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Tech Prep Seattle

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Tech Prep Seattle. Seattle Community Colleges. What is Tech Prep?. A federally funded program Links k-12, community colleges, business, and labor Emphasizes career and technical education Competency based Aligned with occupational pathways Duel Credits in high school and college.

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tech prep seattle

Tech Prep Seattle

Seattle Community Colleges

what is tech prep
What is Tech Prep?
  • A federally funded program
  • Links k-12, community colleges, business, and labor
  • Emphasizes career and technical education
  • Competency based
  • Aligned with occupational pathways
  • Duel Credits in high school and college
what are advantages of tech prep
What are advantages of Tech Prep?
  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • Ease transition to college
  • Save money on tuition, book, lab fees
  • Gain valuable occupational skills and work experience
  • Begin training for high-paying careers
  • Establish business/industry connections
  • Graduate from college early
who can participate in tech prep
Who can participate in Tech Prep?
  • High school students between 9 – 12
  • Must be enrolled in articulated Tech Prep Course
  • Must earn B or higher
  • Must register online for college course
  • Must be processed the same year they complete the high school course
how do i get a transcript of techprep credits
How do I get a transcript of TechPrep credits?
  • Request a transcript from the college where Tech Prep classes were recorded
  • Multiple transcripts necessary if transcribed at more than one college
  • Contact Tech Prep Seattle at
  • Call Tech Prep Seattle at 206-902-3222
will my credits transfer to any college
Will my credits transfer to any college?
  • Transferability depends on the receiving institution
  • Will transfer to colleges with articulation agreements (Seattle Community Colleges)
what are strategies for success
What are strategies for success?
  • Accountability – a uniform data collection and reporting strategy
  • Sustainability – Educate and prepare all stakeholders to support and participate in Tech Prep
  • Public Awareness – Strategic public awareness initiatives will result in increased participation rates and broader support
  • Articulation – Essential to ensure portability of programs and credits
  • Standards – a framework for the educational system
how do students benefit
How do students benefit?
  • Gain academic and technical skills
  • Prepare for employment and continuing education
  • Save time and money because of Tech Prep college credits
how do high schools benefit
How do high schools benefit?
  • Provide programs relevant to students’ future plans and endeavors
  • Witness higher morale, attendance, improved student performance when students have clear goals
  • Help students make the connection between what they are learning in high school and where they want to be in the future
how do participating colleges benefit
How do participating colleges benefit?
  • Welcome better prepared, more focused students
  • Can spend less time and fewer resources on remedial courses
  • Can work with fewer students who are undecided about their program of study
how do employers and the economy in general benefit
How do employers and the economy in general benefit?
  • Obtain better-educated and highly skilled workers
  • Gain an opportunity to provide input and influence content of programs of study through advisory councils
how does the taxpayer gain
How does the taxpayer gain?
  • Schools and colleges are able to eliminate unnecessary program and course duplication
  • Tax dollars are used more effectively and efficiently
where can i get more information about tech prep
Where can I get more information about Tech Prep?
  • Contact CTE instructors in your high school
  • Contact counselors and Career Center Specialists
  • Contact Tech Prep Seattle office at
  • Email Barbara Cummins, Director TechPrep Seattle at
  • Go to TechPrep Seattle website at for information and registration