twinning implementation in the european neighbourhood policy context l.
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Twinning Implementation in the European Neighbourhood Policy context PowerPoint Presentation
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Twinning Implementation in the European Neighbourhood Policy context

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Twinning Implementation in the European Neighbourhood Policy context - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Twinning Implementation in the European Neighbourhood Policy context. Institution Building Days Brussels, 22 - 23 May 2008 Jorge de la Caballeria Head of Unit EuropeAid A6. The European Neigbourhood Policy -countries. European Neigbourhood Policy ENP/ENPI.

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twinning implementation in the european neighbourhood policy context

Twinning Implementation in the European Neighbourhood Policy context

Institution Building Days

Brussels, 22 - 23 May 2008

Jorge de la Caballeria

Head of Unit

EuropeAid A6

european neigbourhood policy enp enpi
European Neigbourhood Policy ENP/ENPI
  • The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is a broad political strategy with the ambitious objective of strengthening the prosperity, stability and security of Europe's neighbourhood in order to avoid any dividing lines between the enlarged EU and its direct neighbours.
  • The European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) is the financial instrument which supports the ENP through concrete assistance actions.

Article 15 § 2a) Regulation (CE) Nº 1638/2006 of the Parliament and the Council, 24 October 2006

enpi financial allocations
ENPI - Financial allocations

ENPI funds: almost € 12 bn for 2007-2013 (+32% increase “in real terms”)

  • 90%: bilateral actions and for regional actions involving two or more partner countries.
  • 10%: joint activities, i.e. cross-border co-operation (CBC) and the Neighbourhood Investment Facility.
enp objectives
ENP – objectives

The main EU foreign policy priority and a privileged partnership. Objectives:

  • To promote prosperity by supporting our neighbours’ economic reform processes and offering significant economic integration;
  • To advance freedom and democracy by deepening political cooperation, on the basis of shared values and common interests;
  • To promote security and stability by working with together to address development, environment, non-proliferation and counter-terrorism issues.
enp functionning
ENP – functionning
  • The EU and each ENP partner reach agreement on reform objectives across a wide range of fields within certain “common” areas or priorities - Action Plan
  • The EU provides financial and technical assistance to support the implementation of these objectives, in support of partners’ own efforts - Progress Report
  • Implementation is promoted and monitored by various means, including joint bodies between the EU and the partner country – Sector sub-Committees
enp action plans ap
ENP - Action Plans (AP)
  • Negotiated with and tailor-made for each country, based on the country’s needs and capacities, as well as their and the EU’s interests.
  • The AP define short and medium-term (3-5 years) priorities:
    • Political dialogue and reform
    • Economic and social cooperation and development
    • Trade-related issues, market and regulatory reform
    • Cooperation in Justice, Freedom and Security issues
    • Sectoral issues: transport, energy, information society, environment, research and development…
    • Human Dimension: people-to-people contacts, civil society, education, public health
enp some innovative features
ENP – some innovative features
  • Cross Border Cooperation: joint programmes between regions of Member States and partner countries sharing a common border.
  • NIF: grant support to lending operations of eligible Public European Financial Institutions, mainly infrastructure projects (energy, transport, social and environment) but also private sector.
  • Governance Facility: additional resources to partners which have shown the will to carry forward essential reforms related to improving good governance.
  • Twinning and TAIEX: cooperation tools between a public administration in partner countries and the equivalent institution in an EU Member State
enp institutional twinning political context
ENP - Institutional Twinning Political context
  • Like the Action Plans, the Twinning instrument, will rely on the political relations and the level of economical integration (more or less advanced), granted according to the partners’ degree of ambition and share our common values.
  • The ENP, though different from the enlargement, it does not prejudge the future evolution of their relationship with the EU (accession).
institutional twinning evolution
Institutional Twinning - evolution


  • Since 1998, PHARE programme: Central and Eastern European countries (EU MS since 2004 and 2007)
  • Since 2002, CARDS programme: Western Balkans


  • Since 2004, MEDA programme: Mediterranean countries
  • Since 2005, TACIS programme: New Independent States
  • Since 2007, a single Partnership, the ENP, perspectives in the South and East countries
twinning enp vs ipa
Twinning ENP vs IPA
  • Identical principles in both regions:
    • Same Rules : « Common Twinning Manual »
    • Link with cooperation sectors foreseen in the bilateral agreements with the EU (Adhesion/Neighbourhood)
    • Public expertise
    • Compulsory results: Public administration reform
  • Fundamental differences with IPA Twinning:
    • Demand driven
    • No accession perspectives to the EU
    • Voluntary approximation to the EU Acquis
    • IPA is managed by DG ELARG, ENPI is managed by EuropeAid – AIDCO
paos aos rol
PAOs / AOs rol
  • Central point of communication between
    • the Commission and the Beneficiary Administrations;
    • the MS Adm. and the Beneficiary Adm.
  • Drafts Framework contract TORs.
  • Quality control of twinning fiches and contracts.
  • Monitors Twinning project implementation (operational/financial).
  • Confirms and makes sure the Beneficiary's commitment and contribution to the Twinning project.
  • Participation in Association Agreements’ and Partnership and Cooperation Agreements’ Sub-committees.
twinning descentralised vs centralised management
Twinning - Descentralised vs Centralised management




European Commission





Programme Administration Office

European Commission Headquarters (AIDCO A6): approval of project fiches and contracts, overall ENPI/MS coordination, homogenuous application of procedures/Manual, coordination with Line DGs, backstopping for PAOs/Delegations.

twinning in the european neighbourhood policy context
Twinning in the European Neighbourhood Policy context

Facts & figures

(update 22nd May 2008)

more information
More information




  • AIDCO A6 – Secretariat +32 2 29 55924 / 53287