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Presentation at Symposium on Information Technology

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Presentation at Symposium on Information Technology. World Trade Organization Secretariat Geneva, Switzerland July 16, 1999. Redundant Testing and Certification as Impediments to Economic Development. Problem. Seven-Fold Increase Worldwide in Regulatory Standards and Certifications

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Presentation Transcript
presentation at symposium on information technology
Presentation at Symposium on Information Technology

World Trade Organization Secretariat

Geneva, Switzerland

July 16, 1999

Redundant Testing

and Certification

as Impediments to

Economic Development


Seven-Fold Increase Worldwide in

Regulatory Standards and Certifications

for IT Products Since 1989


Global Regulatory Standards and Certifications

Information Technology Equipment

Relative No.


Data provided by Hewlett-Packard Company

09 July, 1999


redundant testing and certification requirements have resulted in
Redundant Testing and Certification Requirements Have Resulted In:
  • Delays in Getting IT Product to People
    • Life Cycle of an IT Product is between 12 and 18 months
  • Hundreds of millions in additional cost ultimately borne by the people who buy these products
  • No benefit to the purchaser of the IT products
proposed solution
Proposed Solution

Adoption of a new model based on:


  • Applicable to Information Technology Products in the area of:

-Electrical Safety; and

-Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

one standard one test suppliers declaration of conformity 1 1sdoc
One Standard-One Test, Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (1-1SDoC)
  • One Standard means adopting regulations based on existing recognized International Standards
  • One Test means providing for one-time testing of products by accepting testing performed anywhere in the world by the supplier or a third party
  • Supplier’s Declaration means accepting documentation that testifies to the fact that requisite product tests have been performed either by the manufacturer or a third party
nature of the problem
Nature of the Problem
  • More a regulation-writing problem than a standards-writing problem
  • More a government-generated issue than a technical issue
  • International Standards in both areas already exist
    • International electrotechnical commission (IEC) 60950 for safety of IT equipment (safety)
    • International special committee on radio interface (CISPR) 22 for electromagnetic emissions from IT equipment (EMI)
is implementation of the 1 1sdoc model feasible for the it sector
IS Implementation of the 1-1SDoC Model Feasible for the IT Sector?
  • Most Countries already reference these global safety and EMI standards for IT products
  • Early adopters of versions of 1-1SDoC include:

- Australia (EMI) - Canada (EMI)

- EU (EMI and Safety) - Hong Kong (Safety)

benefits of adopting the approach
Benefits of Adopting the Approach
  • Access to latest technology more quickly at reduced costs
  • Promote E-commerce by making the central instruments in the development of E-commerce more cheaply and readily available
  • Make it possible for small and medium sized companies to participate in the international IT market by eliminating redundant technical barriers to participation in that market
in summary this is about
In summary, this is about:
  • A growing problem
  • Redundant testing and certification requirements
  • Added, unnecessary costs for customers of IT products
  • A streamlined process for getting products to people
  • Access to latest technology at reduced costs
summary continued
Summary, (continued)
  • Synergies that will underpin and enhance overall National IT strategies
  • Writing Government regulations not creating standards
  • Uniformly implementing existing international EMI and safety standards
  • Enhancing possibilities to fully participate in new trading opportunities
  • Facilitating Trade
next steps
Next Steps
  • Urge Public Release of WTO survey on use of EMI-and-Safety-related standards in national regulations
  • Support ITA committee’s on-going work on standards and conformity assessment
  • Monitor and build on discussions underway in the Standards and Conformity Subcommittee (SCSC) of APEC’s Trade and Investment Committee
  • Participate in the Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (TBTA) explorations of means to facilitate trade
for additional information visit the following websites
For Additional Information,visit the following websites:
  • Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
    • Background information for WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Committee Symposium, June 8-9, 1999
  • International Information Industry Congress (IIIC)
    • IIIC Common Views Paper on Trade Facilitation and Regulatory Reform in Information Technology & VDMA-FVEI
  • The Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD)
    • Recommendations of the Electronics, Electrical, Information Technology and Telecommunications sector (EETIS) on Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity