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LTEC 4100.005 09/16/09

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LTEC 4100.005 09/16/09. Jill Root University of North Texas. TEKS. 113.2 (1) History. The student understands that holidays are celebrations of special events. The student is expected to:

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ltec 4100 005 09 16 09

LTEC 4100.00509/16/09

Jill Root

University of North Texas


113.2 (1) History. The student understands that holidays are celebrations of special events. The student is expected to:

(A) explain the reasons for national patriotic holidays such as Presidents' Day and Independence Day; and

(B) identify customs associated with national patriotic holidays such as parades and fireworks on Independence Day.

(3) History. The student understands the concept of chronology. The student is expected to:

(A) place events in chronological order; and

(B) use vocabulary related to time and chronology, including before, after, next, first, and last.

analyze learners
Analyze Learners
  • Males/females
  • 5-6 year olds (Kindergarten)
  • Students with disabilities, gifted students, students with low motivation, and one non reader.
  • One third of students receive no at home support
  • Mixed community
  • Learning styles:
    • 25% Visual -5%Musical
    • 25% Auditory
    • 25% Kinesthetic
    • 10%Verbal
    • 15%Musical
  • Students will have a general knowledge of the Pilgrims view on why they came to the New World and how Thanksgiving came along
  • Students will be able to summarize their own story of the Pilgrims
  • Students will be able to demonstrate the story of the Pilgrims by acting it out in several roles
  • Students will be able analyze the views of the Pilgrims and why the Pilgrims chose to come to America
  • Students will able to create their own version of a Pilgrim
  • Students will be able to evaluate how much they learned about the Pilgrims.
  • Five desktop computers, all with internet access
  • The book, “The Story of the Pilgrims,” by H.L. Ross

- Construction paper

    • Liquid Glue/tape
    • Pre-cut boats
    • Meter stick
    • Colored Pencils
    • Yarn/markers
  • The teacher will gather the students around the story telling place and descriptively read the book, “The Story of the Pilgrims,” by H.L. Ross
  • After story telling, the students will return to their desks and as a class, these discussions will take place:
    • How are the pilgrim families different from ours?
    • How do the Pilgrims look different from us? -----This is where you will have the students draw on a piece of construction paper and with colored pencils.
    • Using the globe, work with the students and pinpoint the voyage that the Pilgrims took from Europe to America
    • Ask students to consider what they would bring with them on a trip to a new world. Show them a replica of a boat the Pilgrims used, and have them brainstorm a list of wants and needs that could fit inside of the box.
pilgrims 2
  • Using the nearest playground, help the students measure out how big the Mayflower was (which is about 90 feet long)
  • After returning to the class, using the pre cut boats, have the students color their boats, and instruct the children to place the boats into shape patterns.
  • In groups of four, have each group create one costume using construction paper for one student in each group. There will be different roles in each of the groups:

- Boy pilgrim, girl pilgrim, Girl Indian, Boy Indian, King

-Once the costumes are made, have the students work together as a class and demonstrate a similar story as told in the book.

pilgrims 3
  • As the demonstration comes to a conclusion, have each group create their own version (book) of why and how the Pilgrims came to the New World.
  • Using this website:Thanksgiving Food - Pilgrim's Menu - History_com.mht and having pre-cut pictures of the items of the Pilgrims Menu for thanksgiving food, have the students in groups of four select ten items to eat off of the list. Once the items are chosen, as a class, match the pre-cut pictures to the items chosen, thus the students will have a better idea of how the Pilgrims diet was. In replace of the items on the food list, based on a planned healthy choice, have the parents bring in a short suitable thanksgiving meal for the child.
pilgrims 4
  • Lastly, for the kinesthetic and auditory learners, using this song, have the students learn and read and say this poem aloud, found at this following website: The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving.mht
  • When all the lesson activities have been performed, have each group work together at one workstation and access to this website, and have enjoyable time playing these intractable Pilgrim games:
  • Now as a class, talk of the discussion:

What are some ways you can do what the Pilgrims have done, and use their ways at home, especially at Thanksgiving?

evaluation revise
  • Have each group of four write or draw on a piece of construction paper what they have learned from today’s lesson.
  • Observe the student drawing, and based on the results, if the drawing was a pilgrim, then the results should be steady that the children learned correctly.
evaluate revise
Evaluate & Revise
  • Having three columns on the board:

- Learned a lot:

- Learned some:

-Learned nothing:

*Have each student tally a mark on the board*

*For non-readers, put a smiley face, a confused face, and angry face for each column.*

  • Thanksgiving Food - Pilgrim's Menu - History_com.