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Medical Terminology Practice

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Medical Terminology Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical Terminology Practice. Let’s Get Started!. Word Roots. A word root is the main part or stem of a word. A word root is derived from Greek or Latin words and usually indicates a body part. Examples: Cardi (heart) Gastr (stomach) nephr (kidney). Cardi=Heart.

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word roots
Word Roots
  • A word root is the main part or stem of a word. A word root is derived from Greek or Latin words and usually indicates a body part.

Examples: Cardi (heart)

Gastr (stomach)

nephr (kidney)

test your understanding
Test Your Understanding
  • Write the word root of the following:
    • gastrectomy
    • cardiologist
    • nephritis
    • arthritis
    • hepatoma
  • gastr
  • cardi
  • nephr
  • arthr
  • hepat
combining forms of word roots
Combining Forms of Word Roots
  • Word root + Vowel = Combining Form
    • cardi/ + o = cardi/o (heart)
    • gastr/ + o = gastr/o (stomach)
    • nephr/ + o = nephr/o (kidney)
adding suffixes that begin with a consonant
Adding Suffixes that Begin with a Consonant
  • Suffixes are word endings that give medical words meaning. (Note that the combining form of the word root is used)
    • Examples:
      • cardi/o + centesis = cardiocentesis or puncture of the heart
      • gastr/o + scopy = gastroscopy or to view the stomach with an instrument
      • nephr/o + megaly = nephromegaly or enlarged kidney
adding suffixes that begin with a vowel to word roots
Adding Suffixes That Begin with a Vowel to Word Roots
  • Note that when combining the following word roots and suffixes, the combining vowel is dropped
    • cardi/ + oma = cardioma or tumor of the heart
    • gastr/ + itis = gastritis or inflammation of the stomach
    • nephr/ +osis = nephrosis or abnormal condition of the kidney
test your understanding1
Test Your Understanding
  • Write the combining forms for the following:
  • Nephroscopy
  • Thoracotomy
  • Arthrocentesis
  • Tracheostomy
  • Nephr/o
  • Thorac/o
  • Arthr/o
  • Trache/o
deconstructing medical terms
Deconstructing Medical Terms
  • 1. Define the suffix
  • 2. Define the prefix
  • 3. Define the middle of the word
    • Example:
    • Gastroenteritis
      • Itis = inflammation of
      • Gastro= stomach (and)
      • Enter/o=intestines
compound words
Compound Words
  • A combining vowel is used to link a word root to another word root
    • Examples:
      • Gastr + o + enter + itis= gastroenteritis or inflammation of the stomach and intestine
      • Oste + o + arthr + it is= osteoarthritis or inflammation of the bone and joint
      • Encephal + o + mening + itis= encephalomeningitis or inflammation of the brain & meninges
surgical suffixes
Surgical suffixes
  • -centesis (puncture)
  • -ectomy (excision or removal)
  • -stomy (forming an opening)
  • -tomy (incision, cut into)
  • -tome (instrument to cut)
  • A prefix is located at the beginning of a medical term and alters its meaning (examples)
    • Prefixes of position (ante-, epi-, sub-, post-)
    • Prefixes of number/measurement (bi-, dipl-, hyper-, micro-, multi-, quadri-, tri-)
    • Prefixes of negation (a-, an-,im-, in-)
    • Prefixes of direction (ab-, ad-, circum-, extra-, endo-, para-, supra-
    • Other prefixes (anti-, contra-, homo-, hetero-, syn-)
inflammation of the stomach is
Inflammation of the stomach is





  • B. Gastritis
the prefix inter means
The prefix inter- means

A. Between

B. Below

C. Through

  • Excessive
  • A. Between
the suffix malacia means
The suffix –malacia means

A. Expansion

B. Bone

C. Softening

  • Formation
  • C. Softening
the suffix ectomy means
The suffix –ectomy means

A.Incision into

B.Stricture of

C.Excision of


  • Excision of
deconstruct the following
Deconstruct The Following
  • Polyarthritis
  • Pericarditis
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Nephrectomy
  • Encephalitis
  • Inflammation of many joints
  • Inflammation of the surrounding tissue of the heart
  • Inflammation of the stomach and intestines
  • Excision of the kidney
  • Inflammation of the brain
great job
Great Job
  • Test yourself with this paragraph:
  • The client entered the hospital with tachycardia and was diagnosed with pericarditis. A cardiocentesis was performed immediately with extraction of 25 mL of serous fluid.
  • What happened?
  • Due to inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart, the heart had to pump more quickly to circulate blood, as the inflammation pushes on the heart. The health care provider inserted a needle into the pericardial sac (tissue surrounding the heart) and removed the fluid. This is the appropriate procedure.
a great job by all
A Great Job by ALL!!!!!
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