maryland day april 26 2014 new member orientation n.
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Maryland Day APRIL 26, 2014 New Member orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Maryland Day APRIL 26, 2014 New Member orientation

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Maryland Day APRIL 26, 2014 New Member orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maryland Day APRIL 26, 2014 New Member orientation. About Maryland Day. Maryland Day is the University of Maryland’s largest community outreach event. Held annually on the last Saturday of April from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Maryland Day APRIL 26, 2014 New Member orientation

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about maryland day
About Maryland Day

Maryland Day is the University of Maryland’s largest community outreach event.

Held annually on the last Saturday of April from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

University opens its doors and invites the community to enjoy a FREE, fun-filled day of learning, exploration, and discovery.

Offers more than 400 festivities including hands-on demonstrations, exhibits, workshops, performances, cross-campus tours, lectures, petting zoos, and athletic events.

Maryland Day is held across the University’s 1,200 acre College Park campus

both indoors and outdoors.

Attendees are usually Residents fromthe MD, D.C., and N.VA. Areas, current and

prospective students, donors and alumni, faculty and staff, business and legislative

leaders, their families and friends, and residents of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

guiding principles
Guiding Principles

A FREE, fun-filled day for learning, discovery, and community.

Activities are designed to showcase value of the University.

Campus is completely open for visitors to freely explore.

Focus is on friend-raising (not fundraising).

University strengthens relationship with neighboring communities.

Students, faculty, and staff host visitors and share their Terrapin pride.

Community enjoys their world class public research University.

program policies
Program Policies
  • Space and Facility Reservation Policy:

All campus facilities and spaces are reserved for Maryland Day.

Non-Maryland Day activities are prohibited between 10 AM- 5PM.

  • Free Activities Policy:

All Maryland Day activities are free of charge on Maryland Day. Fees for services, programs, or admission are prohibited. Sales of merchandise are restricted to those campus operations that normally process retail transactions.

  • Fundraising Policy:

Fundraising of any kind is prohibited on Maryland Day. This includes bake sales

and book sales for the benefit of sponsoring groups.

  • Food Distribution Policy:

All food distributed on Maryland Day is limited to campus retailers, which operate

within state and county health codes. All other food distribution is prohibited.

  • Weapons Policy:

Use or display of weapons of any kind are prohibited during Maryland Day.

Activities sponsored by organizations that use weapons as a central component of their

mission or purpose (e.g., Air Force and Army ROTC, Paintball Club) may display such weapons,

but they may not be demonstrated, used or handled during Maryland Day.

The sponsoring organization will be responsible for security and safety of weapons,

making sure that all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of visitors.

  • Steering Committee:
  • Select group of university officials who meet twice each semester to address program
  • policies, strategize university-wide participation, track program development and
  • outcomes, and support overall program success.
  • Planning Committee:
  • Large group of university citizens selected to represent their campus department,
  • attend monthly meetings, and manage their respective department’s
  • program participation.
  • Specialized Committees:
  • Specialized task teams that bring campus experts together as needed to meet major
  • program needs including Marketing, Corporate Relations,
  • Logistics and more.
planning committee member goals
Planning Committee Member Goals
  • Represent and coordinate your department’s program participation
  • Attend monthly meetings for news, information, and resources
  • Distribute program information, updates, and materials to your event coordinators
  • Participate in committee discussions, share creative ideas, and offer recommendations
  • Build upon past Maryland Day program success and increase
  • the quality of experience for visitors
  • Track program development, evaluation, and considerations for future programs
  • Work hard, have fun, and share your program enthusiasm with others
planning committee monthly meetings
Planning Committee Monthly Meetings
  • 11/7 at 1pm in 3121 Symons Hall
  • 12/12 at 1pm in 3121 Symons Hall
  • 1/9 at 1pm in Maryland Room, Marie Mount Hall
  • 2/13 at 1pm in Maryland Room, Marie Mount Hall
  • 3/13 at 1pm in Maryland Room, Marie Mount Hall
  • 4/23 at 12:30pm group photo - gather outside of main administrationBldg.
  • 4/23 at 1pm location to be announced
action timeline
Action Timeline
  • Visit:
  • Fall:

Form your internal team and brainstorm event ideas.

Gather event entries and enter them into the system.

  • Winter:

Recruit volunteers.

Complete orders for the following: marketing materials, shirts and lunches.

Identify and compile all logistics needs.

  • Spring:

Finalize all logistical needs and complete your work order.

Secure volunteer shirts and lunch tickets.

Market the event to all you can!

submitting proofing department events
Submitting & Proofing Department Events
  • Visit Planning Resource Site:

Click on Event Submissions

  • Submitting Events:

Event Title


Start and End Time(s)

Preferred Location (building, room name/number)

Sponsoring Department

  • Final Proofing Events:

You will be asked to “final sign off” by January 17.

Confirm that all your event details are listed.

Double-check your event details for accuracy.

Contact Cheryl Plainte at 301-405-5406 or with edits or concerns.

sample event submissions
Sample Event Submissions
  • Title:
  • How Many Watts Can You Generate?
  • Description:
  • Pedal the bike and see if you can generate enough energy to light the light bulb.
  • Learn how energy is converted from chemical to mechanical, to electrical.
  • Start/End Time:
  • 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Location:
  • McKeldin Mall (School of Public Health Tent)
  • Neighborhood is determined by location. See previous map.
  • Sponsor:
  • HLHP, KNES (School of Public Health, Kinesiology)
  • Please select a rain location.
requesting marketing materials
Requesting Marketing Materials
  • Visit Planning Resource Site:
    • Click on the Action Items then “Requesting Marketing Materials”
  • Select from the following printed materials:
  • Magnet
  • Loose Map
  • Poster/Flier
  • Event bag (usually a maximum order)
  • Marketing Materials for downoad:
    • Click on the Action Items then “Marketing Materials Downloads”
  • Logo
  • E-card
  • PowerPoint
  • Graphics
requesting volunteer t shirts and lunches
Requesting Volunteer T-shirts and Lunches
  • Visit Planning Resource Site:

Click on “Requesting Volunteer T-shirts & Lunches”

  • Review list of T-shirt Sizes and Lunch Options:

T-shirts Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge, XXLarge and XXXLarge

Lunches: Pick up in front of Woods Hall - Deli or Vegetarian Lunch

  • Submit Order:

Compile orders from your department and submit them via the planning site.

Please be as accurate as possible.

  • Pick-Up Order:

Shirts and lunch tickets should be picked up at 2101 Turner Hall.

If you order more than 25 shirts, the shirts will be delivered by a vendor.

submitting mailing lists
Submitting Mailing Lists
  • Visit Planning Resource Site:

Click on “Submitting Mailing Lists”

  • President’s Hospitality Suite Invitations:

All departments are welcome to submit mailing lists of their board members, donors,

prospects, government and political officials, corporate friends, research partners and

other key stakeholders to receive an invitation to President Mote’s Maryland Day Hospitality Suite. All you need to do is submit your mailing list in the preferred format and we’ll take

care of the stuffing addressing, mailing and RSVP tracking too. Lists must be in Microsoft Excel

with the following columns:

Last Name / First Name/ Mailing Name/ StreetAddress1/ StreetAddress2/ City/ State / Zip

placing event facility orders
Placing Event Facility Orders
  • Visit Planning Resource Site:

Click on “Placing Facility Orders”

  • select "Request for Services" form
  • Hard Copies: Service Building, room 1304A or by calling Work
  • Control X5.2222
  • Complete form:
  • What you need, quantity, preferred delivery time, location and FRS number.
  • Submit completed form to Work Control one of three ways:via email at: via fax at: 301.405.1473
  • * NOTE: Requests are NOT taken via phone.
ordering event signage
Ordering Event Signage
  • Visit Planning Resource Site:

Click on “Ordering Event Signage“

You are responsible for ordering any necessary signage.

  • Indoor Events:
  • One sign is placed outside the main entrance of each building with one or more indoor events.
  • Each sign will have the Maryland Day logo and will read:
  • "Maryland Day Events” and list of events at that site.
  • Outdoor Events:
  • Signs are not provided for "Request for FM Services“ outdoor events. Sign orders to the
  • Sign Shop can be made via : and must be paid by event sponsor via facility request form. Orders due March 13
  • Mall Event Tent Banners:
  • Uniformbanners for Mall tents are coordinated through Tina Murphy:
nominating staff for 5 10 15 year recognition
Nominating Staff for 5, 10 & 15 Year Recognition
  • Visit Planning Resource Site:

Click on “Nominating Staff for 5 or 10 Year Recognition”

  • Identify:

Staff members celebrating their fifth or tenth year supporting Maryland Day

  • Email:

List of individuals to Sapienza Barone at:

  • Specify:

Committee Member Name (your name)

Department or College Name

Name(s) of 5/10/15-year pin recipient(s)

Number of years involved (5 OR 10)

Recipients Campus Address

action items a check list
Action Items: A Check List
  • Did you submit and proof all events?
  • Did you request marketing materials?
  • Did you submit a VIP mailing list?
  • Did you request volunteer T-shirts & lunches?
  • Did you place your facility orders and receive confirmation?
  • Did you order appropriate event signage?
  • Did you nominate staff for 5/10/15 year recognition?
promoting maryland day
Promoting Maryland Day
  • Distribute FREE Marketing Materials:
  • Get your promos while supplies last!
  • Join Campus Cross-Promotion:
  • Highlight Maryland Day in your online and print publications; Use sought after
  • save-the-date stickers and Terp Trading Cards to compliment your mailings;
  • Link your site to ours!
  • Support Community Outreach:
  • Customize the power point presentation to)spotlight to get the show on the
  • road to target groups! (schools, churches, Hispanic groups, Civic organizations,
  • local government etc.
  • Promote via Word of Mouth:
  • Invite all you know to this FREE, fun-filled day for families to come and enjoy
  • their state flagship university!
getting ready for the big day
Getting ready for the big day!

Go to Action Items & Timeline link on the Planning Site:

Training Volunteers

Rain Plan

Key Day-of Operation Start Times

First Aid & Safety

Lost Person Protocol

McKeldin Mall Events

Customer Service

mckeldin mall events
McKeldin Mall Events

Event Times:

All start at 10 a.m. and end at 4 p.m

Loading In:

From 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. sidewalks are available to vehicles. Vehicles must be off Mall by 9 a.m. No driving on grass to avoid damaging ground sprinkler system.

After 4:30PM vehicles can return for clean-up.  

Power supply:

Does not exist and generators are not permitted.  

First Aid:

Located under a red tent at the corner of the Mall by Marie Mount Hall.  

General Rules:

No sale, outside vendors, or stakes in ground. Have fun (it’s a rule)!    

College Tents:

20'x20' tents placed around Mall with one 20' banner featuring name.

Tables and chairs for tents must be ordered through work control.

logistics review
Logistics Review
  • Volunteers:
  • Do you have enough people to staff your event? Have you ordered a lunch and shirt for all volunteers?
  • McKeldin Mall:
  • Is your tent and signage secure and approved by Tina Murphy?
  • Signage:
  • Are you set with signage?
  • Public & Environmental Safety:
  • Familiarize yourself and volunteers with the safety plans:
  • Dining Services:
  • If you ordered food, is it confirmed and do you have a permit?
  • Parking:
  • Parking is free and open to the public.
  • Housekeeping:
  • Please clean up your area to the best of our ability.
  • Command Center:
  • Call 301-405-4682 Day-of service staffed with campus experts available to assist you.

Peter Weiler:

Chair, Maryland Day Planning Committee and Vice President,

University Relations301.405.4683,

Cheryl Plainte:

Director, Maryland Day Program and Associate Director,

University Marketing301.405.5406,

Pat PerfettoChair, Maryland Day Logistics and Director,

Conference and Visitor Services 301.314.7884,