U s metalcasting who and what are we
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U.S. Metalcasting: Who and What Are We?. XXXXX. What is Metalcasting?. Metalcasting is a process in which molten (liquid) metal is poured into a mold (made of sand, metal or ceramic) to form geometrically complex parts

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U s metalcasting who and what are we

U.S. Metalcasting:Who and What Are We?


What is metalcasting
What is Metalcasting?

  • Metalcasting is a process in which molten (liquid) metal is poured into a mold (made of sand, metal or ceramic) to form geometrically complex parts

  • All major metals (iron, steel, aluminum, copper-base, magnesium, zinc, titanium, gold, silver, etc.) can be cast

  • Metal castings are used in cars, trucks, planes, trains, Mining and Construction Equipment, Oil Wells, Kitchen Appliances, Pipes, Toys, Space Shuttle, Wind Turbines, Nuclear Plants, Tanks, Bombs, etc.

Metal casting facts
Metal Casting Facts

  • Most anywhere in the U.S., you are never more than 10 ft. from a metal casting

  • 90% of all manufactured goods contain metal castings

Profile of the U.S. Metalcasting Industry

  • 2000 Operating Casting Facilities

    • 700 Ferrous; 1400 Nonferrous

    • Employs More Than 200,000

    • 80% Firms Are Small Businesses (less than 100 employees)

    • 2012: $34 Billion; 12.8 Million Tons

    • Global Leader in Casting Application; 2nd in Production

Global Production 2011 (metric tons)

  • China: 41.3 million—30,000 plants

  • U.S.: 10.33 million—2040 plants

  • India: 9.99 million—4500 plants

  • Germany: 5.47 million—612 plants

  • Japan: 4.76 million—1612 plants

  • Russia: 4.2 million—1350 plants

  • Brazil: 3.34 million—1325 plants

  • Korea: 2.34 million—890 plants

  • Italy: 2.21 million—1111 plants

  • France: 2.05 million—441 plants

The Oscar

  • Cast By R.S. Owens, Chicago

  • Cast via Permanent Mold in Britannia, a Copper-Base Alloy

  • 8.5 lb, 13.5 in. Tall

  • Casting is Plated in Copper, Nickel, Silver and 24K Gold

Ice Cleat for the M1 Abrams Tank

  • Made of 8630 Steel and Cast in Green Sand by Varicast, Portland, OR

  • Redesigned to a Casting From a Steel Forging

  • Casting Must Withstand Temperatures to -40 F

Ruger s firearms
Ruger’s Firearms

  • Ruger Investment Casts its Firearms Components

  • Cast in Stainless or Chrome-Moly Steel for Integrity, Cast-In Features and Aesthetics; All Ruger Castings Are Visible

Golf clubs1
Golf Clubs

  • Gold Metal Woods and Irons Are Cast in Stainless Steel and Titanium

  • High Strength Material Provides Hardness that Transmits to Maximum Energy Transfer to the Ball

  • Titanium Provides the Strength of Steel at Half the Weight

Gm suv engine block
GM SUV Engine Block

  • Aluminum Cylinder Block for GM’s Vortec 4200 SUV Engine Cast via Lost Foam

  • In Lost Foam, a Polystyrene Pattern is Produced and Repalced with Molten Metal to Form the Casting

Cell phone keypad and display
Cell Phone Keypad and Display

  • Cast in Magnesium via Thixomolding Casting Process.

  • The Casting’s Walls Are 0.8-1 mm Thick, with a Total Casting Weight of 105 gms

  • Converted from a Plastic Part to Magnesium

Corvette Brake Pedal

  • Safety Critical Part

  • Redesigned to B356 Aluminum Casting from Welded Steel Assembly

  • Cast via the Low-Pressure Permanent Mold Process

  • 71% weight reduction from conversion (to 1.6 lb)

  • Other benefits: cosmetic enhancement, reduced machining, and elimination of fixturing, welding and finish treatments required with weldment design.

Michael jordan statue
Michael Jordan Statue

  • Silicon Bronze Statue is Investment Cast by Art Casting of Illinois

  • Statue Weighs 2000 lb and is 12 Ft Tall (17 Ft Tall Including Granite Base)

  • Jordan Led the Chicago Bulls to Six NBA Titles