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Unicorn Consortia SIG

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Unicorn Consortia SIG. Agenda. General Updates: New Development Processes Patch Cluster Process Automated Test Software OneSource Product Updates DataStream GL3.2 URSA Rooms/EPS SchoolRooms. Agile Development Processes. Development organized into two week “sprints”

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Presentation Transcript
  • General Updates:
    • New Development Processes
    • Patch Cluster Process
    • Automated Test Software
    • OneSource
  • Product Updates
    • DataStream
    • GL3.2
    • URSA
    • Rooms/EPS
    • SchoolRooms
agile development processes
Agile Development Processes
  • Development organized into two week “sprints”
  • Goals for sprint designated P1s; combination of new features, maintenance
  • P1s closed during sprint; testing, documentation completed prior to close
  • Automated unit tests for new capabilities written as part of coding for P1s
  • Client and Server work completed in closer proximity
  • Allows preview/feedback loop for new capabilities
patch process
Patch Process
  • Unicorn GL3.1 includes ability to use patch delivery scripts for self-installed patches
  • Patch with corrections and potentially minor new capabilities every 4-6 weeks
  • WorkFlows Client for Java typically delivered every other patch cluster
  • Patches tested prior to release
  • Patches cumulative
  • Improves our ability to deliver corrections and overall quality of corrections
automated testing tools
Automated Testing Tools
  • Major Investment in Compuware Suite of Tools
    • Quality Governance
      • Manual Testing
      • Automated Testing
  • End-to-End Performance Testing and Analysis
      • Development
      • Production
compuware tools
Compuware Tools

Application Performance Assurance:

  • CARS
  • TestPartner
  • DevPartner
  • QA Director
  • QA Load
  • ApplicationVantage
  • NetworkVantage
  • VantageAnalyzer
  • ServerVantage

Business Requirements Management:

  • CARS
  • Optimal Trace

Automated Development:

  • CARS
  • CIT
  • DevPartner

Quality Assurance:

  • CARS
  • CIT
  • DevPartner
  • TestPartner
  • QA Director
  • QA Load
  • File-AID
testing strategy
Testing Strategy
  • Manual Test Definition and Prioritization
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Testing Coverage – Source code paths
  • Reports and Metrics to measure Quality
automated regression testing
Automated Regression Testing

AUTOMATED Generation of Test scripts

test coverage and effectiveness
Test Coverage and Effectiveness

Measurement of Test Effectiveness through Coverage Metrics

  • Brief updates on Unicorn and Horizon each month
  • Latest products into beta, brief descriptions of new features
ibm aix oracle
IBM AIX/Oracle
  • Testing correction to Oracle issue that has prevented release on this platform
  • Anticipate release in about 2 weeks
product updates
Product Updates
  • DataStream
    • Content now accessed via Syndetics rather than loaded by SirsiDynix
    • Ensures Unicorn sites get all Syndetics content included in DataStream Packages
    • Makes practical adding other content
    • But…made us more vulnerable to overall Syndetics load
    • Testing ‘content caching’ which will allow SirsiDynix to serve up content that has already been accessed without connecting to Syndetics
    • GL3.1 iBistro/Web2/Rooms allow automatic “timeout” of content after x seconds if local issue prevents content access
    • Patch will be provided for GL3.0
product updates1
Product Updates
  • GL3.2
    • 2007 Release Planned
    • Key Features include:
      • Family Card support
      • Updated Bibload to support hierarchical match points, option to boolean title control and other numeric fields
      • Demand Management “ordered fill” – essentially unlimited prioritization for sites prioritizing by hold pickup library
      • Acquisitions: updates to fund scoping, improvements to EDI processing to improve ease of use
product updates2
Product Updates
  • GL3.2
    • Material Booking, Accountability wizards into Java
    • Books by Mail
    • Group ID
    • Support for CONSER patterns in Serials
    • Patron Credits
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Ongoing work with new search capabilities
    • Work has started on public access interface that will be cross platform
ursa updates
URSA Updates
  • URSA 4.x at end of beta cycle, with key sites in production
  • Added staffing to complete key functionality/correct key problems
  • Still reviewing staffing for ongoing support, updates
  • 2.6 versions being updated to include ISBN support
  • Unicorn NCIP server received many updates as result of detailed internal an external testing
rooms eps
  • Version 2.1-3 with latest updates expected next week
  • Version 2.2 moving towards beta
  • 2.2 includes key OPAC “parity” items as well as ‘consortial’ OPAC features related to search limit defaults, holdings displays, hold options
schoolrooms background
SchoolRooms Background
  • Based on SirsiDynix’ Rooms Product
  • Built in Conjunction with InfOhio (2000 Schools in Ohio; a SirsiDynix library automation customer)
  • 140+ school librarians, teachers and parents cooperated on 71 curriculum areas
  • Independent Usability testing by Kent State University
  • First Sites: InfOhio (pilot), State of Delaware, Boston Public Library/Boston Public Schools, Philadelphia Free Library/Philadelphia Charter Schools
schoolrooms specifics
SchoolRooms Specifics
  • Content:
    • 71 Taxonomy-based Rooms based on OH, CA, TX, FL and MA curriculum
    • “Gap analysis” with each site identifies any critical missing curriculum areas
    • SirsiDynix updates content with any missing “national” items
    • SirsiDynix works with site to propose options for site creating local curriculum areas
    • Curricula reviewed yearly; Rooms updated 2x month to keep fresh
    • “How Do I” updated once a quarter
    • You can create your own Rooms and update “local” content in existing rooms
schoolrooms specifics1
SchoolRooms Specifics
  • Technical Requirements
    • SchoolRooms is hosted by SirsiDynix: no servers required for participants
    • Web-based application: Can be used with any workstation with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers (PCs, Macs, etc.)
    • Works best with high speed internet access—wired or wireless
    • Users must be authenticated for in depth access (user account and/or IP range)
management requirements
Management Requirements
  • All day to day management of the SchoolRooms content provided by SirsiDynix
  • 7 X 24 support for application up time provided by SirsiDynix; server redundancy keeps any unscheduled downtime in minutes
management requirements1
Management Requirements
  • SchoolRooms subscription content: updated monthly
  • All web sites vetted by content team and library/parent/teacher; URL checker runs monthly to ensure URLs are current
  • Locally selected content should be vetted by local content team. You may schedule URL checker as often as desired for local content (or run extra checks on Subscription content)
  • SirsiDynix content is pre-filtered to ensure sites match national standards
  • School-based browser activity subject to normal web-site filtering used in library or schools
  • SirsiDynix will supply .pdfs to cover basic product description, posters, etc.
  • SirsiDynix will work with sites on logos, etc. and/or provide you with base .pdfs so you can do on your own
  • SirsiDynix will provide 500 copies of 24 page generic glossy covering the products for high profile handouts
training skills
  • K3 and higher end Users: comfort with a browser
  • K-K2: additional interface available early next year
  • Content Builders: training by SirsiDynix