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The Great Gatsby. Chapter 8. NEW MOOD. Groan of foghorn Nick’s nightmares Nick’s new sense of responsibility is evident in his desire to warn G He commits himself to his friend G clutches at a last desperate hope that D might still choose him

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The great gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Chapter 8

New mood

  • Groan of foghorn

  • Nick’s nightmares

  • Nick’s new sense of responsibility is evident in his desire to warn G

  • He commits himself to his friend

  • G clutches at a last desperate hope that D might still choose him

  • He excuses her behavior with the explanation that under T’s pressure, she hardly knew what she was saying


  • G’s relationship with D 5 years


  • Elements that contributed to his dream listed again

  • Youth and beauty to be inextricably bound up with wealth

  • Daisy’s porch is “bright with the bought luxury of star-shine”

  • She “gleams like silver”

Quest for a grail
Quest for a grail

  • G’s commitment to D is described in these terms

  • Pursuit of his ideal - religious imagery

  • Chapter 1 – G is like a worshiper

  • G’s mind is compared to the Mind of God

  • Sidewalk stairway to the stars – Jacob’s Ladder

  • Sacred vigil over D

  • Knight in pursuit of Holy Grail

Quest for a grail cont
Quest for a grail, cont.

  • Imagery suggests the spiritual nature of his quest

  • Also implies that his faith is misplaced because his goal is nothing more than Daisy

  • America as a whole – spiritual capacities of the nation are misplaced in the pursuit of material wealth

  • Result is a national delusion which parallels G’s own


  • More sympathetic light in this chapter

  • She is seen as a weak, overprotected person rather than vicious

  • She had to have her life shaped by some outside force

  • Couldn’t wait for G, allowed Tom to overcome her

  • She does the same 5 years later


  • If Daisy did love Tom, “it was just personal”

  • Shows the intense, transcendent quality of his vision

  • Love is more than a personal relationship in this interpretation because is goes beyond the people involved and becomes fused with the ideal

  • This is why he can keep his dream alive even after Daisy has fled him on a personal level

  • His incorruptible dream is so strong it can sustain itself in the face of anything

Falling leaves
Falling leaves

  • Autumnal atmosphere

  • Draining the pool

  • Signals that the end is near

  • Novel begins with Nick coming east in the spring, climax in the heat of the summer, closes with the falling leaves of autumn

  • Symbolic background of the seasons, each corresponding to a phase in the culminating episode of his life


  • G is “worth the whole damn bunch put together”

  • Indicates that the narrator has developed to the place where he can no longer reserve judgment

  • Sum of what he has learned in the course of his stay in the east

  • Total disapproval of G’s vulgarity and self-delusion, yet respects him for the strength and unselfish nature of his idealism

Michaelis and george wilson conversation
Michaelis and George Wilson conversation

  • Portrait of the state of the ordinary man in the waste land

  • One of almost total delusion

  • W. has no religion – lack of spiritual values results in his wasting away to the point where there isn’t even “enough of him for his wife”

  • W. mistakes the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg for those of God

  • Kills the wrong man under encouragement of his wife’s lover, ends his own life

  • Described as ashen, has lost his essential reality by giving up its spiritual element

Gatsby s death
Gatsby’s death

  • Dies with his faith still alive

  • Waits for the improbable phone call from Daisy

  • G’s unshakable faith in his dream has been an affirmation of the richer, more essential part of life, rather than a negation of reality