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ICT360AT,K518W,WJ PROFILE. V9.X WINDOWS Version. 2008. 06.12. Powerful administrative functions. Real time alert systems(option):. Alert when meets criterion of test fails. Statistical systems:.

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Ict360at k518w wj profile


V9.X WINDOWS Version


Powerful administrative functions
Powerful administrative functions.

  • Real time alert systems(option):

Alert when meets criterion of test fails.

  • Statistical systems:

Automatic generate useful production administrative charts, such as components test value distribution charts, daily charts, period charts, test pins fails ranking, failure component ranking and test coverage rate analysis…etc.

  • ICT console:

  • Remote access test results data and their statistic charts to

  • support manager analyze production problems, adjust the

  • engineering process or trace back fail components to

  • meet the key issue, original problem solving strategy.

  • Edit and debug test program at remote side.


Board view functions
Board View functions.

  • Physical tested board display on screen monitor.

Support fail components physical outline on screen to make the trouble shooting work more easier.

  • Board view functions:

Support smart board view function for trouble shooting station needs. See demo program for details.

  • Pin edit function:

Show the physical outline of fail pins and their relative circuit and components to find the failure points or components easily.


Test program generator
Test program generator.

ATPD: Automatic Test program Debug.

  • Test Program Conversion:

Direct import CAD data from FABMASTER or other ICT test program from TRI、JET、OKANO、TESCON、TCO-5….etc, and convert them to ICT360AT test program directly.

  • Auto learning functions:

Auto learning for items ofOpen/Short, Component, IC, TAJ, ECJ respectively, then generate test program and their guarding points up to 95% automatically. It can save huge test program debugging and tuning time.


Unique test functions
Unique test functions.

  • TA TestJet :

  • BGA IC test approach to 100% coverage rate.

  • SMD Connector test approach to 100% coverage rate.

  • Intel 845 north bridge approach to 100% coverage rate.

  • EC TestJet :

  • Explosion free capacitor: 100% missing part and polarity reverse detect rate.

  • Parallel capacitors: 100% missing part and polarity reverse detect rate.

  • 4 wires mini ohm measurement:

  • Up to 0.05Ω,mini ohm grade measurement.



  • TAJ / HPJ compatibility.

Just remove the ribbon connector cable from MUX card of HPJ system and plug it into Switch Card connector of TAJ system.

  • ECJ Fixture:

Add 3rd pin on upper side of the fixture for contacted the surface of each electrolytic capacitors.

  • Test program conversion :

Import fromTRI / JET / OKANO / TESTCON / TCO-5 test program or FABMASTER CAD data to generate ICT360AT test program directly.




  • Powerful administrative functions.

  • Quality Alert system / Statistic system / Remote console.

TA TestJet

  • Trouble shooting auxiliary.

  • Board View function / Show No-Go parts on screen monitor.

  • Test Pin edit function.

EC TestJet

  • Automatic test program debug.

  • Import from other Test Program or CAD data from fabmaster.

  • Automatic test program learning.


  • Unique test function.


  • TA TestJet / EC TestJet / Mini ohm measurement.

  • Excellent Compatibility.

  • TAJ / HPJ compatibility / ECJ fixture / Test program conversion.


  • Return from investment.

  • ICT360AT evaluations(Excel)


Statistical charts
Statistical charts.

  • Daily chart.

  • Period chart.

  • Distribution chart.

  • IC measure value distribution chart.

  • Rank for bad pins of the bed of nails.

  • Rank for fail components.

  • Coverage rate analysis chart.

ICT360AT supports 7 kinds of charts:

Statistical charts performance
Statistical charts Performance.

  • Test program tuning as well as upper/lower limits setting for each test step.

  • Tested board quality monitoring and production problems real time tracking.

  • Components quality monitoring and problems trace back (ISO9001).

  • Test pins quality monitoring and probe replace indication of the Bed of Nails.

Fixture convert for taj and hpj
Fixture convert for TAJ and HPJ .

Decoder Card

HPJ wiring.

TAJ wiring


MUX Card

Convert taj to hpj case 1
Convert TAJ to HPJ: CASE 1

HPJ  TAJ(HPJ fixture wiring application on ICT360AT.)

No such as Intel north bridge package IC, connector plug to SWC

of ICT360AT directly. I.e. 100% HP pad compatible.

Convert taj to hpj case 2
Convert TAJ to HPJ: CASE 2

HPJ  TAJ(HPJ fixture wiring application on ICT360AT.

  • Board pasted with IC package such as Intel North bridge.

  • Drilling 3rd hole for TA pad application and pull HP pad down

  • then replace TAJ pad up. Then

    • Pin+ / Pin- connect to Decoder Card of ICT360AT.

    • Connect 3rd pin(Sync pin) connector to Switch Card of 360AT.

Convert hpj to taj case3
Convert HPJ to TAJ: CASE3

TAJ  HPJ (TAJ fixture wiring application on HPJ fixture.

  • Replace TAJ pad to HPJ pad.

  • Connect TAJ pad Pin+ / Pin- fixture connector of ribbon cable to MUX Card connector.

  • Leave 3rd Pin connector open circuit.