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Ennis Strategic Enterprises, LLC Information Brief Presented by: William V. Ennis Principal PowerPoint Presentation
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Ennis Strategic Enterprises, LLC Information Brief Presented by: William V. Ennis Principal

Ennis Strategic Enterprises, LLC Information Brief Presented by: William V. Ennis Principal

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Ennis Strategic Enterprises, LLC Information Brief Presented by: William V. Ennis Principal

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  1. Ennis Strategic Enterprises, LLC Information Brief Presented by: William V. Ennis Principal Phone: 215-624-4771 Cell: 215-313-6674 Fax: 215-624-4771 E-Mail: April 2006

  2. Outline • Introduction • Strategic Objective • Vision • Operating Principles • Products and Services • Company Capabilities • Summary

  3. Introduction Veteran owned customer-centered small business located in Philadelphia, PA Provides management consulting services and subject matter expertise to the federal government, friendly allied nations, state and local governments, first responders and commercial companies Virtual enterprises that prides itself in developing partnerships with senior level, experienced individuals and first class consulting firms to meet client expectations

  4. Develop decision quality information and analytical products and consultative services for a wide range of subject matter. Primary markets are homeland security and defense Assist clientele leaders in formulating integrated strategic management and program strategies, policy and program plans and development of effective solutions for complex issues for areas of risk Strategic Objective Strengthen our National Security

  5. Vision • To be recognized as the market leader and partner of choice for selective planning products and services for a broad and diverse client base in support of national security and other applications • The company provides quality products and services to satisfy clients’ individual needs using innovative and practical approaches through leveraged experience, technical competencies, leadership, partnership skills and relationships

  6. Operating Principles • Focus on the Client • Leadership Commitment • Technical Excellence • Value Experience • Embellish Integrity and High Ethical Standards • Promote Open Communications • Embrace Partnerships and Teamwork • Measure Vision Performance • Continuous Process Improvement

  7. Company Capabilities The Company is able to: • Collect and analyze large volumes of information to identify problems and develop innovative and realistic solutions on a wide range of subject matter • Develop customized models, integrated strategic planning and performance management systems and action plans to accomplish client-driven objectives for international, national, regional, state or local programs • Perform organization analysis and design effective organization structures, communication systems and training programs to meet individual client needs • Bring people together from a variety of subject matter areas to solve problems on complex issues

  8. Products and Services • Subject Matter Expertise • Homeland Defense/Security • Weapon System Acquisition and Readiness Analysis • Management Consulting • Strategic Management and Performance Action Plans • Creatively analyze organization management systems to maximize the attainment of client goals to improve productivity and morale • Conduct research in business policies and practices, analyze research, and prepare findings and recommendations • Organize and facilitate executive retreats, steering committees, working groups, and other meetings; prepare meeting agenda and action summaries. Coordinate and manage training conferences • Provide leadership, coach and mentor client team members to achieve objectives • Other • Prepare speeches and briefing material and deliver presentations to a wide variety of audiences

  9. Unified System For Homeland Security Homeland Defense/Security Analysis • Assist clients enhance the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources against terrorist attacks and natural disasters • Work closely with Federal, State, Local Governments and Asset Owners to fuze plans into operational capabilities • Identify, prioritize, assess and coordinate the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources in order to prevent, deter and mitigate the effects of all hazards that can destroy, incapacitate or exploit • Federal – Strategic • State – Operations • Local – Tactical A NATIONAL EVENT ALWAYS STARTS SOMEWHERE LOCAL

  10. Power of Governors and Mayors is Monumental Homeland Defense/Security Analysis (Cont’d) • Assist state and local governments, asset owners, law enforcement, local responders and others develop and implement critical infrastructure protection tactical programs to prepare for incident response and recovery • Identify, validate and prioritize critical assets/infrastructure • Assessment • Vulnerability • Self Assessments • National Guard Bureau • Threats (Natural or Man Made) WMD, Dirty Bombs CBRNE EMP Hurricanes Oil Spills Illegal Aliens, Drugs Influenza Crimes, Fires, Explosions Infrastructure Attack …the concerns go on and on!

  11. Resilience “Keeping the System Going After an Event” Homeland Defense/Security Analysis (Cont’d) • Mission Assurance - The certainty that assigned tasks or duties can be performed in accordance with the intended purpose or plan • Communications Plans • Continuity of Operations Plans • Recovery Plans • Exercises, Education and Training • Modeling and Simulation (Predictive Analysis) • Federal, state and local government, asset owner and private sector relationship building • Better integrate local implementation plans with the national strategy • Develop culture of preparedness • Review roles and responsibilities for a catastrophic event • Advise on emerging security technologies

  12. Industrial and Technology Capability Analysis • Weapon System Program and Project Support • Acquisition Strategies • Industrial and Technology Base Risk Analysis • Production Acceleration Capabilities • Business Analysis • Technology Readiness   • Investment Strategies • Supplier Reliability

  13. Ennis Strategic and Performance Management Model

  14. Recent Experience • Since January 2006….. • National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) Final Review • Defense Critical Infrastructure Strategy Development • Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Sector Coordinating Council • Executive Secretariat • DIB Tech Expo/Conference Planning • Katrina After Action Report • Facilitate DoD Critical Infrastructure Strategic Management • Retreat

  15. Why Us • Experience • Leadership • Innovation • Technical Competence • Forward Thinking • Networked • Partnerships • IT’S IMPORTANT TO OUR NATION’S SECURITY

  16. About the OwnerWilliam V. Ennis SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS ·Fourteen years as Defense Department senior management official with thirty four years progressive leadership experience ·Visionary with exceptional strategic and operations management talent ·Nationally recognized expert ·Proven, results oriented leader/achiever for a national program PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1992-2006 Defense Department, Philadelphia, PA. Director, Industrial Analysis Center ·Established and led high performance and nationally acclaimed organization. Managed $10 million global mission operations -Senior official who managed a defense department-wide mission and senior administrator for office operations. He was also the Agency’s principal advisor and program manager to ensure that effective industrial, technology, surge, homeland defense, financial and economic analyses were developed for senior Pentagon leaders -Selected and sustained outstanding professionals with diverse specialties to perform analysis for projects and programs. This included mid level managers, industry analysts, engineers, financial analysts, economists, IT professionals, administrative staff and consultants -Developed and implemented strategic management and performance action plans -Creatively analyzed and designed organization management systems to maximize the attainment of national goals and objectives and to improve productivity and morale

  17. About the Owner(Continued) -Organized and facilitated executive retreats, steering committees, working groups and other meetings; prepared agenda and action summaries. Developed and managed national training conferences -Prepared speeches and briefing material and delivered presentations to a wide variety of audiences -Conducted research in business policies and practices, analyzed research, and prepared findings, conclusions and recommendations -Provided leadership, coached and mentored team members to achieve objectives ·Nationally-recognized expert in defense industrial base and homeland defense analysis. Exceptionally noteworthy contributions in ensuring the defense industrial base is robust, healthy, competitive, responsive, protected and technologically current to meet national security requirements -Utilized knowledge and contacts within Government and Private Industry to assist and influence Defense Department Senior Leadership in the formulation of weapon system acquisition, technology, readiness and homeland defense policy and investment decisions - Developed decision quality information and analytical products for a wide range of subject matter -Performed analyses and prepared reports for global industrial base capabilities, homeland defense and homeland security applications

  18. About the Owner(Continued) EDUCATION, TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Management, Eastern University • Apprenticeship, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Boat Building • Completed many technical and management training programs offered by the federal government and the private sector. • Holds a top secret security clearance AWARDS • 2005- Career Service Achievement Award • 2004 through 1986 – Merit Performance Awards • 2004-DCMA Headquarters Transformation Leadership Award • 2001-DCMA Team Performance Award • 2001-OPM Federal Executive Board Chairperson Award • 2001-Defense Manufacturing Conference Ballistic Missile Defense Best Speaker award • 1999, 1997, and 1996 - DoD Reinvention Tool Kit awards • 1993-Commanders Excellence Special Act award PROFESSIONAL AFFILATION • Member, National Defense Industry Association • Former member of the Defense Acquisition Corps and DAWIA Level III certified in the Production and Manufacturing field • Former Chair of the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board