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Entertainment Merchants Association Digital Council January 8, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Entertainment Merchants Association Digital Council January 8, 2008

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Entertainment Merchants Association Digital Council January 8, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Entertainment Merchants Association Digital Council January 8, 2008. Agenda: Metadata Project Glossary Project Event Planning Next Steps. Metadata Project Mark Vrieling, Screenplay Inc Council Co-Chair. Patrick Javick EPCglobal.

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  • Metadata Project
  • Glossary Project
  • Event Planning
  • Next Steps

Metadata Project

  • Mark Vrieling, Screenplay Inc
  • Council Co-Chair

The Global Language of Business


Improving efficiency & visibility in supply and demand chains

Global standards for

automatic identification




Global standards for

electronic business





Global Standards for

data Synchronisation




Global Standards for






Slide 6

 2006 EPCGlobal

about gs1 and epcglobal
About GS1 and EPCglobal

Media & Entertainment

  • GS1 was formerly known as the UCC
    • Established 1973 (think U.P.C.)
  • Implements the GS1 System in the U.S.
    • 23 industries, 280,000 members in U.S.
    • 18,000 identified healthcare members in U.S.
    • Uniquely identify products, assets and locations
    • Bar codes, EPC, e-Commerce, UNSPSC
  • Voluntary, not-for-profit, member driven

Slide 7

 2006 EPCGlobal

the need for standardization in the industry
The need for Standardization in the industry
  • Increased capabilities by Hardware (TV’s, Game Units, Computers, DVR’s)
    • Microsoft announces an expanded portfolio of downloadable HD Hollywood Movies and TV shows that their Xbox units support
  • Increased capabilities by Network (Fiber Optic, Cable)
    • Comcast announces the jump to 160 megabits/second from16 megabits/second (being able to download a 2+ hour HD movie in under 5 minutes)
  • This leads to increased usage of Digital Media
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Games

Slide 8

 2006 EPCGlobal

important gs1 id key
Important GS1 ID Key
  • GTIN: Global Trade Item Number
    • The GS1 ID Key assigned to any product or service that may be priced, or ordered, or invoiced at any point in any supply chain
    • A standard GTIN will allow for over 2,050 Trillion unique serialized items
  • SGTIN: Serialized Global Trade Item Number
    • Serialization: A unique number assigned and affixed to a particular unit of item. Used to identify the particular event (i.e. one download).
  • Used in the GDSN to uniquely identify a trade item where there is a need to retrieve pre-defined information.

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN):

0 0614141 00734 9

Slide 9

 2006 EPCGlobal


Mapping GTIN into EPCSTEP 3: Creating the SGTIN

0 0614141 00734 9 203886

GS1 Company









& S/N



Object Class

(Indicator + Item Ref)

Serial Number

EPC Manager



0614141 000734 203886

*Bar Code’s check digit is not stored in EPC Tag

Slide 10

 2006 EPCGlobal

authentication of activity

Access Control


  • Access Rules




  • Serialized GTIN
  • Authentication Certificates
Authentication of activity
  • EPC framework can be extended to include the Digital Media serialized objects.
    • Not just a can of coke being identified and authenticated.
    • Now you can identify that iTunes download, that movie download.
  • Computer or Game unit accepts the download
    • Only if it is able to verify the authentication of the download
  • RFID chips installed in consumer electronics
    • Can be used to itemize the unit for authentication

Discovery Services



  • EPC Registered Events

Slide 11

 2006 EPCGlobal

interested in finding out more
Interested in finding out more …

For more information regarding GS1 and EPCglobal’s Media & Entertainment activities with Physical and Digital Media:

Patrick Javick

EPCglobal North America


609-620-8023 office

Slide 12

 2006 EPCGlobal

digital data exchange llc ddex
Digital Data Exchange, LLC(DDEX)

An Overview

Last Updated: January 2008

mission statement
Mission Statement
  • To develop and maintain a robust framework of communication Standards to support the digital distribution of digital content;
  • To improve the efficiency of information sharing and transaction processing between participants in the digital content supply chain through use of Standards; and
  • To promote global awareness and compliant implementation of these Standards
mission statement what it means
Mission Statement: What it Means
  • DDEX is designing (for voluntary adoption) standard layout XML message formats for the exchange of metadata
  • DDEX is developing common protocols for the automated communication and management of messages
  • DDEX is originating material to promote its standards and assist licensees in their implementations
membership 1
Membership (1)
  • Criteria for membership
    • An entity“…that demonstrates a business interest in digital media content….”
  • Membership tiers
    • Charter, Contributing and Participating Members
  • All DDEX Members
    • Sign the DDEX Operating Agreement which includes:
      • Governance rules
      • IP Policy
      • Standards development process
    • Pays dues annually on anniversary of joining
    • May move between Contributing and Participating membership
    • May comment on confidential Committee Draft standards before they are made public or declared
ddex value proposition
DDEX Value Proposition
  • DDEX message standards will avoid the use of multiple proprietary message formats with business partners
  • DDEX protocols will decrease the use of labour intensive manual management and communication of messages
  • The end result is:
    • Faster time to market
    • Improved operational quality and efficiency
    • Improved data quality
    • Reduced transaction management costs
    • Reduced communication costs
    • Reduced development costs
history and governance
History and Governance
  • Open and not-for-profit membership organisation
  • Formed in May 2006
  • 15 Board Members, currently comprised of 5 representatives from 3 core groups
    • Record Companies
    • Rights Societies and
    • Digital Service Providers (DSPs) & Mobile Service Providers (MSPs)
  • Three tiers of Membership
membership 2
Membership (2)
  • Charter Members (limited to 15):
    • Annual membership fees: $25,000
    • Appoints one member to the Board of Directors
    • Entitled to attend and vote in each Working Group
    • Eligible to nominate a Chair of a Working Group
  • Contributing Members:
    • Annual membership fees: $10,000
    • Entitled to attend and vote in each Working Group
    • Eligible to nominate a Chair of a Working Group
  • Participating Members:
    • Annual membership fees: $2,500
    • Entitled to receive and comment on confidential Committee Draft standards
charter members
Apple Computer Inc.

EMI Music

Microsoft Corporation




Universal Music Group

Warner Music Inc.


MCPS-PRS Alliance


RealNetworks Inc.

Sociedad General de

Autores y Editores (SGAE)

The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA)

Two vacancies as at January 2008

Charter Members
membership benefits
Membership Benefits
  • Participate in:
    • Work prioritisation
    • Requirements gathering
    • Development and drafting of DDEX standards
  • Influence the direction of the standards development effort
  • Gain early mover advantage in carrying out implementations
other ddex relationships
Other DDEX Relationships
  • Liaison organisations
    • Relevant trade & standards associations
    • Recognised experts from such associations
      • May attend Working Groups and comment on drafts
      • But are bound by IP Policy and may only communicate publicly available information to non-DDEX members
  • Licensees:
    • Licences relate to declared Standards
    • An Evaluation Licence – free
    • An Implementation Licence – annual fee of $200
      • Licensees encouraged to provide feedback on standards
ddex message standards
DDEX Message Standards
  • Electronic Release Notification (ERN) Message Suite v1.0 & v2.0
    • Communicates record company metadata about releases, associated deals & commercial terms to DSPs & MSPs
  • Digital Sales Report (DSR) Message Suite v1.0 & v2.0
    • Communicates sales transactions by DSP/MSP to business partners, licensors or their agents
    • Enables supply of quantitative and pricing data
    • Enables accurate, timely and controlled communication for auditing purposes
ddex supporting standards
DDEX Supporting Standards
  • Data Dictionary (DD)
    • Standardises terminologies and allowed values
    • The tool by which terms are developed for data mapping exercises into proprietary systems
  • Party Identifier (DPid)
    • Enables the unique identification of business partners using DDEX message standards
ddex supporting documentation
DDEX Supporting Documentation
  • Message Exchange Protocol (MEP)
    • A recommendation for a common approach to the exchange of DDEX Messages via FTP
  • Use Case Handbook
    • Documents data from real world scenarios in DDEX formats
    • Aid to implementations
  • File Size Report
    • Identifies technical implementation solutions for management of large message files
on going ddex work items 1
On-going DDEX Work Items (1)
  • Musical Work Licensing Message Suite
    • Enables the communication of musical work rights licensing information between licensee and licensor
  • Data Mismatch Message Suite
    • Enables the improvement of data integrity amongst all business partners
  • Message exchange between other players in the digital content value chain
    • Other distribution channels (e.g. mobile, broadcasting)
    • Other content types (e.g. audio visual)
on going ddex work items 2
On-going DDEX Work Items (2)
  • DDEX Conformance Standard
    • Definition of Conformance Classes
    • Definition of means to test conformance
  • Automated Message Exchange Protocols
    • Review of available open standards (ebMS and AS2)
    • Use of digital signatures
    • XML representations of message choreographies
  • Management of change requests
    • New requirements, bug fixes
    • Usually leads to new version of messages (e.g.v2.1)
further reading
Further Reading
  • The DDEX FAQ, Standards Process and IP Policy
  • The various DDEX Standards & Recommendations
    • DDEX-ERNM-10-2006 (ERN Message Suite v1.0)
    • DDEX-DSRM-10-2006 (DSR Message Suite v1.0)
    • DDEX-ERNM-20-2007 (ERN Message Suite v2.0)
    • DDEX-DSRM-20-2007 (DSR Message Suite v2.0)
    • DDEX-DICT-10-2006 (Data Dictionary)
    • DDEX-DPID-10-2006 (DDEX Party ID)
    • DDEX-MEPR-10-2007 (FTP Recommendation)
  • All information is available from www.ddex.net
how to join
How to Join
  • Visit www.ddex.net and click on “Membership Application”
    • For full benefits, select the “Contributing Member” level membership type
    • For more information, please visit www.ddex.net

Glossary Project

  • Mitch Mallon, Egami/Image
  • Council Co-Chair

Event Planning:

  • March Event – location/content
  • “Digital Day” at EMA Convention

Next Steps:

  • Workgroups Activated
  • March Recap