living the past through art melanie gibson and carol wellein ashley hall n.
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Living the Past Through Art Melanie Gibson and Carol Wellein Ashley Hall PowerPoint Presentation
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Living the Past Through Art Melanie Gibson and Carol Wellein Ashley Hall

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Living the Past Through Art Melanie Gibson and Carol Wellein Ashley Hall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Living the Past Through Art Melanie Gibson and Carol Wellein Ashley Hall. PARTNERS IN CURRICULUM. Social Studies is:. Culture and Society History

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living the past through art melanie gibson and carol wellein ashley hall
Living the Past

Through Art

Melanie Gibson and Carol Wellein

Ashley Hall


social studies is
Social Studies is:

Culture and Society






Art History

Craftsman and Artisans Resources

Visual Design

archeology discovers
Archeology discovers:
  • Artifacts made by people from the past
  • Puzzle pieces to the five areas of social studies
renaissance and discovery
Renaissance and Discovery

Social Studies


How did the technique of linear perspective influence the painters of the Renaissance?

What technique did the artists of the Renaissance use to create murals and paintings?

  • How did exploration change the European countries?
  • How did the Renaissance influence exploration?

Creating a Fresco

Fresco Cartoon


Tempera Plaster


Fresco Paintingand the Italian Renaissance

          • Fresco painters
  • 1. Leonardo da Vinci “The Last Supper”
  • 2. Michelangelo Sistine Chapel
          • Power Point artist presentation
          • Brainstorming an idea
          • Preliminary and final drawing
          • Preparing plaster
          • Transferring the drawing to plaster
          • Teacher demonstration
          • Painting with watercolors
          • Evaluation
drayton hall
Drayton Hall
  • Benchmark and real world connection to the time frame studied in fourth grade
  • Archeology
  • Architecture
  • Revolutionary War
  • Arts and Artisans
  • Apprentices

White House Architecture

Why was it chosen as the home for the first family?

  • Who designed the White House? (History) What style is the architecture?

What types of columns and windows does the building have?

What is the triangle on top of the porch called?

How has the building changed from the original design?


James Hoban, White House Architect

Compare and Contrast-1792 and Today


White House Exterior Architectural Elements

  • Ionic Columns Pediment BalustradeDentil Molding

Fan Light Triangular & Rounded Window Crowns

Symmetrical Design Portico Colonnade


Designed by Architect

James Hoban

State House, Columbia, South Carolina


The students are able to make connections with the architecture of the White House and Drayton Hall.


Miniature Portraits

  • Purpose
  • Size Images of loved ones
  • made portrait suitable for travel
  • Materials and Shape
  • Vellum and watercolor
  • Ivory and watercolor
  • Circles and ovals
  • Painters of Miniatures
  • J. S. Cupola, C. Peale, T. Sully, S. Morse, G. Catlin, E. Leutze
  • Mary Roberts from Charleston, SC
  • Visit to Gibbes Art Gallery, Charleston, SC
  • Portrait Proportion
  • Practice drawing facial features
  • Complete good copy in colored pencils to be framed in an oval mat
  • Design easel to hold portrait
paper mache first ladies
Paper Mache First Ladies
  • Connect wire to back of plastic container with masking tape
  • Bend wire to form a hand shape
  • Add paper strips covered with art paste to cover the container
  • Make folds in the dresses
  • Facial features may be added
  • Paint with tempera paints when dry
  • Add details such as facial features, hair, lace, designs on the dress by using a smaller brush
  • Embellish with items the first lady was interested in or was known for accomplishing

Painting a First Lady

with Tempera Paints


Abigail Adams

 Born in 1744,

This little girl was no bore.

Weymouth, Massachusetts, was her home,

Even thought she was skinny a as a bone.

 She was a smart child,

Loved to read books,

Her father’s library got her hooked.

She was much smarter than she looked!

She had five children when married to John,

Susan, and Abigail, Charles, and Tom.

Last of all, not least of all, this little boy was named John.

Got called Mrs. President

Because she was keen.

She and her husband made a great team!

October 28, was a mourning day,

For she had died where her body did lay.

For 73, was the age when that old lady went away.


Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt

  • Beautiful, Intelligent
  • Studying, Renaming, Working
  • Renovating the White House
  • First Lady

Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge

  • Graduated from Burlington High School in 1897
  • Really black hair was suitable for Grace at the time
  • A zest for life and innate simplicity charmed even the most critical
  • Calvin Coolidge was the man she married
  • Even though one of her sons died at 16, she still maintained a cheerful appearance
  • Good personality, cheerful and happy
  • Offset Calvin’s shyness with a gay friendliness
  • On a Congregational Christian basis, she went to church every Sunday
  • Date of birth: January 3, 1879
  • House wife
  • University of Vermont college in 1898
  • Enjoyed baseball, Grace did
  • Children: John Coolidge & Calvin Coolidge Jr.
  • October 1905 she was married to Calvin at her parent’s house
  • Outstanding
  • Life long interest in the deaf
  • In Burlington, Vermont, Grace was born
  • Died when she was 78 years and 186 days July 7, 1957
  • Got Congress to approve a bill to protect items in the White House
  • Entering Northampton she met Calvin Coolidge

“First Ladies, Ladies First,”


A Musical Play by Michael and Jill Gallina


Craftsmen, Artisans, Apprentices

  • What determines an artist from a craftsman?
  • Can you learn a craft and become an artist?
  • Was the apprentice system a good system?
  • Would it work today?

Drawings by students

visiting Drayton Hall


Presidential China

Show examples of China on

United States Symbols




George W. Bush State China Service

If you were the President of the United States what designs and symbols would you put on your china plate? How would your design represent the United States?