triumph of parliament in england n.
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Triumph of Parliament in England

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Triumph of Parliament in England - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Triumph of Parliament in England. Section 3. The Tudors and Parliament. Tudor DYNASTY rules England from 1485-1603 Henry VIII, Elizabeth I Parliament = Represent the People Kings need $$$$, ask Parliament for money Wars = $$$ Needed new taxes, needs approval of Parliament.

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Presentation Transcript
the tudors and parliament
The Tudors and Parliament
  • Tudor DYNASTY rules England from 1485-1603
  • Henry VIII, Elizabeth I
  • Parliament = Represent the People
  • Kings need $$$$, ask Parliament for money
  • Wars = $$$
  • Needed new taxes, needs approval of Parliament
the early stuarts
The Early Stuarts
  • Elizabeth dies w/o heir
  • Goes to Stuart family (ruled Scotland)
  • English people/Parliament disliked Stuarts
  • Century of Revolution
the royal challenge
The Royal Challenge
  • First Stuart monarch= James I
  • Divine Right: did not have to listen to anyone but GOD
  • $$$ for lavish court and wars
  • King clashed with Parliament
  • Dissolved Parliament and collected own tax
  • Dissenters (Protestants other than the Church of England) vsJames I
parliament responds
Parliament Responds
  • Next king, Charles I
  • Needed more $$$, brought back Parliament
  • Forced to sign Petition of Right
  • Limited powers of king (no taxes without Parliament and imprisoning w/o cause)
  • Signed petition then disbanded them
  • Tried to impose Anglican prayer in Scotland  revolt
the long parliament
The Long Parliament
  • Political revolution
  • Parliament vs the King
the english civil war
The English Civil War
  • 1642 to 1649
  • Charles I and wealthy nobles (Cavaliers) vs Parliament and townspeople (Roundheads)
  • Roundheads led by OLIVER CROMWELL
  • Skilled General
  • Cromwell’s army defeated Cavaliers
execution of a king
Execution of a King
  • King put on trial
  • Charles I beheaded!
  • No more absolute power and ignore the rule of law
the commonwealth
The Commonwealth
  • England now a republic (commonwealth) under Oliver Cromwell
challenges to the commonwealth
Challenges to the Commonwealth
  • Many threats
  • Charles II (uncrowned heir)
  • Suppressed (put down) revolts
  • Cromwell became Lord Protector, ruled with the army (dictator)
puritan society
Puritan Society
  • Social Revolution = Pure
  • Closed theaters, forced to go to church
  • Education improved
  • Marriages based on love
end of commonwealth
End of Commonwealth
  • People tired of military rule and Puritans
  • New Parliament, invited Charles II to rule
  • Restored the monarchy
from restoration to glorious revolution
From Restoration to Glorious Revolution
  • Charles II reopens theaters, taverns, Church of England
  • Brother, James II, inherits throne
  • Catholic, stopped laws and appointed friends to office
  • Parliament invited James’ Protestant daughter to rule (Mary and her husband William of Orange from the Netherlands aka Dutch)
  • William and Mary
  • James II fled to France
english bill of rights
English Bill of Rights
  • William and Mary crowned
  • ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTS: Parliament stronger than King and Queen, Rights to People
  • HABEAS CORPUS: No person could be held in prison without 1st being charged with specific crime
looking ahead
Looking Ahead
  • LIMITED MONARCHY: monarch’s power limited by legislature or constitution
  • English monarchs still had power but limited by Parliament
choose 1 of the 3
Choose 1 of the 3
  • Write—bullet points of main ideas you learned today about England
  • Diagram—graphic organizer of what you learned about England
  • Draw—pictures of events that were discussed today
  • Be Creative