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Ismail Sirdah – Entrepreneur Nonpareil

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Ismail Sirdah – Entrepreneur Nonpareil - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ismail Sirdah, is a living legend worthy to be emulated by the modern day youngsters. His ardent desire for the success of his Music Promotional Tours,\n

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Ismail Sirdah is an internationally acclaimed impresario in the world of the entertainment industry. He is the proprietor of one of the renowned entertainment firms in the South East. He owns a company by the name of Lulu Music & Promotions. His forte lies in organizing musical events, operas of some of the leading musicians in the Industry of World Entertainment. In order to make his shows popular, he personally looks after the production, publicity and marketing. Thanks to his dedication and perseverance his concerts are considered to be a big-hit with the die-hard audience in full attendance. He has been blessed with a magnetic personality which endears him to all he comes across within a brief span.

Besides creating a niche for himself in the Entertainment Industry Ismail Sirdah has his eyes fixed on the food Industry too. He has the trait of an epicurean and amongst these he has chosen Mexican Cuisine to be his delight. He savours the hot chilli pepper, capsicum, corn, beans, tomatoes and avocado the essential ingredients in Mexican Food.

Tortillas, Enchiladas, Lasagna, Tacos, Salsa and Chimichangas are some of the dishes which are popular in the world of gastronomy. Moreover, to make Mexican Food available to the connoisseurs of gourmet he has personally opened up a restaurant by the name of El Matador.

He believes in the paradigm. “ask not what your community has done for you but what you have done for your community.” Ismail is a great philanthropist and regularly sponsors scholarship for the school children who are child prodigy so that they could achieve quality education and become an asset for the community as well as, for the country. Moreover, he arranges funds for the construction and providing of infrastructure like play ground, creche for the school going children.

Ismail Sirdah, is a living legend worthy to be emulated by the modern day youngsters. His ardent desire for the success of his Music Promotional Tours, the propagation of Latin Culture and Hispanic Singers and the betterment of the not so lucky members of the community is the principal aim of his life. Whatever gains he makes from his enterprise, without hesitation he ploughs it back for the well-being and prosperity of his community.

He loves to share his leisure time, which is indeed a rare in his hectic life, with his family members and close friends.

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