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Cerenade Electronic Forms Solutions

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Cerenade Electronic Forms Solutions. Presented by:. Behdad Payami 800-617-4202 x7143 310-645-0598 About Cerenade. 1995 – Cerenade enters the Electronic Forms market as a solution provider with Visual eForms.

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Cerenade Electronic Forms Solutions

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Electronic Forms



Presented by:

Behdad Payami

800-617-4202 x7143


about cerenade
About Cerenade
  • 1995 – Cerenade enters the Electronic Forms market as a solution provider with Visual eForms.
  • 1997 - Cerenade expands its suite of electronic forms products to include a Designer, Filler, SDK and a Converter for FormFlow.
  • 1999 - Cerenade becomes the first to introduce a web-filler.
  • 1999 – Cerenade begins enterprise-wide deployment of Visual eForms at Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies.
  • 2008 – Cerenade partners with Laserfiche.
  • 2009 – Cerenade continues to lead the market by introducing new products such as E-Applications, Business Matrix and Workflow.
cerenade solutions
Cerenade Solutions

Cerenade offers several fully integrated, COTS solutions for creation, migration, management, production and hosting of electronic forms:

  • Designer – a Design studio for creating interactive, intelligent E-forms.
  • Windows Filler – Features include:Fill, Print, Sign and Submit to Laserfiche.
  • Zero Filler – Features include:Fill, Print, Sign and Submit to Laserfiche.
  • Enterprise Server – Features include: store, host, manage version control, route & track, archive, manage audit-trail, generate reports, single sign-on, auto-populate, database lookup, serial number generation, fill, print, sign, and submit to Laserfiche.
  • Workflow – BPM and Workflow add-on for Cerenade Enterprise Server.


The second biggest cost of an Electronic Forms implementation is in the migration of existing library of forms and user data. Understanding the need for a quick, easy and cost-effective migration path, Cerenade offers the following solutions:

  • Import both forms and data files.
  • Import FormFlow 1.x and 2.x, OmniForm 4.x and 5.x as well as dynamic PDF in seconds in a batch or in singles.
  • Cerenade also provides a conversion service for converting TIFF images into editable forms. Post clean-up is required.

Cerenade Designer

  • Builds rich, intelligent, Accessible and WYSIWYG electronic forms that integrate with Cerenade Application Wizard, Enterprise Server, Filler, and Director. Rapid design is achieved using Designer's Logic Builder, Accessibility Wizard and Re-usable Form Components Library.
  • To enhance user experience Validation, Calculation and other types of logic as well as Dynamic Barcodes, multiple Digital Signatures, Hyperlink and Dynamic Tables can be added to the form.
  • Together with Application Wizard, Designer is used to rapidly develop Forms Applications that combine the high-fidelity presentation of paper forms with richness of Cerenade Filler application and the cross-platform reach of the Cerenade Enterprise Server Platform.


Designer Installation Time: 5 minutes


Cerenade Designer

Designer supports: Text, Edit, Digital Signature, 1D and 2D Barcode, Date, Drop List, Check Box, Mask, Currency and Logo objects.

Add Calculations, Validations and other types of logic to the .FAR form.

Set properties of individual or a group of objects.

Import Adobe PDF, FormFlow and OmniForm files.


This form has 12 pages.

Size: 93 KB


Cerenade Designer (Laserfiche Hooks)

Hooks to Laserfiche made possible via these properties:

  • Keywords:
  • LFTemplateName
  • SubmitURL
  • AllowSavetoLF


ArchiveFormat: FAR, TIFF or PDF


This form was imported from PDF with no post-conversion clean-up.


Cerenade Windows Filler

  • Fill, Save, Print, Validate, Sign, Annotate, Spell-check, and email forms.
  • Supports PKI, Entrust, ARX Cosign, NT, Pen-based, and TOPAZ Digital Signatures.
  • Supports multiple digital signatures on one form.
  • Forms are WYSIWYG, High Definition, Accessible and very small in size.
  • 2D and other types of Barcodes are generated dynamically.
  • Supports Dynamic / Scrollable Tables.
  • One-click Submit to Laserfiche.
  • Cerenade Windows Filler is a client-side (off-line) application that allows users to fill, annotate, sign, print, spell-check, save local, email and submit to Laserfiche.
  • Cerenade Desktop Filler can be distributed for FREE on-line, via CD or SMS.


Cerenade Desktop Filler Size: 370 KB – 2 MB


Cerenade Desktop Filler – Work Offline

Download and install Cerenade Filler.

Open Form

Save Form

Save to Laserfiche

Email Form

Print Form

2D barcode is automatically calculated as user types data into the fields.

Field in focus is clearly marked on the screen.

Add sticky notes to the form.


Fully Accessible


Cerenade Desktop Filler – Save to Laserfiche

  • Save to Laserfiche
  • Select Repository
  • Select Folder, if none is defined in the e-form.




Laserfiche template, if does not already exist, will be created automatically before it is populated with data from the e-form.



Cerenade Zero Filler

  • Fill, Save, Print, Validate, and Sign.
  • Supports ARX Cosign, and NT Digital Signatures.
  • Supports multiple digital signatures on one form.
  • Forms are WYSIWYG, High Definition, Accessible and very small in size.
  • 2D and other types of Barcodes are generated dynamically.
  • Supports Dynamic / Scrollable Tables.
  • One-click Submit to Laserfiche.
  • Cerenade Zero Filler is a web application that allows users to fill, sign, print, save, and submit to Laserfiche.
  • No client-side installations required.
  • Forms run on Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and, in general, any device equipped with a browser.


Cerenade Desktop Filler Size: 370 KB – 2 MB


Cerenade Zero Filler

Open Form

Save Form

Save to Laserfiche

Print Form

Access on any browser and on any platform including iPad.


No Client Installation


Cerenade Enterprise Server

  • Web-Based: ASP.NET solution for hosting, processing, and management of electronic forms on-line or off-line.
  • Zero Client: Cross platform and browser independent. Runs on iPad too.
  • All-In-One: Sign, validate, spell-check, annotate, save locally, save to server, approve, submit, email, route and archive, Auto-fill, Database Lookup, single sign-on, LDAP, Active Directory support, Reporting, Workflow, Routing, Archival, Audit-trail, Server-side JavaScripting, Custom UI, Customize any of the 933 screen messages, Accessibility, Auto-populate External Data Sources, Serial Number generation and more.
  • Scalable: Increases scalability and reliability by utilizing SOAP and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) technologies.
  • Fault-Resilient Architecture: Administrators can create multiple application pools and assign applications to those pools to provide isolation.



Cerenade Enterprise Server

Search by Form Name and Form Category.

Text for header, notices and help fields are fully configurable.

Open for immediate On-line processing.

Save for Off-line processing.

Import data from existing data sources.


Links to these forms can be published within Laserfiche, SharePoint and other portals and custom web pages.


Cerenade Enterprise Server – ZERO Client Filler

Forms are pure HTML, which require no Client-side installations of any kind.

Save Local, email, spell check, print and Submit to Laserfiche or external applications.

Field in focus is clearly marked on the screen.


High Definition, Pixel-Perfect forms – every time.


Cerenade Enterprise Server – Light Client Filler

Save, Print, Zoom, Annotate, Type Anywhere, Forward, Approve, and Reject.

Timesheet E-Form


An Intelligent Timesheet.

Size: 24 KB


Cerenade Enterprise Server

Users can configure their environment.


Cerenade Enterprise Server - Summary

  • Fill, Save, Print, Validate, Approve, Email, Sign, Spell-check, Submit, Route and Track E-Forms.
  • Sign E-Forms using PKI, Entrust, Pen-mouse, TOPAZ, CoSign and NT Digital Signatures.
  • Work Off-line and On-line.
  • Single Sign-on is built-in.
  • 3rd Party connectivity available via SDK, API and Web Services.
  • Meets Section 508, OMB, NIST and NARA Requirements for Accessibility, Authentication, Digital Signature, and Records Management.
  • E-Connector for Laserfiche.
  • Supports multiple digital signatures on one form.
  • ZERO Client. Runs on IE, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, or Firefox.
  • Cross Platform. Runs on Windows, Mac OS, Unix, iPad, iPhone, and any device running a browser.
  • Forms are WYSIWYG, and Accessible.
  • PDF417, PostNet and other types of barcode are dynamically generated.
  • Supports Scrollable Tables.
  • Supports Dynamic Pages.
  • Prints blank form, form & data, and form with watermark in HTML, PDF and XPS.


U.S. Department of State has deployed Enterprise Server to over 45,000 of its workforce.


Enterprise Server Security

  • Data Encryption: Cerenade E/S offers users the option of saving their form data in encrypted mode. This encryption option is configurable via the Admin module. The encryption algorithms are: Triple DES and RC4.
  • User Authentication: In Integrated Windows Authentication mode, System authentication logic will uniquely identify and authenticate users based on their network SAMAccount. Group user ids are not used for authentication purposes.
  • Access Control: Enterprise Server (E/S) can be deployed in two modes: Integrated Windows Authentication and Manual Authentication. When deployed in Integrated Windows Authentication mode, Cerenade E/S impersonates all users to take advantage of IIS access control mechanism based on the following criteria:
  • NTFS permissions
  • Web site permission
  • IP address restriction



Enterprise Server Security (continued)

  • Maintenance: System operations/maintenance tasks are provided only through Admin module and are only accessible to logged in E/S administrators.
  • Timeouts: Cerenade Solution utilizes Session Timeout and authentication ticket expiration mechanism.
  • System Logs: Cerenade E/S provides Logging mechanism through the following facilities:
  • Transaction overview (Enumerate business process list and details with history, list of recipients and attached documents).
  • Audit Trail (Display and examine form data state in each step of a given workflow process. Allow to see changes made between steps.
  • Service Log (show finalized transaction details sent to XMLtoDB Service and/or Archiver Service).



Enterprise Server - Supported End-User Platforms

Operating System (Minimal client-side Filler Installation):

Windows NT, 2000, XP Pro, XP Home, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

Operating System (ZERO client-side Filler Installation):

All Mac and Windows OS.

Supported Unix OS: HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris SPARC, Linux

Other supported OS: Pocket PC and Symbian OS, iPhone OS, iPad OS


With minimal client-side Filler Installation: Internet Explorer 6 or better.

With ZERO client-side Filler Installation: Safari 1.2.3+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Opera, and Firefox.




  • Design Role/Rule based workflow scenarios for any e-form hosted on Cerenade Enterprise Server.
  • Cerenade Workflow module provides the Business Analyst with a set of activities (e.g. State, IF-Then-Else, Loop, Event, InvokeWebService) that once configured and interconnected, they constitute a high-level declarative programming model which is meant to be easy to understand and user-friendly.
  • Cerenade Workflow module provides a binding mechanism for linking e-forms with the Workflow model.

Case Studies

Cerenade Enterprise Server solution is deployed globally at many organizations, public and private.

Enterprise clients of Cerenade rely solely on Cerenade solutions for all of their electronic forms needs.


Deployment at U.S. Department of State

  • Washington, D.C.
  • 45,000 users
  • 1,300 e-forms
  • 407 locations worldwide
  • 7 form designers
  • 1 Virtual Machine server
  • Narrative:

For nearly 3 years US Department of State evaluated over a dozen solutions while test-drove some. As a result of their study US Department of State selected Cerenade to provide the most appropriate solution short term and for the long run. Department of State’s requirements included: Internet and Intranet support, conversion of an existing library of 1,300 forms in FormFlow, Word and PDF, support for importing end-users’ data archives into the new solution, Section 508 compliance of both the application and the forms, Digital Signature compliance to DOD guidelines, Security, and many more. The Visual eForms product provides the Department of State with a complete turnkey, global solution that provides a wealth of features essential to the enterprise. During the extensive demo and testing period, the Department of State found that Cerenade demonstrated outstanding customer service and provided the best value for the money - ensuring a cost effective solution for the Department of State.


Enterprise Forms Management (e-Forms) was launched in 2002.

9 forms applications were tested in which Cerenade was chosen as the best solution for the Department of State.

e-Forms houses over 1,700 forms and supports over 45,000 employees worldwide via Intranet, ClassNet and Internet Web sites.

The data collected in e-Forms is often re-routed into other databases for reporting resulting in significant savings both fiscally and environmentally.

Saves an estimated one tree per month (8,333 pages per tree)

45,000 employees using e-Forms saves $5,400,000 in transactions per month

Enterprise Forms Management uses NT Domain and PKI for electronic signature.

Statistics Provided by U.S. Department of State


Deployment at Manitoba Hydro Gas and Electric

  • 5,000 users
  • 1,200 e-forms
  • 1 location
  • 3 form designers
  • 1 Server
  • Narrative:

Manitoba Hydro, a public/private Utilities Company in Canada, searched, studied and evaluated forms solutions in the market for over 2 years. At the end they decided to purchase, and deploy Cerenade eforms solution for its migration abilities, functionality and cost effectiveness.

During a 4 week implementation, and conversion period Cerenade provided training to Manitoba forms designers, system administrators, representatives of the end-users and internal development staff.

Manitoba has converted and deployed their entire library of 1,200 forms on Cerenade Enterprise Server to over 5,000 internal users. In addition, Cerenade’s Visual eForms technology has been integrated into half a dozen business processes at Manitoba.

Cerenade support staff provided many hours of support to make sure Manitoba Hydro has a successful migration and implementation on to the new platform.


Deployment at Hess Corporation

  • 11,000 users
  • 800 e-forms
  • 10 locations worldwide
  • 2 form designers
  • 1 Server
  • Narrative:

Hess Corporation was interested in replacing their entire forms management technology and processing system with a web-based solution that could not only move them into the future, but to utilize Hess’s existing investment into FormFlow and Word forms.

After reviewing COTS and custom solutions available in the market Hess selected Cerenade Visual eForms technology and solutions for its robustness, conversion tools, fast implementation and friendly and easy user interface.

Hess Corporation has deployed its library of 800 forms on Cerenade Enterprise Forms Management solution world-wide to 10,000+ users on its Intranet infrastructure. Hess Corporation has also purchased and deployed Cerenade Output Management solution, and deployed it at the New Jersey operation. Cerenade provides support and professional service as well as consultation and training when needed.


Deployment at North Carolina, County of Randolph

  • 1,000 users
  • 1,200 e-forms
  • 1 location
  • 3 form designers
  • 1 Server
  • Narrative:

Randolph County’s requirements included: Web-based electronic forms system, Case Management, WYSIWYG forms designer, routing, audit trail, digital signature and ease of use. Cerenade met and exceeded these requirements by delivering two distinct web-based electronic forms processing solutions to County of Randolph IT. One is Enterprise Server solution to handle automation of all internal forms for use by a staff of 200. The second was to automate processing and management of thousands of food stamp, welfare and other Social Services cases created on a regular basis for use by case workers and public at-large. Within six months, Cerenade developed and delivered a custom case management solution integrating Cerenade Visual eForms technology.

As a prime contractor Cerenade provided support services to both IT staff at Randolph County and to One Source, a Randolph County’s local IT service providers.


Enterprise Server Meets Government Mandates

  • Provides sign-able forms in accordance with e-authentication standards of OMB Letter M04-04 and NIST Special Publication 800-63
  • Data is submitted over SSL
  • MEETS NARA requirements for electronic record keeping systems (36 CFR 1234 Part C)
  • Meets GPEA requirements
  • Meets Section 508 requirements of Accessibility - Per a joint study conducted by U.S. Department of State and American Foundation for the Blind.
  • U.S. Department of State IT CCB certified Cerenade Enterprise Server CR 1-04044 on 8/27/04.  U.S. Department of State IT CCB acknowledges that Cerenade Enterprise Server meets the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) consistent with the provisions of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-130 and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publications 800-37.



Cerenade Advantages

  • Commercial Off The Shelf solutions
  • An end-to-end turnkey solution without any integration requirements for User Authentication, Workflow modeling, Version Control, Audit Trail, Archiving and other features of the product
  • A migration path from existing E-forms to Cerenade E-forms
  • Hi-fidelity zero-client deployment with full platform/OS independence
  • E-forms are extremely small in size
  • E-forms are easy to make and maintain Accessible
  • Out of the box, E-forms offer Save Local, Barcode, Dynamic Tables, Interview-driven format, and Digital Signature
  • Easy to use with a very low learning curve
  • The most Enterprise-wide deployment of web-based E-forms solutions
  • Entire focus and business model revolves around E-forms
  • Solutions are competitively priced
  • E-Connector for Laserfiche

Cerenade vs. Adobe



Enterprise Server


LiveCycle Enterprise

Digital Signature

Data Encryption


Version Control


Audit Trail


Forms Manager

LDAP/Active Directory



Import e-forms

Export e-forms

Zero Client

iPad support

Laserfiche Connector

.NET component

File size


















Very Large


















Very Small