workforce data quality campaign wdqc for data on all pathways and labor market outcomes l.
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Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC): For Data on all Pathways and Labor Market Outcomes

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Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC): For Data on all Pathways and Labor Market Outcomes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC): For Data on all Pathways and Labor Market Outcomes. Andy Van Kleunen OVAE Virtual Data Quality Institute June 6 th , 2012. “Workforce Data” = ?. Data advocates : “P-20/ W ” W orkforce = Employment data Workforce Advocates

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workforce data quality campaign wdqc for data on all pathways and labor market outcomes

Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC):For Data on all Pathwaysand Labor Market Outcomes

Andy Van Kleunen

OVAE Virtual Data Quality Institute

June 6th, 2012

workforce data
“Workforce Data” = ?
  • Data advocates: “P-20/W”
    • Workforce = Employment data
  • Workforce Advocates
    • Workforce = Data on workforce development programs leading to employment

UI/FEDES Covered Employment

Advanced and Prof. Degree Programs

Baccalaureate Programs

Unemployment Insurance

Employment Service

Associate Degree Programs

Trade Adjustment Assistance

Technical/ Certificate Credit Programs

Adult Ed/


Workforce Investment Act Title I

Registered Apprenticeship

Technical/ Certificate Non-Credit Programs

Vocational Rehabilitation


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program


Temp Assistance to Needy Families

Tim Harmon, Workforce Enterprise Services (8/5/10)

workforce data quality campaign
Workforce Data Quality Campaign
  • Build upon work of DQC
  • Labor Supply: Bring in skills programs, new stakeholders
  • Labor Demand: Employment outcomes, industry needs, jobs data
wdqc data goals
WDQC Data Goals
  • Pathways: Include all Students and Programs within aligned data systems
  • Outcomes: Employment & Credentials across all human capital programs
  • Jobs: Best Labor Market Information to policymakers, programs, students
  • Feedback: Student data to programs and institutions for improvement
1 all pathways
#1: All Pathways
  • How many current students captured by
    • SLDS systems
    • IPEDs (< 6.6 million of 11 million at CCs)
    • WIASRD (8.7 million)
    • ABE National Reporting System (2.3 million)
  • How many linked?
    • Which programs, students left out?
1 all pathways7
#1: All Pathways
  • Working adult laid off from auto industry
  • HS CTE student in Health Sciences
1 all pathways8
#1: All Pathways
  • Federal Policy options
    • Education: Expand required SLDS student matches for programs beyond K-12
    • Labor: Require connection to SLDS to qualify for discretionary grants (not just WDQI)
  • State Policy / Practice options
    • Cross-agency data body beyond education-focused -20 Councils (orange boxes)
2 employment credentials across all
#2: Employment/Credentials across All
  • Which require employment reporting?
    • WIA Title I , CTE non-credit= yes
    • ABE Title II, CTE for-credit = depends
    • 4-year degrees = typically not
  • Where can you find employment data?
    • DOL: WRIS 2 (voluntary; only 21 states)
    • Census: LED (50 states, but not used)
    • DOED: Gainful Employment (for-profit, non-credit)
2 employment credentials across all10
#2: Employment/Credentials across All
  • Which credentials sought by employers?
  • Which credentials counted?
    • High School and College Degrees = yes
    • Certificates / Certifications = depends
    • Licensure / Third-Party= often not

U.S. Job Openings by Skill Level, 2014

Harry Holzer and Robert Lerman, America’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs

2 employment credentials across all11
#2: Employment/Credentials across All
  • Federal Policy options
    • Incent more states into WRIS2
    • Leverage data already at Census LED
    • Wyden “Know Before You Go” Act
  • State Policy / Practice options
    • Cross-Agency Credential Measurement (MD)
    • Higher Education employment reports (VA)
    • Wage record data by occupation vs. industry
3 labor market information
#3: Labor Market Information
  • Best available LMI…
    • Traditional LMI (2-3 year lag)
    • Real-time openings data (current, but costly)
  • Is it consistently available to inform…
    • Policymaker views of education priorities?
    • Student choices about programs?
    • Program choices about updating curricula?
    • Confirmation of employer input?
3 labor market information14
#3: Labor Market Information
  • Federal Policy options
    • National purchase (or compilation) of real-time data for all public educ/training programs
    • End redundant / conflicting career counseling information between public programs
  • State Policy / Practice options
    • Human capital investment analysis (RI)
    • Statewide sector strategies that include data analysis (PA; 30 others)
4 feedback to programs
#4: Feedback to Programs
  • Comparable to challenges faced by high schools
    • Feedback reports
  • Challenges multiplied for career pathways with multiple funding sources
    • Different datasets, none linked
    • Inability to get long-term student data
4 feedback to programs16
#4: Feedback to Programs
  • Aspen CC Prize
  • PPV Benchmarking for CBOs & CCs
your input
Your Input
  • Finalizing Campaign Agenda
    • Upcoming meeting with State Data Experts
  • Congressional Meetings
    • Possible Hill briefing
  • Launch of Campaign
    • Fall 2012

Andy Van Kleunen

Executive Director

National Skills Coalition

202-223-8991, ext. 104