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ISO 22000 is a truly international standard suitable for any business in the entire food chain, including inter-related organizations such as producers of equipment, packaging material, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients.

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ISO 22000 Certification for Food Safety

Management System in Organizations

- By Global Manager Group

What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000, Food safety management systems - Requirements

for any organization in the food chain, was first published in

2005. The standard provides international harmonization in the

field of food safety standards, offering a tool to implement

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) throughout

the food supply chain.

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Objective of ISO 22000

ISO 22000 Certification scheme sets out the requirements for

certification bodies (CB’s) to develop, implement and operate a

system for the assessment and certification of food safety

systems of food manufacturing organizations and to guarantee

its impartiality and competence. The certificate indicates that

the organizations food safety system is in conformance with the

requirements which are given in this scheme and that the

organization is able to maintain conformance with these


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Why one should acquire ISO 22000


• Meets food industry expectations: It is now widely known

that safety hazards can develop at any point in the food chain.

ISO 22000 having broad applicability that helps any organization

to control these hazards.

• Imposes



Interactive communication, both internally and externally, is

essential for the identification and control of food safety


• Subjects all control measures to hazard analysis: This

thorough analysis helps the organization to more easily

determine which safety hazards need to be controlled, and

which combination of control measures is most effective in

doing so.



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• Fills the gap between ISO 9001 and HACCP: ISO 9001 does

not provide guidelines for determining and controlling food

safety hazards, like the critical control point (CCP) method in

HACCP. But HACCP does not include ISO 9001’s key concepts of

continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. ISO 22000

covers all of these points.

• Lower risk of liability: When an unsafe food product enters

the market, the entire food chain suffers from consumers’






organizations in the food chain can take responsibility for

consumer safety, consequently lowering their risk of having to

cover insurance payments and legal costs.




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ISO 22000 Certification Steps

• Identify the requirements of ISO 22000 Certification for your


• Better process control, flow and productivity.

• Make Decision to implement FSMS in the organization

• Make a Food Safety team for the implementation and hire a

expert who can guide you as per the requirements of the


• Identify the possible contamination possibilities, analyze it,

make the objectives and start implementing.

• Design and implement the various procedures, quality manual

and generate the formats as per the procedures and manual.

• Establish & evaluate the system and procedure.

• Once Developed a system, perform internal quality audits and

close the non conformities found during the audit.

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Benefits of Adopting ISO 22000


• Expanded market access: The demand for certified suppliers in the

food industry is growing. Since ISO 22000 is supported by government

and food safety experts worldwide, your certification will open the

door to many domestic and international business opportunities.

• Reduced cost of sales: Your certification establishes your company's

credibility and commitment to safety from day one. Because the task

of explaining the specifics and demonstrating the effectiveness of your

Product A

• Feature 1

• Feature 2

• Feature 3

management system is more straightforward, it takes less time to earn

your prospective customers' trust and confidence.

• Streamlined quality management: Certification to ISO 22000

reduces the complexity and overhead required to administer separate

proprietary programs for individual customers. This leads to a

reduction in both second- and third-party system audits and,

ultimately, a common quality system approach among all suppliers in

the food chain.

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The system includes Food Safety Procedures covering a

comprehensive range of prerequisite programmes which enable

an organisation to put in place fundamental food safety

procedures that are compliant with the International Standard

ISO 22000. The system also provides guidance on how to

manage and implement a HACCP system and determine critical

control points (CCPs). As a bonus ISO 22000 Food Safety

Management System is backed up by expert support which is

always available to provide assistance in developing Food Safety

for any Organization.

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Global Manager Group is the first company that introduces

Online Consultancy by offering International System

Certification Documentation and Auditor Training Packages.

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