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What is Literacy? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Literacy?

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What is Literacy? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opportunities to Respond Opportunities to Respond: The Literacy Rich Environment Nancy B. Hertzog The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Presentation to the Illini Reading Council, February 6, 2001. What is Literacy?. Reading Writing Listening Speaking. Best Practices. Writing

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Opportunities to RespondOpportunities to Respond: The Literacy Rich EnvironmentNancy B. HertzogThe University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPresentation to the Illini Reading Council, February 6, 2001

what is literacy
What is Literacy?
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
best practices
Best Practices
  • Writing
    • Ownership - choice
    • Authentic - purposeful
    • Focus on growth - self-evaluation
    • Focus on expression
    • Writing as a process
  • Reading
    • Choice of reading materials
    • Independent reading
    • Many genres of literature
    • Emphasis on comprehension
    • Writing before and after reading

Daily Sign-In Question

Do you want to study the squirrels on the playground?

Do the clouds seem high or low?

When we put the clay ball in the water, will the water level go up, down, or stay the same?

print experiences and environments duke 2000
Print Experiences and Environments(Duke, 2000)
  • Amount of Print
    • Books, magazines
    • Classroom walls and other surfaces
    • Amount of time in which print was involved in classroom activities
  • Type of Print Experienced
    • Reading and writing extended text, not just letter, word, phrase, or single sentence form
  • Nature of Print Experience: Student Agency With Print
    • Students becoming readers and writers, users of print

A Newspaper Article About WaterExperiments

  • We have been doing lots of experiments about water (melting snow, freezing, and crystalizing). Me, Joe, and Konlin have crystalized water, sugar, salt, and pepper. We have been crystalizing ‘water and sugar’ and ‘water and salt’ into crystals.
  • By Michael

Increasing Vocabulary

Definitions from 3/4 year olds

acorn: a round seed that squirrels like to eat

bark: "the skin of the tree," it's hard and it's bumpy

blossom: a flower that's opening up in the forest in the spring

branch: a brown part of a tree that holds the leaves and the flowers.

forest: a dark place with really tall trees, a lot of animals, and sometimes there's bats

nest: a place for birds and eggs

sap: it's a liquid, it's on pine cones

trunk: wood that makes sugar for the tree to eat and sucks out water for the tree



The Snow

The snow is like glittering crystals shining in the light.

The trees are like cones filed with glitter,

and the grass is like shining gold.

The winter is filled with wonderful things. It is filled with light and crystals and glitter and the fence is beautiful.

Sheri 3/4/98


The Winter

The winter is like a blanket

and the snow is like a bowl of crystals

and the grass is like a bowl of gold

and the trees are sparkling pieces of the sun

and the ground looks like pretty glitter, pretty glitter.

Erin 3/4/98


Water Song

Written collectively by K-1 Class and performed for parents and friends on Share Day.

(to the tune of Row, Row, Row your Boat, More or less)


Water has 2 hydrogen

and one oxygen.

Put them altogether and

They make a molecule.

If you don’t have water,

You could not survive.

Water is important.

Let’s say that again.

If you don’t have water,

You could not survive.

Water is important.

We won’t say that again.

Water can be hot.

Water can be cold.

Water can be ice or steam

or you can watch it slow.


Opportunities to Respond


Vocabulary StoriesSongs



More Opportunities to Respond

SurveysNews ArticlesWriting ExperimentsWriting Letters