resulting in impairment or unconsciousness.

Is Hypoxia Awareness/Training Needed?

high altitude training4
High Altitude Training

Military Training

FAA Oxygen Requirements

Civilian and Airline Training


high altitude training erau s vision
High Altitude TrainingERAU’s Vision

Hypobaric Chamber…….


Normobaric Enclosure

typical profile 40 50 minutes
Typical Profile40-50 Minutes
  • Lab start-up and ascent to altitude e.g. 25,000 ft.
  • Students briefed on Objectives, Ops, mask usage
    • Enter - Don O2 masks, Comm, pulse oximeters
    • Review symptoms/discussion/accident recap
    • Select studs to remove mask, begin tasks
      • Studs identify 2-3 symptoms - 8-12 min– recover on O2
  • Student feedback
    • Subjective & objective symptoms
  • Exit lab – debrief
symptoms of hypoxic hypoxia
Symptoms of Hypoxic Hypoxia
  • Tunnel vision, visual acuity, focus SUBJECTIVE
  • Euphoria, dizziness, tingling, headache
  • Fatigue, loss of coordination, slurred speech
  • Cyanosis, rapid breathing
  • Incapacitation


participation in the high altitude lab
Participation in the High Altitude Lab

At least 18 years of age.

Hold at least a 2nd class FAA medical or equivalent.

Medical Screening:

For health and safety reasons, you must notify an instructor if you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms or conditions below:

_______ Dizziness, fainting spells, unconsciousness or seizures

_______ Eye or vision trouble (except corrective lens)

_______ Heart or vascular trouble, or anemia

_______ Upper respiratory infection, asthma or bronchitis

_______ Chest pain or shortness of breath

_______ Diabetes

_______ Medications not approved for flight

_______ Recent surgery

_______ Pregnancy or you have other health concerns

normobaric technology
Normobaric Technology

Shaun Wallace, “Altitude Guru”

colorado altitude training

Colorado Altitude Training

Normobaric Hypoxic Systems for Aviators

Shaun Wallace

simulating altitude

Simulating Altitude

Humans respond to Partial Pressure of Oxygen

Atmospheric X O2 content (%) = PPO2 Pressure



Hypobaric Hypoxia



Normobaric Hypoxia

air separation technology

Air Separation Technology

No need for cylinders of nitrogen or other gasses

Self re-generating; expected life >20,000 hours use

Minimal maintenance or running costs

creating hypoxic environments
Creating Hypoxic Environments

Dilution with hypoxic air

creating hypoxic environments18
Creating Hypoxic Environments

Oxygen extraction method

technology the cat controller
Technology – The CAT Controller

Single point of control for altitude system

  • Input:
  • On/Off
  • Desired Altitude
  • Feet/Meters
  • Measures:
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Oxygen Content
  • CO2 level
  • Activates:
  • Air Units
  • Intake Selector
  • Alarms
  • Displays:
  • Desired Altitude
  • Current Effective Altitude
  • CO2
high altitude training22
High Altitude Training