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How To Speak English Fluently PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Speak English Fluently

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How To Speak English Fluently
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How To Speak English Fluently

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  1. How ToSpeak English Fluently Thanksforsubscribingtoournewsletter;we promiseto keep sendingyouvaluable tipsandsecretsto helpyouspeakEnglish like anAmerican. We hope youenjoythise-bookandtogetthe best ofitscontent, please don'tforgettoleaveusa feedbackon MasteringThe AmericanAccent.

  2. From Islam Desouky, EnglishLanguageInstructor AmericanAccentVoiceCoach. Dear English learners, I've putthese easy and simple instructions here todayto helpyou reach the fluency inspokenEnglish and to sound likean American inas easy and fastway aspossible. Some ofyou may think that these are justsomething we allknow, butunfortunately mostofyoudon't follow these valuableand helpfulinstructions. I'm sure thatifyouputthese steps into action, you'll see agreatdifference in no time and the process of learning Englishwillbe mucheasier. So Let's GetStarted. How CanI Speak English Fluently?! The Most Frequently AskedQuestion.The Most searched keywordon Google on a dailybasishoping thatwe can find a miracle that will take us by handto speakEnglish fluently overnight. Believe me; you're wasting yourtime. Simply,cuz youwannado something thatno onecan do eventhe native speaker.Anythingcomes gradually,step bystepandonebyone. Best part,you canlearn any language easily regardingsome easy steps. • Love The Language you're gonnalearn:Howwouldyouwannalearn to speaka language you don't like? Nothing will helpyou anymore to learn language you hate whatever youdo. So you must love whatyouwannalearn inorder to ease your way oflearning. It seems that most of non-native speakers hateEnglish cuzthey think that it is too difficult to be understoodorthere are lots ofcomplicated grammars. But,I've asurpriseforyou. If youwannaspeakEnglish fluently, forgetabout grammars,YES,don't worryabout grammarswhen you're gonnalearn how to speakEnglish cuz you don't need grammarto speakEnglish well. More on that later. 2Page

  3. 2- StartWith English Sounds:Sounds are the language's root.If you know the sounds well,youwill not face any barriers or difficulties while learning English.You'll neverspeakEnglish fluently ifyou don't knowthe sounds very wellandit's aneasytask. 3- Forget About Grammar:YES; you hearditwell.Whenyou are gonna learn English especiallyhowto speak"Conversation" you should forget about grammars cuzit'll blockyour wayofspeakingEnglish. Just begin with sounds andthenconcentratewell on the next step.Making grammatical mistakes while speakingEnglish is not something you shouldworryabout, it's the easy way ofspeakingconfidently. Just let yourInstructorcorrect your grammatical mistakes later and you'll see that you're speakingEnglish confidently without anymistakes whether grammatical or whatever, Just Speak. 4- Practice, Practice, Practice:The more youpractice English,the more you speakitfluently. Thinkabout it fora while,how do the English childwhether American orBritish learn to speakhis native language? Just bypractice. Firstlybylisteningto his/her parents speakingandtryingto imitatethem till he become perfect on it.You'll be doing the same,just listen andimitateand then practicewhat you've listenedto.Youcanpractice English simplyby making friends andchatting with native speakers, joining English practice clubs thatyou may findon Facebook,or you can practice English withyour friends talkingto each other in English to improve yourspoken English,it doesn't matter whether you talkto a native speaker ornot,itis all about practicing English anywhere andwith anyonewho knowhowto speak English.Thatway, you'll see yourself speaking English automaticallylike a native speaker the same as you speak Arabic freelyandCON F I DE N TL Y. 5- CONFIDENCE:The most importantstepnot just inlearning but inany aspect of yourlife.If you are aself-confident person,you'll achieve your goals,getyourneeds,and do whatever youwanna do easily.The self- confidence is a priceless andprecious value. 3Page

  4. Evenif you make lots ofmistakes while speaking,keepitup till you speak accurately with the helpof yourfriend,instructororjust by yourself through Cambridge AdvancedLearners Dictionary. 6- Read, Read, Read:Reading will help you tocorrect yourspokenmistakes. The more youread,the more yourspeakingskills improved.This stepis all about revision on English sounds andIadviseyou to take Cambridge Dictionaryinconsideration,it'll helpyou morein English sounds "British– American". Also reading will improve askill thatwill makeyou fluent andspeakina professional way. ThatisL I N K I N G.linking isthe process by whichyou link words andphrases andspeak faster. Note: Startreading books inyour favorite fields. This way you'll notget bored ofreading and it'll be interesting because simply you'll improve your spokenEnglishwhile doing something you prefer "reading your favorite books". 7- Idioms & Slang:Thelast stepandprofessional one; Slang means the native folk dialect or the dailyusedexpressions thatfacilitatethe communication process between people in thesame region.Youcan getas muchslang oridioms as you want from the internet orjust ask your instructorto recommendthe most common usedidioms that native speakers use in dailybasis. You'll also finda group of mostcommonlyusedAmerican slang wordsand phrases on Mastering The American Accent- Islam Desouky. Note: As Imentionedearlier,Practice, Practice, Practice,this is the big secretto English fluency.The more you practice,the more you become fluent. Like myE-bookand wantto knowmore aboutAmerican Accent? Checkout this AWESOMECOURSEthathelpedme andsure will helpyou speak Americanaccentclearlyandconfidently AllTheBest 4Page