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Purim is forever

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Purim is forever - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Purim is forever. What is the connection between light and purim?. I will tell you a story ….

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There were tow men that went in the deep dark and were given an assignment:“identified your friends in the black of the night”. The first one turn on the flashlight and identified his friends by the shining light
the second didn t get a flashlight
The second didn’t get a flashlight


He had to find his friends by listening to their voices and the sound of their walk.

What was easer and effective?

of course the one who used the flashlight


What does he get from it for the future?

the second one had to make big efforts so he will be able to
the second one had to make big efforts so he will be able to

Find his friend

What does he get from it for the future?

he developed a unique talent. By learning to train his ears and to listen attentively, he developed a special sensitivity, born of his concentrated listening.

and he took this present with him for the rest of his life.

there are times in our life that we can see all with flashlight or a light like a sun light.But there times that everything looks like black of the night and we can’t identify even our selves.
what happened in purim
What happened in purim?



( DVARIM 31:18)

The name of G-D doesn’t mentioned in the Megila even one time, Hashem is hiding


The same letters

what happened in pesach
What happened in Pesach?

I am the Lord of your G-d

I performed public miracles when I brought you out of Egypt and gave

you the Torah.

10 plugs amud of cloud

kriaat yam soof amud of fire

mahamad har sini


there are tow ways recognize hashem in our life
There are tow ways recognize Hashem in our life

one way is like the man who identify his friends by his senses in the dark.

Like in Purim- The ability of the Jewish people to recognize G-d's Anochi I am the Lord your G-d" when He is concealed bespeaks a unique talent, the ability to identify and understand the ongoing redemption ofhaster asteer, I will surely hide and conceal. " The presence of G-d's hand in human events even when it is not evident, perceived or obvious is similar to the special talent of the person who trained his ears to recognize friends at night by listening to their voices and sounds.

the other way is
The other way is

Like the other man who used the flashlight to see his friends in the night.

Like in Pessach that everyone could see eye to eye the miracles and the leading of Hashem without using a special talent.

during a leap year
During a leap year….

the Halacha mandates that we celebrate Purim and read the Megilla of Esther on the second Adar


We want to make a point of the relationship between the redemption of Purim and the redemption from Egypt. Just as the redemption from Egypt is dominated by the word Anochi, "I am the Lord yourG-d who took you out of the Land of Egypt",

the redemption of Purim is also dominated by the word Anochi, "I am the Lord who will surely conceal" .( Anochi Haster Asteer)

so why is purim forever
So why is Purim forever?!

When the night of exile will be banished by the rising sun of the Messiah, and the presence of G-d the Redeemer will shine in all its strength and glory.

We will no longer require the lights provided by our holidays and the feeling of Hashem through great historical events .

Zecher Le'yetsiat Mitzrayim, will pale when exposed to the glare of the light of redemption (Geula).

however there is one exception
However, there is oneexception

The special talent acquired by the Jewish people, enabling them to recognize the hand of G-d's guiding providence when G-d's hand was hided will remain their eternal gift even after the sun of the redemption will rise.

At that time all of the holidays will pale, except for Purim, "whose remembrance will never be forgotten. "

Presented by Bat-el Lasry

According the article :

Purim is ForeverA Purim Insight by Rabbi Yitzhak Hutner and retold by Rabbi Pinchas Stolper.