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Check Point DDoS Protector. June 2012. Cybercrime Trends for 2012. 32%. 44%. 35%. 33%. 32%. DDoS. SQL Injections. Botnet. APTs. DDoS. 65% Businesses Experienced Attacks. Average $214,000 of Damage Per Attack. Ponemon Institute, May 2012. Victims of Recent DDoS Attacks.

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Check point ddos protector

Check Point DDoS Protector

June 2012

Cybercrime trends for 2012
Cybercrime Trends for 2012












65%Businesses Experienced Attacks

Average$214,000 of Damage Per Attack

Ponemon Institute, May 2012

Victims of recent ddos attacks
Victims of Recent DDoS Attacks

“While Yahoo was down, it suffered a loss of e-commerce and advertising revenue of about $500,000…” According to analysts

Sony “didn’t notice the security breaches that compromised 101 million user accounts because it was distracted by distributed denial of service attacks…” Sony in a letter to US Congress 2011

“ claims its widely publicized DDoS attack resulted in a loss of $600,000 during the 10 hours it was down…”

Today s attacks are more sophisticated
Today’s Attacks Are More Sophisticated

More DDoS attacks today than ever before

  • More damage with application attacks

  • No need to flood network bandwidth

DDoS Attacks by Type





Application Layer


Network Layer Attacks



Other Application

  • More attacks are targeted at the Application Layer

Radware 2011

Application layer ddos attacks
Application Layer DDoS Attacks

  • New Application Attacks Are Stealthier…

  • Exploit application weakness with Low&Slow attacks

  • Utilize relatively low volume and fewer connections

  • Used in conjunction with volume-based attacks

  • Undetectable by threshold- or volume-based solutions

Ddos protection
DDoS Protection

The Right DDoS Solution Should Have…


Layer Protection

Adaptable Application Layer Protections

Fast Response Time

IntroducingCheck Point DDoS Protector™

Block Denial of Service Attacks Within Seconds!

Check point ddos protector1
Check Point DDoS Protector™

Customized multi-layeredDDoS protection

Protects against attacks within seconds

Integratedsecurity management and expert support

Multi vectored ddos attacks
Multi-Vectored DDoS Attacks

  • Network Flood

  • Application

  • Low & Slow Attacks

  • Server Flood

  • High volume of packets

  • Web / DNS connection-based attacks

  • High rate of new sessions

  • Advanced attack techniques

Multi layered protections
Multi-Layered Protections

  • Network Flood

  • Application

  • Low & Slow Attacks

  • Server Flood

Behavioral network analysis

  • High volume of packets

  • Automatic and pre-defined signatures

  • BehavioralHTTP and DNS

Granular custom filters

  • Web / DNS connection-based attacks

  • High rate of new sessions

  • Advanced attack techniques

  • Stateless and behavioral engines

  • Protections against misuse of resources

Challenge / response mitigation methods

Create filters that block attacks and allow users

Ddos protector product line
DDoS Protector Product Line

  • Enterprise Grade

  • Up to 3 Gbps throughput

  • 2M concurrent sessions

  • 1 Mpps max. DDoS flood attack rate

  • 7 models to choose from

  • 1GbE copper and 10GbE fiber connections

  • Low latency

  • Datacenter Grade

  • Up to 12 Gbps throughput

  • 4M concurrent sessions

  • 10 Mpps max. DDoS flood attack rate

Where to protect a gainst ddos
Where to Protect Against DDoS





On-Premise Deployment

DDoS Protector Appliance


Off-Site Deployment

DDoS Protector Appliance

Integrated Security Management

Unified Logs and Monitoring

…and Unified Reporting

Leverage SmartView Tracker, SmartLog and SmartEvent for historic and real-time security status

Flexible deployment options
Flexible Deployment Options

Ready to Protect in Minutes

Fits to Existing Network Topology

Optional Learning Mode Deployment

Low Maintenance and Support

Emergency Response and Support

Emergency Response Team

  • Help from security experts when under DoS attacks

  • Leverage experience gathered from real-life attacks

Check Point customer support

  • World-class support infrastructure

  • Always-on support 7x24

  • Flexible service options


Blocks DDoS Attacks Within Seconds

  • Customized multi-layered DDoS protection

  • Ready to protect in minutes

Integrated with Check Point Security Management