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Essential Question. How did the Germans & Scots-Irish influence the early development of the United States?. The Germans & Scots-Irish. Ch 4 Secs 3&4. The Germans Arrive. Many different ethnic groups arrived & settled in Middle Colony port cities

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essential question
Essential Question
  • How did the Germans & Scots-Irish influence the early development of the United States?
the germans arrive
The Germans Arrive
  • Many different ethnic groups arrived & settled in Middle Colony port cities
    • One of the largest groups was German Protestants
      • They came in large #’s btwn 1710 & 1740, mostly as indentured servants, often fleeing religious intolerance
      • PA was particularly attractive b/c the state did not tax its residents to fund a particular denomination, or distinct religious group
    • Like the Puritans, Germans arrived in large family groups
      • They tended to settle together in distinct communities
      • Many moved to PA’s western frontier, where land was cheap
german influence
German Influence
  • Famous for farming skills, Germans soon exerted massive influence on the MC
    • Besides being superior farmers, Germans also brought a tradition of skilled craftsmanship as:
      • Gunsmiths
      • Ironworkers
      • Glassmakers
      • Furniture crafters
    • Germans also built a transportation device that would effect the future of America
      • Germans used the Conestoga Wagon to carry goods back and forth to market
        • The wagon was well-built and suitable for America’s dirt roads
        • Later in American History, this wagon was used extensively by Americans traveling westward to settle in Oregon & California
the backcountry
The “Backcountry”
  • The backcountry extended through the western part of the Appalachian Mtns.
    • It was a region of dense forests & rushing streams
    • The region extended from E. Canada south to AL
  • In the south, the Backcountry was defined by a two geographic areas
    • 1. Fall Line – area where waterfalls prevented

large boats from moving upriver

    • 2. Piedmont – Large plateau that lies btwn the fall

line & the base of the Appalachians

  • The 1st settlers arrived to trade w/ Natives
    • Conflict soon arose w/ the Natives over land
    • As a result, the backcountry gained a reputation as:
      • Wild & constantly in conflict
      • Full of independent, violent, & anti-govt settlers
the scots irish
The Scots-Irish
  • In the 1700’s, the Backcountry saw an influx of immigrants known as the Scots-Irish
    • This group came from the borderlands of Scotland & England
      • Most were Protestants, who had often lived for a time in northern Ireland (i.e. “Scots-Irish”)
      • Many S-I immigrated to America to avoid persecution & their region’s constant warfare
        • Living under such circumstances, though, gave the S-I the survival skills necessary to thrive in the Backcountry
        • They immigrated in large family groups known as clans
          • Clans were often loosely affiliated, but fiercely loyal when danger threatened