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Consulate General

Consulate General

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Consulate General

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  1. Consulate General Of the Kingdom of The Netherlands Istanbul

  2. Orange Carpet Facility Consulate General Of the Kingdom of The Netherlands Istanbul

  3. What is the Orange Carpet Facility? Orange Carpet Facility is a program to support the rapidly developing economic ties between The Netherlands and Turkey, by simplifying the visa application process for business people .

  4. What are the benefits? • No need to apply in person • No need to provide a flight reservation, travel insurance, hotel reservation nor proof of financial means when applying for a visa • A visa will be issued within 3 working days. • A first visa will be granted with a validity of 1 year and the consecutive visa with a validity of 5 years (subject to expiry date of passport)

  5. When is a company eligible? • Dutch companies that have a subsidiary in Turkey or vice versa • Turkish companies having a long term andsubstantial business relationwith a company in The Netherlands, and • Whose employees travelfrequentlyto the Netherlands for business purposes, and • Have a positive visa – business track record. (maindestination The Netherlands)

  6. How to register? Youneedto: • Fill out the application form that is provided on the website of the Consulate. • Supply the list of eligible employees (details are on the website) • List of authorized persons to sign introductory letters for visa applications listed employees • Send these documents, as mentioned in the application form (onlyby mail, no hard copy), to:

  7. Evaluation The Consulate General will then evaluate the application and inform the applying company usually within 2 to 4 weeks.

  8. How toapplyfor a visa under OCF? • Yourstaffcanapplydirectlywith the Consulate* or apply at VFS Global* (there are 2 applicationscentresone at each side of the Bosporus) *Whenapplying at the Consulateyouneedanappointment: http:/ *Whenapplying at VFS Global youcan hand in your visa applicationwith or without anappointment.

  9. Important information • Byparticipating in the OCF, the company guarantees the return of the travellerand is ableandwillingtovouchforallcoststhatmightoccurduring or following the stay of the visa applicant (when the traveller is travelling on a visa that has been obtained via the OCF) • The OCF does not cover family members or travellersaccompanying the employee for tourism or otherpurposes

  10. Important information • The OCF does not apply to clients or business partners of your company • The OCF can be cancelled at any time by either party by notification in writing • When there are changes in your staff list please inform the Consulate accordingly as soon as possible to avoid any delays in the visa application process

  11. Important information More detailed information can be found at the website of the Consulate. Questions can always be directed to: