Citiwiki summer workshop day 1 introduction
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CitiWiki Summer Workshop Day 1: Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CitiWiki Summer Workshop Day 1: Introduction Li Xu CS, UMass Lowell CitiWiki Summer Workshop Sponsored by CITI K-12 education grant Learn and use Wiki and web technologies to enhance K-12 education 2 weeks in late June, July at UMass Lowell Week 1: 6/25-6/28 Week 2: 7/30-8/2

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Presentation Transcript
Citiwiki summer workshop day 1 introduction l.jpg

CitiWiki Summer Workshop Day 1: Introduction

Li Xu

CS, UMass Lowell

Citiwiki summer workshop l.jpg
CitiWiki Summer Workshop

  • Sponsored by CITI K-12 education grant

  • Learn and use Wiki and web technologies to enhance K-12 education

  • 2 weeks in late June, July at UMass Lowell

    • Week 1: 6/25-6/28

    • Week 2: 7/30-8/2

CitiWiki Workshop 2007

Citiwiki summer workshop3 l.jpg
CitiWiki Summer Workshop

  • 8-day workshop sessions

  • Topics: Web page and web site, Wiki, GoogleGroup, Blog, Multimedia and Podcasting, RSS feed

  • Wiki-based teaching teching framework

  • Format

    • PPT slide presentation

    • Hands-on computer learning and exercises

    • After-session assignments

CitiWiki Workshop 2007

Citiwiki summer workshop4 l.jpg
CitiWiki Summer Workshop

  • Participants will

    • Learn to use Wiki, Web page, Google group, Blog, Multimedia Podcasting

    • Build a Wiki teaching framework for school implementation

  • Implement the project in Fall ’07

  • Follow-up participant project presentation in Fall ’07

CitiWiki Workshop 2007

Citiwiki summer workshop5 l.jpg
CitiWiki Summer Workshop


Judy Boccia

Li Xu

Marjorie Dennis

Heather Byrne (workshop assistant)


STEM teachers and educators from local school district


CitiWiki Workshop 2007

Citiwiki summer workshop6 l.jpg
CitiWiki Summer Workshop

  • Online presence

    • Web page:

    • Wiki:

    • Mailing list and Google Group:[email protected]

Citiwiki summer workshop7 l.jpg
CitiWiki Summer Workshop

  • Workshop session

    • 9:15am-12:15pm

    • Olsen 314 (CS computer lab)

    • 15 minutes break 10:45-11:00

Day 1 agenda l.jpg
Day 1 Agenda

  • Introduction of Internet, Web, Wiki and Web 2.0

  • Explore Web and Wiki

  • Run your own web server and Wiki software

  • Reflect what you do and how technology can help

  • Review and Day 1 assignment

CitiWiki Workshop 2007

Day 1 goals l.jpg
Day 1 Goals


  • Gain background of Internet, Web, Wiki, Web 2.0

  • Getting started with Wiki

    • Use Wiki

    • Get the software and run on your own computer

  • Brainstorm how technology can help your education activities

CitiWiki Workshop 2007

Internet l.jpg

  • Collection of computers connected to each other globally

Slide11 l.jpg

  • Web server

  • Web browser

    • Firefox

Xhtml and css l.jpg

  • XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language

    • Next generation HTML for web page design

    • Clean up HTML syntax, based on XML

  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets

    • Separate web page content and styling

    • Rethinking of web design

    • Web design for now and future

Web 2 0 l.jpg
Web 2.0

  • Wiki

  • Blog,

  • Wikipedia

  • Podcast

  • MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, friendster

  • YouTube

  • Flickr

Slide18 l.jpg

  • Hawaiian “wikiwiki” = fast

  • Ward Cunningham developed first Wiki WikiWikiWeb in 1994, and installed it on Internet domain on March 25, 1995.

Hello world in wiki l.jpg
“Hello, world” in Wiki

  • Edit your Blog page at CitiWiki

  • Need your login name and password

    • Wiki set up to require authentication for editing

    • Can also set password for read, or per-page, or group protection. Will discuss later.

Slide21 l.jpg

  • Using your web browser for web page creation and editing

  • Simple interface and simple editing commands

    • Easy to Update

    • Easy to Navigate

    • Easy Linking

    • Simple Design

Slide22 l.jpg

  • Technology to write and maintain web pages in collaboration

  • No single owner of the Wiki content (unless explicitly set)

  • Topical organization of content

  • Question mark prompts creation of new knowledge

  • Knowledge repository with history (version management)

  • Hyperlinks connect context

Slide23 l.jpg

  • Implications:

    • Provides a highly generic and flexible knowledge sharing and collaboration mechanism

    • Can replace Intranet / Portal as well as discussion forum and weblog

Best known wiki wikipedia l.jpg
Best Known Wiki: Wikipedia

  • Online Encyclopedia:

  • Great resources to research topics:try search Wiki

  • Ask students to use for projects

Pmwiki l.jpg

  • We will use PmWiki in this workshop

  • How it works

    • Apache server

    • PHP

    • PmWiki package

  • Open source, download from CitiWiki page

Using web technologies l.jpg
Using Web Technologies

  • Web 2.0

    • Break the barrier for content creation, distribution, sharing, collaboration and management online: web and beyond

    • Exciting tools for education use

Wikispaces l.jpg


  • Combine blog, student project, reference, resources through Wiki

Slide28 l.jpg


  • Blogger

Social networking sites l.jpg
Social Networking Sites

  • MySpace

  • Facebook

Youtube l.jpg

  • Video

Flickr l.jpg

  • Photos

Podcasting l.jpg

  • iTunes and iTunes U

  • MIT Open Course Ware

Rss feed l.jpg
RSS Feed

  • Thunderbird

Education relevance l.jpg
Education Relevance

  • Drexel U Example: Jean-Claude Bradley

  • Use blogs for creating podcasts or for storing static sequential content (transcripts)

  • Use wikis to organize content and to interact with students on assignments

  • Use multiple channels to deliver content and assess learning

  • All of these technologies are simple, free and hosted

Roll your own citiwiki l.jpg
Roll Your Own – CitiWiki

  • Web page and Wiki based

  • Google group

Technology terms l.jpg
Technology Terms

  • Web server


  • Wiki

Using browers l.jpg
Using Browers

  • Firefox, Thunderbird

Google groups l.jpg
Google Groups

  • Online discussion groups

Day 1 assignment l.jpg
Day 1 Assignment

  • Create your Wiki blog on CitiWiki

  • Preliminary plan on using Web and Wiki in your teaching project, put it in your Wiki page

  • Sign on GoogleGroup to introduce you

  • (optional) Get your own web server and Wiki running on Windows machine

    • Contact us if you use other configurations