Federal special education data reporting an overview
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Data Collection & Analysis. Federal Special Education Data Reporting – An Overview. August 2009 Sandy Grummick 360-725-6075 Sandy.grummick@k12.wa.us. Timely & accurate reporting. DATA!. issues of non-compliance. program review. “Determinations”. Data Report Submissions. August 2008

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Federal special education data reporting an overview

Data Collection & Analysis

Federal Special Education Data Reporting – An Overview

August 2009

Sandy Grummick



Federal special education data reporting an overview

Timely & accurate reporting


issues of


program review


Data report submissions
Data Report Submissions

August 2008

Districts w/outstanding reports

July 15 2009

Districts w/outstanding reports

0 Personnel

0 Child Count/LRE


1 Disc

3 Timeline

2 C to B Transition

  • 7 Personnel

  • 0 Child Count/LRE

  • 39 COSF

  • 44 Disc

  • 34 Timeline

  • 34 C to B Transition


  • Submit data on or before the due dates. Don’t wait until the last day.

  • Templates must be free of ‘highlighted cells’-otherwise they will be returned for correction. At this time the data is not considered submitted.

  • Templates include instructions, definitions, and some include FAQs.

  • Except for Child Count/LRE, all other reports are submitted using an Excel template and must be emailed to Sandy Grummick (sandy.grummick@k12.wa.us) Do not modify the templates. Only submit one template per district.

  • Upon receipt, a confirmation will be sent back to the email address that submitted the report. Confirmation will include information if there are any additional data reports due or coming due soon. Any templates with highlighted cells are unacceptable and will be returned at this time for correction.

How do i know what is due and when
How Do I Know What is Due? and When?

  • Annual Federal Data Collection Bulletin – published in the fall of each school year

    • www.k12.wa.us/BulletinsMemos/bulletins2009.aspx

    • www.k12.wa.us/specialed/forms.aspx

  • OSPI Special Education Website:

    • www.k12.wa.us/specialed/forms.aspx

  • Special Education Monthly Updates

    • www.k12.wa.us/specialed/updates.aspx

Special education personnel
Special Education Personnel

  • Must be submitted using OSPI template with no modifications – do not remove what you think are extra sheets.

  • Due ON OR BEFORE December 17, 2010

  • Instructions are included within the form template.

  • No changes from previous year.

  • In the 2008-09 school year, all districts submitted this data on-time. Improvement over previous year!

Post school outcomes 14
Post School Outcomes (14)

  • The Center for Change provides technical assistance for this survey.

  • All districts must participate—unless you are a non-high district.

  • All school-leavers, not just graduates.

  • (206) 296-6494 ccts@seattleu.edu – do not contact OSPI for TA, we will refer you to CCTS.

  • Due 2/1/10 – Online Survey is required for this reporting cycle.

Special education discipline 4 9 10
Special Education Discipline (4, 9, 10)

  • Submit data electronically to sandy.grummick@k12.wa.us on or before 6/30/10

  • If no students to report, then either email me with that information or on page 1 of template use check box that says ‘no special education students’. There are 7 pages to this report.

  • Start on Page 1—this is the only page where you can enter your district name, contact, email, ESD/CO/DIST information.

  • ELL: If you had no students who were reported that were ELL than don’t leave it blank. The suspended student is either reported as an ELL student (yes) or not (no)

  • No changes to forms, fixed logic checks

Timeline for initial evaluation 11 and part c to part b transition 12
Timeline for Initial Evaluation (11) and Part C to Part B Transition (12)

  • Combined into one template with 2 pages total.

  • Checks and balances built in to template – must use OSPI provided templates. Do not modify the templates. Do not submit if there are cells highlighted. They will be returned and considered not submitted.

  • Submit data electronically to sandy.grummick@k12.wa.us On or before 7/15/10

  • If no students eligible for either one or both reports: either email me with that information or submit a template with zero’s.

  • Timeline for Initial Evaluation no age limits. This is for all children receiving an initial evaluation, even those under the age of 3.

  • Q and A built into template as well as located on the website at www.k12.wa.us/specialed/forms.aspx

Child outcomes summary form cosf 7
Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) (7) Transition (12)

  • Entire section of website dedicated to this area: www.k12.wa.us/specialed/EC.aspx

  • Can continue using the same sheet or transfer data to updated form.

  • Submit data electronically to sandy.grummick@k12.wa.us One template per district. Due 7/15/10

  • May modify a template for your use but submit on the OSPI version.

  • Copy and paste using “Paste Special  Values” but not beyond column S, otherwise you will lose your auto-calculations.

Child outcomes summary form cosf continued
Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) Transition (12) –continued–

  • If not currently using, SSID please consider transitioning, I can help cross-walk your data.

  • Do not send progress data, only entry and exit.

  • May remove students that were previously submitted and have exited.

  • Don’t choose ‘continuing’ if they are moving on to Kindergarten.

  • Do not include an exit date if students is transferring, withdrawing . . .

  • If exiting, please make sure there is an exit date.

  • Review those OSEP Categories that say “Impossible”

Child outcomes summary form cosf continued1
Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) Transition (12)–continued–

  • Preschool Special Education Students

  • Sheila Ammons, (sheila.ammons@k12.wa.us) OSPI Early Childhood Coordinator and the ESD Early Childhood Staff train/resources.

  • Resources located at www.k12.wa.us/specialed/ec.aspx