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Colorado Community College System Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Colorado Community College System Overview

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Colorado Community College System Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colorado Community College System Overview October 2005 CCCS Role and Mission Two-year colleges Primarily serve Colorado residents Offer a broad range of programs CCCS Role and Mission Open Access : Impose no admission requirements upon any student

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cccs role and mission
CCCS Role and Mission
  • Two-year colleges
  • Primarily serve Colorado residents
  • Offer a broad range of programs
cccs role and mission3
CCCS Role and Mission
  • Open Access: Impose no admission requirements upon any student
  • Career and Technical Education: Provide educational programs to fill the occupational needs of youth and adults in technical and vocational fields
  • Transfer: Provide 2-year transfer educational programs to qualify students for admission to the junior year at other colleges and universities
  • Basic skills (Remedial Education)
  • Workforce development
colorado community college system
Colorado Community College System
  • The largest system of higher education in Colorado
  • In FY 2005, over 116,000 students (unduplicated headcount) were enrolled at our 13 colleges, and were served at over 50 locations and on-line
  • On a full-time-equivalent (FTE) basis, the system has 46,686 student FTE. This makes community colleges the #1 higher education system in the state.
  • Over 8,400 certificates and degrees were awarded.
enrollment growth
Enrollment Growth
  • Between FY 2002 and FY 2004, FTE enrollment in the Colorado Community College System grew by 17%.
  • In FY 2004-05, student FTE enrollment grew 0.2%.
  • As the economy improves, students tend to leave the community college system as they return to full-time jobs.
cccs student profile
CCCS Student Profile
  • 96% are Colorado residents. This is a direct result of our mission.
  • 51% are working either full- or part-time.
  • 8% have already earned a baccalaureate degree or higher.
27% of CCCS Students are minorities; 45% of the minority population in higher education is in Community Colleges
While Nearly Half of CCCS Students are Under the Age of 25, the Average Age of a Student is 29 Years Old
national trends show that postsecondary students are increasingly nontraditional
National Trends Show that Postsecondary Students are Increasingly Nontraditional
  • 46% of students are delayed entering the higher education system
  • 39% are over 25 years old
  • 22% attend higher education institutions part-time
  • 39% are working adults
  • In FY 2005, half of CCCS revenue was from tuition, up dramatically from FY 2000.
  • FY 2005-06 general CCCS tuition for resident students is $72.75 per credit hour, after the state’s contribution. Non-resident tuition was $345.15 per credit hour at commuter campuses and $276.10 at residential campuses.
  • Tuition increases have been low during the past four years, for a total increase of 21% since FY 2001-02.
community college students and financial aid
Community College Students and Financial Aid
  • CCCS serves a large percentage of the students with the highest financial need in the state
  • CCCS students are often first-generation, minority, and/or low-income individuals for whom access to education is an issue
  • Need-based aid is an important means by which many students, especially from low-income households, gain access to a college education
cccs students who transfer perform well
CCCS Students Who Transfer Perform Well
  • Many of our community college students transfer to other colleges and universities each year
  • According to a study by the University of Colorado System, our transfer students perform as well at CU campuses as students who began at CU or transferred from other (mostly 4-year) institutions
career and technical education
Career and Technical Education
  • CCCS is unique in the country in having program authority over both secondary and postsecondary career and technical education (CTE) programs
  • CCCS administers almost $20 million from the Colorado Vocational Act (CVA), and over $17 million from the federal Carl D. Perkins Act
  • CCCS’s unique program authority allows it to coordinate both secondary and postsecondary career and technical education
graduate employment
Graduate Employment
  • 94% of CCCS career and technical education graduates contacted were employed and/or continuing their education
workforce development
Workforce Development
  • CCCS is responsible for the Colorado First and Existing Industry customized training programs
    • Colorado First provides training to new and expanding companies for new hires
    • The Existing Industry Program provides skills retraining to retain existing companies facing technological challenges in maintaining competitiveness, or who are in danger of reducing their workforce
workforce development17
Workforce Development
  • In FY 2004, the Colorado First Program helped 20 companies that created 947 new jobs. State investment = $448,074
  • In FY 2004, the Existing Industries Program retrained 3,740 Coloradans, and $1.5 million of state funds leveraged an additional $3.7 million in matching funds by companies.
  • Total CCCS Faculty = 4,610
    • Full-time = 923 (20%)
    • Part-time = 3,687 (80%)
  • Average full-time CCCS faculty salary = $41,592
  • National Average for 2-year faculty = $51,000