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How to Retire

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How to Retire. David Barr Clerk Kent LMC. What will this cover?. 24-hour retirement and return to practice Pension Agency requirements Single handed GP 2-doctor practice Multi-doctored practice Permanent Retirement Single handed GP 2 or more doctor practice. 24-Hour Retirement.

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how to retire

How to Retire

David Barr


Kent LMC

what will this cover
What will this cover?
  • 24-hour retirement and return to practice
    • Pension Agency requirements
    • Single handed GP
    • 2-doctor practice
    • Multi-doctored practice
  • Permanent Retirement
    • Single handed GP
    • 2 or more doctor practice
24 hour retirement
24-Hour Retirement
  • Pension Agency and PCT Requirements
    • No need to remove name from Performers List
    • Must cease ALL NHS work for 24-hours
    • Must not work for more than 16 hours in any week for month following retirement
    • If rule are broken, pension stopped and recoup pension already paid
24 hour retirement pensions agency and pct rules
24-Hour RetirementPensions Agency and PCT rules
  • Must remove name from practice contract with PCT
  • To remove name give notice to PCT and agree a date (Saturday or Bank Holiday)
  • SFE says end of contract = end of MPIG
alternatives for single handed gp
Alternatives for single-handed GP
  • Reach agreement with PCT to terminate contract and reappoint on same terms including amount = to MPIG
  • Take a partner
    • Retire, be reappointed by partner, terminate partnership and return to single handed practice.
agreement with pcts
Agreement with PCTs
  • Kent PCTs have agreed to retirement and reappointment on same terms
  • Need to get agreement in writing
  • We are currently waiting for a formal agreement and standard letters and agreement
  • Do not take pension before written agreement is in place
24 hour retirement1
24-Hour Retirement
  • 2-doctor practice
    • Give PCT notice of retirement and move to single-handed practice 28 days
    • Retire 24 hours (can be Saturday or Bhday)
    • Remaining GP notifies PCT of taking on partner
    • Return to practice and restrict work to 16 hrs a week in first month
24 hour retirement2
24-Hour Retirement
  • Have partnership deed in place
  • Have clause requiring reappointment
24 hour retirement3
24-Hour retirement
  • 3 or more doctor Practice
    • Notify PCT of Variation to contract to remove retiring partners name
    • Partner retires
    • Notify PCT of reappointment
    • Must have partnership agreement in place
    • Must have adequate clause on reappointment
24 hour retirement4
24-Hour Retirement
  • Further considerations
    • Please make sure you have adequate time for processes – at least 3 months better 6 months, best 9 months
    • Make sure you partners are happy with what you are proposing.
    • Do not retire without agreement – your partners may not let you back!
24 hour retirement5
24-Hour Retirement
  • Remember to apply for your pension on form AW8 in time – at least 2 months
  • Check service record to ensure pension is correct
  • Remember practice or PCT will need to certify less than 16 hours work per week
permanent retirement
Permanent Retirement
  • Single-handed GP
    • Give minimum 3 months notice to PCT
    • PCT will normally take over practice and staff
    • PCT will consult LMC on future of practice
    • Options, reallocate practice, tender practice
    • Premises need careful consideration
permanent retirement1
Permanent Retirement
  • Alternatives:
    • Merge with another practice before retirement
    • Advertise for and take on a partner in advance of retirement
    • NB the is no minimum time for the above arrangements before you retire. 1 day will do!
permanent retirement2
Permanent Retirement
  • 2 or more doctor partnership
    • Decide date, obtain pension, partners to remove name from Contract, retire from partnership,remove name from Performers list and GMC, retire to sun
    • Premises
    • Accounts
  • Plan well ahead
  • Take advice
  • Get agreements with PCT in writing
  • Get agreements with partners in writing
  • Don’t retire until all the paperwork is done