postgraduate training in clinical neuropsychology n.
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Postgraduate Training in Clinical Neuropsychology

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Postgraduate Training in Clinical Neuropsychology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Postgraduate Training in Clinical Neuropsychology. Clinical Neuropsychology. From The APS College of Clinical Neuropsychologists:

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clinical neuropsychology
Clinical Neuropsychology
  • From The APS College of Clinical Neuropsychologists:
    • “Clinical neuropsychologists study changes in thinking and behaviour that may arise from brain dysfunction such as head injury, epilepsy, neurological disease and stroke, drug and alcohol disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, dementia and psychiatric disorders.
    • They deal with the cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems related to brain dysfunction through assessment, rehabilitation, education and psychological therapy.”

clinical neuropsychology1
Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Provide evaluations to assist
    • Diagnosis (e.g., ADHD or dementia)
    • Treatment planning (e.g., ability to return to work, succeed in school, live alone, manage finances)
    • Criminal forensic decisions (assist court with information regarding competency to stand trial, mental state at the time of offense)
    • Civil forensic issues (opinions regarding damage to cognitive abilities, cause and prognosis)
clinical neuropsychology2
Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Provide rehabilitation treatment based on evaluation
    • Identify cognitive strengths & weaknesses
    • Assist patient with identifying and implementing compensatory strategies & devices
    • Provide education to patient, family & support system
    • Work with schools and voc rehab services
clinical neuropsychology employment
Clinical Neuropsychology - employment
  • Work in a wide variety of settings: public health sector, hospitals and rehabilitation centres, private practice, medical schools, psychiatric hospitals & clinics, correctional facilities, academia, etc.
  • Work with a wide variety of patient populations: Rehab (strokes & TBI), neurologic (tumors, dementia, multiple sclerosis), psychiatric (schizophrenia), children (ADHD), forensic (prisons & forensic psychiatric)
training options at uwa for 2012
Training options at UWA for 2012
  • MPsych (Clinical Neuropsychology)/PhD
    • Approximately 4 years full time
  • DPsych (Clinical Psychology, Neuro track)
    • Approximately 3 years full time
in common specialist training in clinical neuropsychology
In common: Specialist training in Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Neuropsychology Coursework
    • (neuroanatomy, neuropsychopathology, neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation)
  • Neuropsychology placements
    • (Neurosciences Unit, Shenton Park, State Head Injury Unit, Next Step, Princess Margaret Hospital, Fremantle Older Adult Mental Health Service, internal prac, interstate options)
  • Research project relevant to CN
what s different complementary skills
What’s different: Complementary skills
  • MPsych/PhD
    • Includes a PhD-level research thesis on a topic relevant to neuropsychology
    • That is, specialist training in CN, plus higher level research training
  • DPsych
    • Includes coursework and placements for specialist training in Clinical Psychology
    • Research thesis is a one year project. If specialist endorsement in both CCN and CCP is a goal, then the research topic must be relevant to both specialist areas
college endorsement
College Endorsement
  • MPsych/PhD is the only route currently in place to CCN endorsement
  • Dpsych (Clinical, Neuro Track)
    • CCP endorsement in place
    • All required coursework, thesis in place for CCN (double) endorsement
    • Will need approx 1 additional specialist neuro placement
    • Formal pathway (e.g., via 6 month grad cert) is planned
  • Selection process similar to other psychology postgraduate programs
  • Up to 6 students in the MPsych/PhD
for further information
For further information
  • Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Neuropsychologists:
  • International Neuropsychological Society
  • National Academy of Neuropsychology
  • Contact Program Coordinator