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Intercultural character of Patras PowerPoint Presentation
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Intercultural character of Patras

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Intercultural character of Patras - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Co-creation & inclusion tools benefiting interculturalism of Patras SONETOR Conference 8 th January 2014, Patras, Greece. Intercultural character of Patras. Various communities from: Albania  Bulgaria Romania  India China  Afganistan Nigeria  Russia Pakistan

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Co-creation & inclusion tools benefiting interculturalism of PatrasSONETOR Conference8th January 2014, Patras, Greece
intercultural character of patras
Intercultural character of Patras

Various communities from:

  • Albania Bulgaria
  • Romania India
  • China  Afganistan
  • Nigeria  Russia
  • Pakistan
  • Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus
intercultural character of patras1
Intercultural character of Patras

 Intercultural Cities (ICC) network of the Council of Europe - CoE

Main concept: Diversity is a source for development & growth

 Intercultural dimension introduced in various policy areas such as: services for the citizens, education, culture, volunteerism, social inclusion and solidarity.

 Vice-Municipality of Patras on “Support of Citizens, Volunteerism, Gender Equality, Integration of Migrants” supported by “Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development-ADEP SA”

intercultural character of patras2
Intercultural character of Patras

Council for the Inclusion of Migrants (CIM)

  • Participation, representationandpromotionoftheviewsofmigrantsatlocallevel, byenrichingtheyparticipationindecision-makingprocesses. ItsfunctionisdefinedbyNationalLaw (no.3852/2010) anditsfundamentalobjectivesare:
  • toincorporateandtoencouragemigrantstoattendandparticipateinlocalpubliclife
  • toimproveortoharmonizerelationsbetweentheinhabitantsofthecityandtheofficialbodiesofthecity
intercultural character of patras council for the inclusion of migrants
Intercultural character of PatrasCouncil for the Inclusion of Migrants
  • Participation in consultation at national level
  • Cooperation with structures benefiting solidarity
  • Distribution of information material
  • Support of all intercultural projects & initiatives
  • Organisation of sports games & cultural events
  • Member of the CIM network of Greece
  • PROGRESS programme: pilot action for women migrants in Patras (2012)
  • PROGRESS programme: cooperation with NGO “Stirixis” / benefiting women (currently under implementation)
local initiatives social solidarity inclusion
Local InitiativesSocial Solidarity & Inclusion
  • Dpt. of Volunteerism & Equality

- “TEAM Epsilon” operating since January 2008

- Currently has about 650 registered volunteer members of all origins – “open” to all (men & women, with different cultural identity, various academic backgrounds and of all ages)

- Management of in a wide range of topics, putting emphasis on sports, social solidarity and culture

local initiatives social solidarity inclusion1
Local InitiativesSocial Solidarity & Inclusion
  • Social solidarity and inclusion is a top priority matter of the city of Patras
  • New structures were established and operate for the benefit of vulnerable groups of population such as long-term unemployed, elderly, young people, women, facing poverty
  • Beneficiaries: native and foreign originated, regardless religion and nationality
local initiatives social solidarity inclusion2
Local InitiativesSocial Solidarity & Inclusion
  • Social Wardrobe (over 1200 families per two months)
  • Pharmacy (in cooperation with Patras Association of Pharmacists)
  • Social General Clinic (Association of Doctors of Patras / Union of hospital doctors of Achaia / Medicine Faculty of Patras University
  • Pediatric Clinic (Association of pediatricians of Patras)
local initiatives social solidarity inclusion3
Local InitiativesSocial Solidarity & Inclusion
  • Opening up of schools / Social Support School

(in cooperation with Directorate of Primary & Secondary Education of Achaia / University of Patras / Union of teachers of Achaia)

  • Social Grocery
  • Bank of Time
  • Mediation Office

Within a design phase …

  • Municipal vegetable yards
  • Cooperation with
  • Vice Municipality of Education, Transparency & Electronic Consultation
  • Vice Municipality of Health & Welfare
  • Patras Social Organisation
  • Local NGOs & stakeholders
local initiatives social solidarity inclusion4
Local InitiativesSocial Solidarity & Inclusion
  • “Children on the Move” project
  • -Coordinated by UNHCR
  • -Cooperation with “PRAKSIS” NGO
  • -Targeting unaccompanied children
  • -Emphasis on consulting, sheltering & protection
  • Organisation of a shelter-house / structure for unaccompanied children
  • Funded by International Organisation of Migration
  • In cooperation with Red Cross, PRAKSIS, MERIMNA of children
  • To be operating within 2014
  • Third countries nationals / willing to return to origin / project in cooperation with International Organisation of Migration
specific emphasis on
Specific emphasis on …
  • Women
  • Youth
  • European Chart on Gender Equality in Local Society
  • Operation of shelter-house for abused women
  • PROGRESS programme: inclusion of gender equality dimension in the strategies of the municipality (coordinated by the National General Secretariat of Equality in Greece)
  • Implementation of projects for roma people, youth, women and migrants by ADEP SA
The city of Patras is a trustful partner

“open” for networking and co-creation



Deputy Mayor of Patras for

“Support of Citizens, Volunteerism,

Gender Equality & Integration of Migrants

King George A’ Square, Building of Law & Arts (4th floor)

GR-26221 Patras, GREECEtel: +30-2610 –240196


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