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Information about HACCP Mandatory Documents PowerPoint Presentation
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Information about HACCP Mandatory Documents

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Information about HACCP Mandatory Documents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Manager Group provides this presentation that talks about mandatory documents required for HACCP Certification. The key documents like manual, procedures, SOP, audit checklist, etc required for certification are described in details. Also give information about how Global Mananger Group helps in quick certification by providing HACCP Documentation kit. nnFor more information visit @ http://www.globalmanagergroup.com/n

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Information about HACCP Mandatory Documents

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… the Food Safety System

what is haccp

What is HACCP?

• HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a

systematic way to identify, evaluate, and control food

safety hazards.

• Hazards are biological, chemical, or physical agents likely

to cause illness or injury if they are not controlled.

• HACCP prevents food safety hazards rather than reacts

to food safety hazards.


the seven principles of haccp

The Seven Principles of HACCP

 Conduct Hazard Analysis

 Identify the Critical Control Points

 Establish Critical Limits

 Monitor Critical Control Points

 Establish Corrective Action

 Establish Verification Procedures

 Record Keeping Procedures


benefits of haccp certification

Benefits of HACCP Certification

• Improves the safety and Quality of your product

• Conformance to Legal and Regulatory Requirements

• Systematic approach to meet the requirement for food


• Hazard analysis to evaluate threats to food safety.

• Can help identify process improvements & reduced

customer complaints

• Reduces the need for, and the cost of end product testing

• Facilitates better understanding of food packaging safety

issues throughout the organization


required documentation for haccp

Required Documentation for HACCP

The principle focuses on the documentation needed to show

that all activities have been performed according to approved

procedures. HACCP Documentation provides clear instruction on

the approved processes so that each person knows how to

perform the process in the approved manner.

Documentation includes:








HACCP Manual


Sample Forms and Templates

Standard Operating Procedures

Process Approach

Audit Checklist


haccp manual

HACCP Manual

The HACCP Manual is to level documents for Food Safety

Management System. It is used to present an overview of

the processes your organization has implemented to meet

the requirements of the HACCP as per codex guideline.

HACCP Manual should be a full description of the product

or family of products within the scope of the plan. Each

section reference the relevant procedures used to address

the requirements.




HACCP procedures documents are written particularization

every method that your company must follow to satisfy the

necessities of the HACCP standard. These are clearly

written, simple to follow directions for your management,

food safety leader, food safety team and everyone, who

works to follow within the day to day operation of your

Food Safety Management System.


sample forms and templates

Sample Forms and Templates

Sample forms, records etc. are supporting documents used

by the company to record information for different

procedures followed. They link the activities written in the

procedure to the records kept in the department. This

documentation serves to demonstrate that the Food Safety

Management System is operating efficiently to produce the

product in accordance with specified requirements of the

HACCP. They should be legible, easily retrievable and

available when asked for by the auditor. On all the forms

establish proper document control on them.


standard operating procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures contain the minimum

elements that can assist you when developing your food

safety program. HACCP-based SOPs include the following


• Corrective actions

• Monitoring procedures

• Verification procedures

• Record keeping procedures


process approach

Process Approach

It covers guideline for processes, flow chart and process

model useful for process mapping. It covers process flow

chart and activities of all the main and critical processes

with input -output matrix for organization. It helps any

organization in process mapping as well as preparing

process documents for own organization. In Input and

output matrix list of documents input and output as well as

interlink age of documents with other departments are

given. It also includes the risk and process wise



haccp audit checklist

HACCP Audit Checklist

The HACCP audit checklist is a good tool for the auditor

to make audit question to make effective HACCP

internal audit for their organization. It covers sample

audit questions based on HACCP standard. It helps the

auditor to make own audit checklist for quick and

perfect auditing to ensure all the HACCP requirements

are fulfilled.


haccp documentation kit

HACCP Documentation Kit

Global Manager Group provides HACCP Documentation kit

that having sample documents required for HACCP

Certification. It contains all documents that covers all such

requirements standard. The HACCP manual to HACCP audit

checklist are provided in editable format that serves as the

primary source of documentation.


global manager group global manager group

Global Manager Group

Global Manager Group

Global Manager Group is the first company that introduces Online Consultancy by

offering International System Certification Documentation and Auditor Training Packages

available on website @ www.Globalmanagergroup.com

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