vysp l ict infrastruktura podporuj c vavai v region ln m zdravotnictv
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Vyspělá ICT infrastruktura podporující VaVaI v regionálním zdravotnictví

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Vyspělá ICT infrastruktura podporující VaVaI v regionálním zdravotnictví - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vyspělá ICT infrastruktura podporující VaVaI v regionálním zdravotnictví. J an Pejchal, M artin Zeman. RHC c ompany profile. Regional Health Corporation consists of 5 hospitals. Total assets 5 billion CZK Basic capital 3 . 6 billion CZK Estimated revenues 4 . 5 billion CZK

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Presentation Transcript
rhc c ompany profile
RHC company profile

Regional Health Corporation consists of 5 hospitals

  • Total assets 5 billion CZK
  • Basic capital 3.6 billion CZK
  • Estimated revenues 4.5 billion CZK
  • Total 6 342employees,
    • Incl. 4885 health professionals.
      • 821 physicians,
      • 2671 nurses
rhc c ompany profile1
RHC company profile
  • The organization was established in September 2007 to merge these 4 district hospitals and 1 regional (Masaryk) hospital under one roof creating thus the biggest healthcare provider in the Czech Republic
  • The share holding company is owned by The Ústí Region
rhc company profile
RHC company profile
  • The area covers about 820 000 citizens
  • 6 342 employees (from that 838 doctors and 2 673 nurses)
  • More than 3 350 beds (71 % acute care beds in the region)
  • Basic, specialized and super specialized health care in a great number of departments and clinics
masaryk hospital pro file
Masaryk Hospital profile
  • Staff 2 338
  • Beds 1 246
  • Clinics and departments 40
  • Average length of stay 6.5
  • Inpatient 42 316
masaryk hospital pro file1
Masaryk Hospital profile
  • the largest healthcare facility in the region
  • the biggest employer in the regional capital town
  • the most important healthcare provider in the region
masaryk hospital pro file2
Masaryk Hospital profile
  • The most modern and most efficient technological infrastructure has been built and it rates among the best Czech hospitals
  • Masaryk Hospital is a filmless hospital since 2003
  • ISO 9001:2000 certification since 2002
  • ISO 27001 certification is in progress
evision of masaryk hospital
eVision of Masaryk Hospital
  • filmless and paperless healthcare
  • telemedicine
  • EHR
  • new services based on ICT

and at the same time

  • privacy policy
  • legal protection
  • financial health
characteristics of is ict area
Characteristics of IS/ICT area
  • The Centre of Information Systems is a shared services centre of the RHC corporation
  • The centre provides the unique regional healthcare computer network, based on dark fibre technology, DWDM and MPLS services
is ict support for medicine
IS/ICT support for medicine
  • clinical evaluation of drug effects and of newly introduced medical equipment
  • research activities
  • postgraduate and lifelong education of healthcare and information professionals
is ict support for medicine1
IS/ICT support for medicine
  • scientific information services for healthcare community and for other clients
  • special courses, training and other educational activities including lectureships and extramural education
  • ICT administration for consultations and for telemedicine
is ict support for medicine2
IS/ICT support for medicine
  • Videoconferencing
    • in project management
    • in education oriented conferences (with surgical theatres)
    • in cooperation with university partners (CESNET) HD videoconferencing
is ict support for medicine3
IS/ICT support for medicine
  • Video streaming
    • from the education centre of RHC
    • from theatres
    • to the education centre of RHC
    • IP streaming (IPv6), MJPEG
regional dark fibre network
Regional dark fibre network
  • Masaryk Hospital is a provider of The National Research Network CESNET2+ (10 Gbps access to CESNET2+ on DWDM)
  • Clients of CESNET2 can access to the research network through our regional network
regional dark fibre network1
Regional dark fibre network
  • Similarly dislocated The Ústí Region EMS offices are interconnected through this network.
  • The RHC hospital dark fibre network provides services of a federative identity management Shibboleth and participates on an international roaming system for teachers, students and researches EduRoam.
1 st shared applications
1st shared applications
  • Data and communication centre of IS/ICT services is in Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem
  • The 1st shared application is the regional ERP system mySAP ERP 2005
  • Unified user management and central directory services
  • Common intranet and document management system
1 st shared applications1
1st shared applications
  • Common HR and payroll information system
  • Central HelpDesk
  • Security ID cards for all employees
  • Access system
  • Area camera system
  • Common logistic and purchasing IS
1 st shared applications2
1st shared applications
  • Common logistic and purchasing IS
  • Facility management system
  • Common information system for pharmacy
  • Virtual IS for joint medical libraries (MEDVIK)
shared health information systems
Shared health information systems
  • There is a PACS system in the data centre as a core of the regional solution (MagicStore concept by Siemens)
  • Data storage is based on grids (MAS by HP)
  • The RIS-HIS-PACS communication is based on integration layer (IHE) (Ensemble by Intersystems)
shared health information systems1
Shared health information systems
  • Scheduling - solution based on interconnection of booking and calling systems. Their interconnection has led to increased flexibility of the whole system including multiplication of its functions.
related and supporting projects
Related and supporting projects
  • Successful cooperation on the project Research and development of integration and communication centre of health information (The grant of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic) with pilot realization in Masaryk Hospital
related and supporting projects1
Related and supporting projects
  • Public internet in The Ústí Region hospital network (EU Structural Funds)
  • Broadband – patient scheduling through internet (The grant of Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic)
  • Logistic and supporting processes optimizing (EU Structural Funds)
related and supporting projects2
Related and supporting projects
  • MediGrid – methods and tools for GRID application in biomedicine (The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, National Research Programme)
  • Distributed data storage (CESNET, in the frame of CzechLight project and Medical applications activities, project POSN – building of private optical hospital network – so called North Side)
related and supporting projects3
Related and supporting projects
  • MedGate – information gateway for research and development in medicine – the tool of integration and effective use of the information resources in medicine (The grant of Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
  • Medical virtual library - MEDVIK, sharing of information resources for research and development (The grant of Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
the r egional efez framework program
The regional EFEZ framework program
  • „Information and communication centre of The Ústí Region hospitals – the secure information exchange infrastructure including medical images“ is also one of the running projects within the framework program Effective healthcare in The Ústí Region Conditions (in short EFEZ)
the future cooperation
The future cooperation
  • Cooperation and data exchange with regional PACS project of Brno and Prague
  • Connection to Brno academic PACS project MEDIMED
  • EHR in paperless corporation of hospitals
  • Multiregional and international cooperation
the future cooperation1
The future cooperation
  • Dissemination to other localities of The Ústí Region
  • Cooperation/connection to otherhealthcare facilities and subjects
Contact us

Jan Pejchal, [email protected],

Manager ICT, Regional Health Corporation

Martin Zeman, [email protected],

Project Managerof Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem