georeferencing methods
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Georeferencing Methods

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1 read guidelines point radius method
1) Read Guidelines: Point-radius method
  • Point radius method for georeferencing locality descriptions and calculating associated uncertainty.
  • John Wieczorek, Quinghua Guo, and Robert Hijmans
3)Download localities off of the Gazetteer- Search for localities by entering country or state name in the “Higher Geography” field
4) Import tab-delimited text file of localities into Access or Excel format (Access file template can be found on Georeferencing Steps Website)
5 post your claim to the listserv include region country name and number of localities downloaded
5)Post your claim to the listserv-Include region/country name and number of localities downloaded
fill in these fields in access database even if did not georeference
Fill in these fields in Access database, even if did not georeference:
  • Note:Please be explicit when providing a NoGeorefBecause reason. State the exact source of uncertainty, ambiguity or inconsistency in the locality description.
  • ND 26 Jun, 2003.
7) After finishing, ftp all files to: and e-mail me with the file name & its contents (region, # of localities)
automated georeferencing biogeomancer
Automated Georeferencing: Biogeomancer
  • For HerpNET best application is for US localities
  • Can make extents available (for US, by Jan)
  • Eventually would include maximum error automatically
  • Could provide input/output in format friendly to HerpNET’s database fields
  • Would still have to be verified by georeferencers at each institution
news from nsf
News from NSF
  • Standard supplemental funds not available
  • REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates)
  • Collaborative REU Site grant
  • Need to have association with a university
  • Have to provide a research experience, possibly workshops, ArcView training or museum studies
  • Each institution would write a budget justification and description, submitting them separately with KU as lead institution
  • KU will supply major text for grant and link them
  • Due 15 Sep 2004, write for 3 years