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Individualized Sight Word Instruction PowerPoint Presentation
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Individualized Sight Word Instruction

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Individualized Sight Word Instruction
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Individualized Sight Word Instruction

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  1. Individualized Sight Word Instruction Assessment FOR Learning

  2. Scenario • Margaret is a fourth grade student having difficulty reading and spelling sight words. In previous years, Margaret had been receiving sight word instruction using a weekly class spelling list. Since we do not want to waste time teaching her words she may already know, it is important that we do a pre-assessment. Although Margaret is in the fourth grade, her teacher had to start her with words from the first grade list.

  3. Pre-Assessment • Assess each child using Dolch Sight Word List based on the child’s instructional level. • Record results on data sheet. • Sight Word Data Sheet

  4. Instruction • Assign 5 of the missed words to the child. Each child keeps his/her specific words on a Word Ring. Be sure to provide direct instruction and guided practice daily. • Each day do a mini assessment by having the child read and spell each word. Mark correct words with a check or tally mark. • Once the child has read and spelled the word correctly 10 times (as demonstrated during mini assessments), remove the word and add a new word from the initial assessment. • Video Clip of Assessment

  5. Formal Assessment • On weekly spelling tests and in-class writing assignments the child must continue to demonstrate mastery of all previously taught words. If the child continuously misses a mastered word, it must go back on their word ring. • Students are assessed on 10 sight words per week, 5 current words and 5 review words.

  6. Post Assessment • At the end of the year, students are assessed on all of the words they missed on the initial assessment.

  7. Scenario continued On the post assessment Margaret read and spelled 85% of the words she missed on the pre-assessment. Next year Margaret’s new teacher will know exactly where to begin her sight word instruction. Margaret’s teacher is so glad that she used Assessment FOR Learning. The daily instruction and mini assessments allowed Margaret to master and retain the sight words.

  8. Ready Made Materials • Sight Word Data Sheet.pdf • Sight Word Ring Cards.pdf • Letter Board SmartBoard Activity