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Speech Graffiti Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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Speech Graffiti Tutorial

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Speech Graffiti Tutorial
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Speech Graffiti Tutorial

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  1. Speech Graffiti Tutorial MovieLine version Fall 03

  2. What is Speech Graffiti? • SPEECH GRAFFITI is a special way of speaking that makes it faster for you to exchange information with a computer that understands your speech. • Speech Graffiti is easy to learn • This tutorial will teach you how. • This tutorial uses a movie information system as an example, and afterwards you should be able to use any Speech Graffiti application. • Let's get started!

  3. How it works • With Speech Graffiti, you speak information in PHRASES just as if you were filling out a form -- one phrase for each piece of information • The phrases always sound like this: • movie is Titanic…theater isthe Manor…dayis Tuesday • See the pattern? • You always give the type of thing you're talking about… • then say is… • and then state the value you want to specify for that field. • When you want to ask a question, you just say… • what are (or what is)… • and then the thing you want to know about. • like this:movie is Titanic…theater isthe Manor… dayis Tuesday…what arethe show times?

  4. ! What the system says • The Speech Graffiti system will always confirm what it thought it heard you say • If the system doesn’t understand a phrase, it won’t confirm it, and it will also play this sound to alert you that it missed something.   • Then you can simply repeat the missing phrase • When Speech Graffiti reads lists of things to you, it plays this sound to tell you that it’s splitting a long list into smaller chunks. • Say more to hear the next chunk of the list

  5. What you can say… • Besides entering information in phrases and asking questions, Speech Graffiti has keywords that will help you interact with the system

  6. …to fix problems • Say start over to erase everything you’ve told the system and begin again • Say scratch that to erase just your whole last utterance • Ask where was I? to find out what information the system has saved so far

  7. …to get help • Say help to get general Speech Graffiti help • Say options to find out what you can talk about at any point. For example: • If you say movie is Titanic, options, you’ll find out about the other things in the system you can talk about: theaters, show times, genres, etc. • If you say the name of one of these things and then say options without giving a value, you’ll find out what values that thing can take. For example, neighborhood options would tell you that neighborhood can beSquirrel Hill, North Hills, Monroeville, etc.

  8. …to browse lists • more – gives you the next chunk of the list • next – gives you the next single item • previous – gives you the previous chunk • first – goes back to the first item in the list • last – skips ahead to the last item in the list • repeat

  9. Hints • Talk to the system in a normal voice • When you’re using a new application for the first time, say options to learn what you can talk about with that system • Speech Graffiti remembers what you enter until you say start over • OK – that's all there is to know about Speech Graffiti! Have fun!