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  1. Announcements • Update on the Mount • Update on the Pastor from Kenya (Samwel) • Bible Studies on Thursday Nights

  2. The Word of the Lord to Leaders

  3. Disciples are all leaders • As disciples of Jesus, we are all placed in a role of leadership • God’s line up for Kenya • Character traits of a disciple • Lifting up the Leader (Armor Bearing) • Raising up the next generation • Worship – your personal responsibility • Are you willing to stand alone? • Taking it to the streets and beyond • Check your motives

  4. Character Traits of a disciple • Quick to Follow and Quick to Act • Because you said so, I will • Gathers Friends to help in the mission • Gives Credit where credit is due • Willing to give up everything if necessary

  5. Lifting up the leaders (Armor Bearing) • God has not called anyone to be a “Lone Wolf” • By supporting your Pastor and other ministry leaders, you enable the victory • The armor bearer would give their own life to protect the life of their leader • Vital part of battle, vital part of life

  6. Raising up the next generation • Adults need to take responsibility for the training up of the next generation • Setting guardrails is key to allowing them to make decisions and develop in a protected environment • The potential is there, but takes attention, time, and coaching to unlock

  7. Worship – Your personal responsibility • As leaders, if you are not filled up, you cannot pour out • No amount of intellect, Bible knowledge, or religious discipline can replace the need for the infilling of the Holy Spirit • Before battle, in times of trouble, when big decisions are necessary, or just always!

  8. Are you willing to stand alone? • When you are a disciple, lifting up others hands, mentoring and coaching, and being filled by the Holy Spirit, tests will come • As a maturing disciple, you will need to make hard choices • Times of standing alone are required as a disciple of Christ

  9. Taking it to the streets and beyond • If your Jesus is real, then how much must you hate someone not to tell them about Him? • Do you live your life to declare the Name of Jesus, or do you blend into everyone else? • The most priceless name in history has been entrusted to you. How are you stewarding that?

  10. Check your Motives • As you follow the path of the disciple, are your motives pure? • Do you love God, or do you just lust after God? • Do you make decisions, or do you discern • Do you blaze a trail, or do you follow our Savior