Preconceptions meet reality
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Preconceptions meet reality. The purpose of this project.

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Preconceptions meet reality

Preconceptions meet reality

The purpose of this project
The purpose of this project

  • is to enhance inter cultural communication skills and to increase the tolerance between different cultures. The project is aimed to about 15 year-old students but older students may participate as well.


  • During the project groups of students will collect and write down their preconceptions about the other countries concerned, about their culture and people, according to themes given in advance (for example: national character, industries, religion, languages, national characteristics, famous people, youth cultures, music and so on).

  • All you have to do is send your preconceptions to us in word file…

    we will put them to the sky

  • Results will be published in the site in the end of November

  • After this,the students will compare and comment on their conceptions and centres of interests using e-mail. There will be also a real-time chat where youths comment and discuss on others preconceptions.

    During the December and January

Meet reality

  • The second part is called An ordinary week in my country. Students will take photos, make short videos and write texts about the ordinary week of teenagers in their country (their schooldays, hobbies...).

  • This part should be send to us as readymade web-pages

  • Results will be published in the site.

  • After this part will students compare and discuss about their ordinary week and hopefully get better idea of other countries and their identity.

You are all invited to the project
You are all invited to the project

  • If you are intrested in project, please send short e-mail to