Jevelyn bonner reed and sergio sotolongo navigating the mba
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Jevelyn Bonner-Reed and Sergio Sotolongo - Navigating the MBA ... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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... have corporate work experience to get into a top MBA Program. ... Ready-For-Finance. The Robert Toigo Foundation. Consortium for Graduate Study in Management ...

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Welcome to today’s

Ask The Expert Event

Navigating the MBA

Application Process

We’ll be starting shortly…


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We’ll be starting shortly…in the meantime… here are some helpful hints

Business School Myths& Realities

Myth: You have to take business classes before going to business school.

REALITY: MBA courses are tailored for both people who have taken previous business courses and for those with no previous business classes.

Myth: You must have corporate work experience to get into a top MBA Program.

REALITY: Business schools seek a variety of backgrounds to enhance the learning experience such as artists, engineers, teachers, military personnel, etc.

Myth: Business school is too expensive.

REALITY: There are numerous sources of funding including scholarships and low interest loans. Business school is an investment that yields lifelong benefits.


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Jevelyn Bonner-Reed some helpful hints

Ready-For-Finance Career Coach

Kellogg School of Management -

Former Admissions Officer

Ten School Diversity Alliance, Co-founder

BS, Michigan State University

MBA, Haas School of Business

Sergio Sotolongo

Student Funding Group, LLC Founder, Chairman & CEO

Goldman, Sachs & Co.Former Managing Director

Executive Leadership Council

BA, Princeton

MBA, Adelphi University

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agenda some helpful hints

Highlight the

Benefits of




Discuss how

Admissions officers

Assess qualifications

And the value of the


Offer a forum for

You to ask


Review how to

Navigate the MBA

Admissions Process

Polls and



Q & A

Good luck on

Your Application



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Quick Poll some helpful hints

Are you a college student or a

college graduate?


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Quick Poll some helpful hints

What is Your Undergraduate Major?


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The MBA is…. some helpful hints

  • A Masters in Business Administration

  • A Flexible Degree - Available to All

    Undergraduate Majors

  • Designed to teach you the fundamentals

    of General Management

  • Global business and leadership training


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The benefits include…. some helpful hints

  • Expand Business Knowledge

  • Career Exploration/Change

  • Credibility/Marketability/Flexibility

  • Increase Earning Potential

  • Global Access & Network

  • Leadership & Management Development

  • Opportunity for Joint Degree


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The value of the MBA…. some helpful hints

aggressively appreciates over time!


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Post MBA Careers some helpful hints

  • Investment Associate

  • Senior Investment Officer-Real Estate

  • Alternative Investments Analyst

  • Senior Quantitative Analyst

  • Investor Relations Vice President

  • Vice President- Global Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Managing Director


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Q & A some helpful hints


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The MBA Admissions Process some helpful hints

Admissions Officers look for ….

  • Academic Ability

  • Demonstrated Career &

    Leadership Potential

  • Diversity of thought

    and experiences


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The MBA Admissions Process some helpful hints

And assess this by reviewing your….

  • Transcript & GMAT Results

  • Work Experience

  • Extracurricular Activities


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The MBA Admissions Process some helpful hints

Your admissions package includes….

  • Application Form

  • Essays

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Interview


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Self-Reflection some helpful hints

Key Questions

  • What are your short-term

    career goals?

  • What are your long-term

    career goals?

  • Why do you want an MBA?

  • What do you have to contribute to

    the MBA experience?


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MBA Application Steps some helpful hints

Undergraduate Students:

  • Perform well in school

  • Explore different careers

  • Take classes that challenge you

  • Participate in extracurricular activities

  • Gain leadership experience

  • Complete summer internships(s)

  • Take the GMAT your senior year

  • Gain relevant work experience


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MBA Application Steps some helpful hints

Young Professionals:

  • Network with MBAs

  • Stay active outside of work

  • Study & take the GMAT

  • Visit schools

  • Update your resume

  • Meet with recommenders

  • Write several drafts of essays

  • Prepare for your interviews


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Resources & Organizations some helpful hints

  • Ready-For-Finance

  • The Robert Toigo Foundation

  • Consortium for Graduate Study in Management

  • The Forte Foundation

  • Ten School Diversity Alliance

  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow

  • National Black MBA Association

  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs


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Business Exploratory Programs some helpful hints


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Q & A some helpful hints