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What is History?. World History 2010-2011. Does “history” = “the past?”. History = written/recorded account of the past. Who writes it? Is it accurate? Test sources for: Consistency – is the sequence logical? Corroboration – “triangulation” of sources

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What is history

What is History?

World History 2010-2011

History written recorded account of the past
History = written/recorded account of the past

  • Who writes it?

  • Is it accurate?

  • Test sources for:

    • Consistency – is the sequence logical?

    • Corroboration – “triangulation” of sources

    • Evaluation of bias – it’s ALL biased – the key is to decipher the bias (“Point Of View”)

The big question
The Big Question

  • What ISN’T there?

  • How can you tell what is missing?

    • A reason for using a variety of sources

      • Variety of types

      • Different POVs


  • Metacognition – thinking about thinking

  • In this case, studying what gets written down about history and why

  • Today – textbooks and other “reliable” history books – should we trust them?

Your assignment
Your assignment

  • Class division into 4 groups (one per textbook)

  • Each group has two tasks:

    • Fill in blank chart with information from or about each textbook’s coverage of Nubia. Your group will need to move between textbook “stations.” The group will have 10 minutes at each textbook.

    • After the charts are completed by all groups, each group should answer the questions on the “What did you learn?” worksheet.

      We will follow this with a whole-class discussion. Each of you should keep a copy of the group chart and worksheet questions.

Do now
Do Now:

  • What makes something “worth learning”? Who determines what should be included in a class curriculum?

Nubia clips from you tube
Nubia Clips From You Tube

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmGKU4TGS70

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGyipHMQhIg&feature=related

  • Questions to think about as you watch:

  • Why might there be a lack of information about Nubia in your classes/textbooks?

  • What evidence do archeologists use to make hypotheses about Nubia?


  • How does what you learned about Nubia in the film clips compare to what you learned about in the textbooks?

  • Is Nubia important to learn about? Why?

Map activities
Map Activities!

  • Today you are going to learn about/review world geography. You will take a test NEXT CLASS on 2 different RANDOM regions so make sure you study all of the following:

  • Europe

  • Africa

  • Asia

  • Central America

  • South America

To help you study
To help you study….

  • We are going to play some games on the site :

  • http://www.geographyzone.com/

  • If you need to review your geography first, go to the following website: http://www.worldatlas.com/

  • Be sure to study your completed outline maps to help you! Good Luck!