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Overview on ISO 17024:2012 Documentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview on ISO 17024:2012 Documentation

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Overview on ISO 17024:2012 Documentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Manager Group has prepared presentation to provide information about general requirements for bodies operating certification of persons standard - ISO 17020 Certification. What are the benefits of ISO 17024:2012 Certification, what are the documentation requirements, etc. descibed in details. Also give information about how GLobal Mananger Group provides ISO 17024:2012 Documentation kit for quick certification.\n

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iso 17024 2012 documentation kit

ISO 17024:2012 Documentation Kit


Personnel Certification

By Global Manager Group

what is iso 17024

What is ISO 17024?

  • ISO 17024 is an International Standard which sets out criteria for bodies operating certification of persons. This standard has been drawn up with the objective of achieving and promoting a globally accepted benchmark for organizations operating certification of persons. ISO 17024 includes requirements for the development and maintenance of the certification scheme for persons upon which the certification is based.
  • Accreditation to bodies engaged in ISO 17024 personal certification is a procedure by which an authoritative body gives formal recognition of technical competence for specific activities conducted by the certifying body, based on third party assessment based on ISO 17024:2012 standard.

what are the benefits of iso 17024 2012 compliance

What are the Benefits of ISO 17024:2012 Compliance?

  • Promotion of consumer and public confidence
  • Marketing advantage - increased business
  • Improved efficiency and profitability
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Consistent quality and timely delivery of services
  • Improved control of processes 
  • Improved performance from suppliers
  • Responsibilities of personnel clearly defined
  • Documented system provides useful reference
  • Lower error rates and operating costs
  • Improved control during periods of change or growth

what are the iso 17024 2012 documentation

What are the ISO 17024:2012 Documentation Requirements?

  • ISO/IEC 17024:2012 assessment needs proper Person certification documentation which conforming to the requirements of the 2012 version and ANSI Guidelines, regarding the components that must be included in the development and maintenance of the scheme. To achieve ISO 17024:2012 certification, organizations must have to implement quality management system and prepare documents that confirming requirements of ISO 17024:2012 standard. List of such requirements for better understanding quality system as per ISO 15378:2015 are as below:
  • ISO 17024:2012 Manual
  • System Policy
  • Procedures
  • Work Instruction
  • Sample Forms and Templates
  • ISO 17024:2012 Audit Checklist

iso 17024 2012 manual

ISO 17024:2012 Manual

ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Manual is document that should be prepared to describe ISO 17024 system for any individual personnel assessment. The scope of the accreditation should be described in such a way that each section of the manual references accreditation requirements to understand outlined in that section. ISO 17024 manual documents must have include some specific requirements which described overall conformity assessment system as per ISO/IEC 17024:2012 clauses.

iso 17024 2012 policy

ISO 17024:2012 Policy

Policies are courses of actions that dictate what an organization is supposed to do. Policies are statements of direction agreed upon by management or a board and provide direction to the organization toward its desired goals. These documents are the “rules” of the organization.

ISO 17024:2012 Policy including the quality policy statement should be documented in the manual. Senior management should write the quality policy statement, which should outline the person’s commitment to quality

iso 17024 2012 procedures

ISO 17024:2012 Procedures

Procedures describe how the policies are fulfilled. Procedures are implementation protocols that show the step by step methods to fulfil the policies of an organization. ISO 17024:2012 Procedures document for employees what they are to do as part of their jobs. These are the “instructions” of the organization.

A process or generic procedure describes how various quality requirements can be achieved. For example, it describes how the requirement ‘Personnel should be competent for the assigned task’ can be implemented.

iso 17024 2012 work instruction

ISO 17024:2012 Work Instruction

Routine activities follow documented procedures. These are typically defined as work instructions. While quality manuals and processes describe tasks and approaches, procedures and work instructions give step-by-step instructions on performing tasks. A good practice is to have a ISO 17024:2012 work instruction for how to author, review, approve, distribute, and update work instruction. This helps ensure that work instruction have the right level of information and are used and followed.

sample forms templates

Sample Forms & Templates

Sample forms, records etc. are supporting documents used by the company to record information for different procedures followed. They link the activities written in the procedure to the records kept in the department. This documentation serves to demonstrate that the ISO 17024 system is operating efficiently to produce the product in accordance with specified requirements of the ISO 17024:2012 system. They should be legible, easily retrievable and available when asked for by the auditor. On all the forms establish proper document control on them.

iso 17024 2012 audit checklist

ISO 17024:2012 Audit Checklist

The ISO 17024:2012 Audit Checklist is a good tool or the internal to make audit questionnaire while auditing and make effectiveness in auditing. It covers sample audit questions based on all the ISO 17024:2012 requirements. It can be used as a very good tool for logically auditing during internal audit for personnel certification. During internal audit verification of system to meet ISO 17024:2012 requirements helps for smooth certification audit.

iso 17024 2012 documentation kit 1

ISO 17024:2012 Documentation Kit

Global Manager Group provides ISO 17024:2012 Documentation kit that having sample documents required for ISO 17024:2012 Certification. It contains all documents that covers all such requirements standard. The ISO 17024:2012 manual to ISO 17024:2012 audit checklist are provided in editable format that serves as the primary source of documentation.

The ready to use ISO 17024:2012 Documentation Kit is taking care of all clauses defined in personnel certification standard as well as it satisfies governing general requirements to create own documents for their company in couple of days.

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