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Compass Powered by Rearden Commerce. Training Tailored to the End User. Contents. Activating your Account and Profile Overview Pages 4 – 27 Booking Air, Car and Hotel Pages 28 – 69 Additional Services on Compass Pages 70 – 75. Activating your Account and Profile Creation.

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compass powered by rearden commerce
Compass Powered by Rearden Commerce

Training Tailored to the End User


Activating your Account and Profile Overview

Pages 4 – 27

Booking Air, Car and Hotel

Pages 28 – 69

Additional Services on Compass

Pages 70 – 75


New User-

Compass Online Booking Tool

If you are a new user to Compass and have not received

an activation e-mail or a link to log in for the first time, Please Contact: Your Travel Administrator or Travel Leaders eCommerce Online Support.

800-586-2472 or e-mail:

The following slides will take you through the steps of logging in for the first time and creating your account.

activation e mail
  • New User
  • Activation E-mail
  • Create a Profile and Password
  • Some New Users may
  • be notified with a pre-defined link to begin the Activation Process
  • Check with your Travel
  • Administrator with questions regarding the Travel Program

Register your Account

Step One: Create your Own Unique Password


Register your Account

Profile fields marked by asterisk are required fields to complete

travel preferences
Travel Preferences

Part of the Activation Process requires the Users to begin the completion of Profile Information, including Travel Preferences and Membership Numbers.

Travel Preference Information can be updated at any time


To Log into Compass once your account is activated use the link below.

You may save this link as a “favorites” for easy access.

  • Log into Compass -
  • Log in Name - NMH E-mail Address
  • Password -Unique password created upon activating your account through the activation e-mail



‘Company News’ provides company specific communications and a web demonstration of Compass

‘Company Resources’ offers links to Travel Websites and company specific information

Hours of Operation & Contact Information for online booking help and agent assistance


After completing the activation, you are directed to home page. Click on the Profile Link before booking travel and complete the additional areas of the profile


Main Profile Page with links to all

Profile features

Note: Users need to access and complete all areas of the Profile to update the necessary information


First and Last name fields must match your photo ID

used for travel

Please contact online support to change these fields

Birth date and Gender fields

Are required as part of the Secure Flight Program to be Mandated in 2010

Date of birth is an encrypted Field quotations indicate this field has been populated, dashes indicate information is still required


The Confirmation E-mails in this field are sent from compass when a trip is Held or Submitted for Purchase

Itinerary / Invoice for final ticketing comes from Travel Leaders

Travel planners that wish to Receive a Copy of this itinerary invoice should enter their e-mail address in this field


Profile | Addresses and

Phone Numbers

Home Phone Field is required as it “pushes” the profile information to the Agency

If you prefer not to provide home phone as contact number, enter business or cell here

Be sure to CLICK SAVE on bottom of each Profile Page when adding new information


Profile | Credit Cards

Multiple Credit Cards may be added to the Profile

Users should click on the “Add credit card” link to add a credit card for Hotel Guarantees or Other Services

Centrally Billed Credit Cards can be added to the users profile for all Airline and Fee Transactions and Hotel Guarantees.

This card will be reflected on

this page or may be hidden

to the end user


Profile | Add a Credit Card

Add required information marked by an Asterisk

Be sure to SAVE information added to all pages of the Profile


Profile | Travel Preferences

Note default fields for AIR search


Search by PRICE

Air Special Requests will be seen by carrier in reservation

Add as many Membership Numbers as you like (Do not add spaces or punctuation)


Amenities included in the profile will be considered in the hotel search options

Special Requests will be included in the reservation

Include Hotel Memberships by the “Program” Name i.e. Marriot Rewards or Hilton Honors to include all properties under the program

If a Default Car type in not chosen in the profile, the system will default to Intermediate size

Car and all rates returned are based on that size car


Airport Parking and Car Service (sedan) are optional features on this site and may not be enabled

Check the TRAVEL tab on the home page

Passport and Intl Travel

information is required in all airline bookings, please include passport information if you travel Internationally


Travelers can add AAA Membership or other discount numbers in the Additional Information Section

Include any Personal Information you want an Agent to be aware of in the Misc. Remarks:

e.g. “Never book connection through Chicago and not early morning flights before 9 am”

Add your Redress or Known Traveler Number if one has been assigned

Always SAVEeach page of the profile!


Profile | Delegate Access

Travel Planners can easily Delegate themselves to update profile information or book travel for others

An E-mail is sent to the traveler to notify a user has been granted access to his or her profile

User may delete delegates on this page

Travelers can Delegate others to book travel for them


Profile | Delegate Access

Search for a user by E-mail or Last Name

Select the traveler or delegate from the search results

On the Home Page the Drop Down box reveals all travelers the user has delegate access to

Always log in as ‘Myself’ and access the traveler you are booking for from this link


Profile | Delegate Access

Emergency Contact information is not required

but recommended as

good information for the

agency to have

Fields may vary by company



Profile | Notifications

Notifications Serve Multiple Purposes:

Trip Itinerary-

Add additional e-mails to receive copies of your itineraries. Add alternate e-mails (home or spouse) to receive copies of your itineraries. It is not necessary to add your business address or a travel planner address for this notification area.

Flight Status Updates-

Provides Flight change status updates from the Carrier directly beginning three hours prior to scheduled departure time.

Receive Status Updates and reminders for all services booked on Compass.


Profile | Notifications

Flight Status Updates utilizing “Flight Stats” provide real time updates to all Flights 3hours Prior to Departure

Travelers and Travel Planners may enter up to three types of notifications to multiple people


Your Username is your NMH E-mail Address

A unique Password is created during the Activation process


Users can Start a Booking from the

‘Quick Search’ tab on the Home Page, however, Travel Leaders Recommends travelers use the “Travel Tab” when starting a new booking to include more detail in your Search Criteria



From the Home Page click on the TRAVEL Tab and choose Trip Planner to begin your search

The Trip Planner page provides detailed search criteria options to enhance your search for Air, Hotel, and Rental Car


Travel Leaders Manages your unused tickets automatically; the detail here reminds you when an

unused ticket is about to expire

On the Air Search Page, this information is flagged again to remind you to book the carrier in order to use the ticket

Travel | Unused Tickets

From the home page use the Travel tab to access Unused Ticket information in the

drop down


Book three ways; Round trip, multi-city up to four destinations , and one way

It is recommended to begin the Search by PRICE to ensure you are comparing the best fares

Be sure to change the Time Options to match the window of air options you want returned in the search Anytimewill return flights all day

Additional flight option changes


Travel | Trip Planner

The Hotel Search will default to the arrival airport

To book multiple hotels within one reservation at different destinations, use the link indicated for multi city search

Change the criteria of Hotel and Car search – Refer to Next Slide


Travel | Trip Planner

Hotel Search will default to the Airport you are traveling to

Click onAddressto change the Search to City Center or add a suburb name or street address to make the search more efficient

Include the name of Hotel or Hotel Chain Name to bring those matching search options to the top of the list of results Rental Car will default to Airport pick up

To see Off Airport Locations, uncheck the box to change the Search

Click SEARCH to begin your reservation


Departure Flight Page (Refer to the next Example Slide)

  • 1 - Travel Leaders recommends the Flight Search be set to Search by PRICE. This allows the user to compare the best available fares with the search criteria. Search by SCHEDULE allows the end user to select flights based on the carrier’s schedule but with no reference to price or availability.
  • 2 - The display defaults to View Results by Segment. This shows all departure options first and once the user selects the flight, the Return Options will be displayed. Users can also see results by Complete Trip from this drop down. This changes the options to both outbound and return flights priced together.
  • 3 - The Air Matrix allows the user to sort the detailed options and provides a snapshot of the best fares available. Low Cost carriers such as: Southwest, Air Tran, and USA 3000are available to book on this site.
  • 4 - Select flights from the detailed list on the right side of page.
  • 5 - The Modify area allows the user to change the search criteria from this page.
  • 6 - The Price of Flights on the “Select your Departure/Return Flight” pages is based on a round trip price including taxes. Price of flights may change depending on the return flight chosen.

Travel | Select your departure flight


By Segment


Returned by Price

#3-Air Matrix

#6-Flight Prices

#4-Select Flights

#5-Nearby Airports


Flight Details include

on time stats in

“More Details”

Select and Confirm a Seat from this step of the booking process

Unused Tickets are Flagged on the Matrix and in the Air Detail

Preferred carriers will be displayed by a

Gold P Medallion


Travel | Modify your Air Search

  • Changes to your Air Search can be made here:
  • Click Show ALL to see all Flight Options
  • Move the dynamic bar to change the time window for Flights
  • Include options at nearby Airports and compare prices by clicking the additional boxes

Travel | Seat selection

Users can Select a Seat by clicking the Seat Map link next to the flight option on the Flight Search page

By selecting a seat here and clicking Done, the seat will be confirmed and the search will progress to the

Next Step –

Choose your Return Flight


Travel | Select your return flight

Return Flight page provides the user the ability to modify options as well, before making a Selection


Travel | Select your return flight

This is how the Flight Search Display appears when Searching by Schedule

Price will be attached to selection when all flights are chosen


Travel | Select a Hotel (Refer to the next Example Slide)

1 - The Google style map offers the user a visual illustration of the search reference point and hotels located in the surrounding area.

2 - Sort options default to any Company policy included. You can Sort your options by Distance, Price and Star Rating.

3 - The ‘preferred’ shows the user this property is a preferred hotel; Compass highlights the word in Gold to show it’s preferred status and always come to the top of the page for each search. Most preferred hotels provide a company negotiated rate. Some companies choose to flag “recommended” properties as preferred.

4- Choose to view photos, Hotel Amenities, Review Rate Details, or compare rates at properties. Users can easily “open” multiple rate displays and Compare Price per night, star ratings, and other amenities.

5 - Narrow your choices or Modify your search from this area including changing check in and check out dates. The original search criteria is displayed here.


Travel | Select your hotel

#1-Google Style Map

#5-Narrow Your Choices

#2-Sort Options

#3-Preferred Hotels

#4-Star Rating, Photos, Amenities, or Compare Rates


Travel | Select your hotel

Refer to next Slide: Select the link of the hotel name to view detailed information about this Hotel


Travel | Hotel Details

View detailed information about this Hotel upon selecting the Hotel Name Link


Travel | Select your hotel

Select “See room rates” to view available room rates at different hotels from this page


Travel | Select your hotel

Once you Select a Rate on this page you have BOOKED that rate

Cancellations to this reservation fall under the policies stated in the room/rate details.

Be aware of rates that include the word(s), Advance Purchase, no refunds, cancel fee applies, etc.

Be sure to read the Rate Details closely to ensure that you are choosing a rate that fulfills your preferences.


Travel | Choose a car

Preferred Car Companies will be flagged and show at top of the search

Additional rental options will be available as well

You have the option to easily change your search options, modify rental days, or car type

Check your Company Travel Policy for insurance information and booking preferred companies


Travel | Choose a car

View Mileage and Rates and Car Rental Details/Rules


Travel | Review your trip

(Page 1 of 3)

  • Use this Page to:
  • Change Booked Segments
  • Select Seats
  • Review your Reservation

Travel | Review your trip

(Page 2 of 3)

The Rules and Restrictions for the Flights and Hotel booking are reflected here

Please take note of both before submitting air purchase and/or holding a reservation


Travel | Review your trip

(Page 3 of 3)

Choose to ‘Hold this Trip’ or Continue to Submit for Purchase

Hotel only bookings can not be HELD Once a hotel rate is selected it is booked and under the Hotel Cancellation penalties


Travel | Review your trip

Rules and Restrictions for Flights based on Fare Rules from the Carrier

Please note: the Advance Purchase Requirements if you intend to HOLD an AIR reservation for 24 hours.

Some Carriers will not allow reservations to be held


Guidelines for: Holding and Purchasing a Ticket

  • Major air carriers allow a air reservation to be held for 24 hours. Fares are guaranteed at the time of ticketing. The price may change based on the rules of the original fare booked.
  • Changes can be initiated online to an air reservation if Travel has NOT begun. (some exceptions apply e.g. multiple carrier reservations) Changes to air segments after travel has begun must be made with an agent.
  • Most Cancellations to any portion of a trip can be made online.
  • If you cancel a non refundable ticketed airline reservation the amount of that ticket is placed in a database for application on a future ticket on the same carrier.

The Purchase Page reviews the information in the user’s profile

‘Name your trip’ will appear as a reference on your upcoming trips area

Additions and Changes can be made at the time of booking

Travel | Purchase Trip

(Page 1 of 4)

Required fields are marked on this page


Travel | Purchase Trip

(Page 2 of 4)

Add Flight Status and Itinerary Notifications not already in your profile

Special Handling Instructions Box is used to send a message to an agent to complete the booking

Additional fees may apply for Agent Assistance


Travel | Purchase Trip

(Page 3 of 4)

Enter Emergency Contact Information

Credit cards in profile are reflected. Make changes if necessary

Some companies will have Central Business credit cards as the default payment for Airfare


Travel | Purchase Trip

(Page 4 of 4)

Review the Trip Cost Summary,

Choose to Hold the reservation or Submit for Purchase


Travel | Purchase Trip

Select Ok and Hit Purchase


Travel | Trip Confirmation

This Page confirms, you have Completed the Booking Process

You will receive a Notification via E-mail when the trip is submitted

It is important to note that you must still receive your final itinerary/invoice from Travel Leaders as confirmation your ticket has been issued


Attached PDF Printable Itinerary

E-mail Notification from Travel Leaders-this is your notification of an issued ticket

This Includes the Airline confirmation, ticket number and fee breakdown for Expense Reporting


Trips booked “offline” with an agent will be imported to your profile online

You will only be able to make changes online to bookings made online

To Access a Reservation click on the icon next to the name of trip


Travel Tools | View details

View all the Details of your trip; review your flights, hotel and car, Rules and Restrictions, and cost summary information


Guidelines for: Making Changes to Existing Reservations

  • You can add car and / or hotel to an existing air reservation for no additional fee. Click:Change This Trip
  • A new transaction must be created in order to add an airline reservation to an existing car and/or hotel booking.
  • Change This Tripshould also be used if you would like to add, delete or modify a component of the trip.
  • You can make changes to the airline portion of a trip ONLY before travel has begun. Changes after air travel has begun must be made with an agent. Changes to car and/or hotel can be made at anytime online.
  • There are exceptions when making changes to bookings online. Some changes may not be allowed. Examples are agent assistance with the original booking, multiple carriers for air, or an unused ticket was applied to the original booking.
  • Cancel This Trip - use this link to cancel this entire trip.
  • Book Againacts as a template or cloning feature where a traveler can book the same trip over and over or a travel planner can access a trip and book the same trip for multiple people.
  • The next few slides will illustrate these options.

Travel Tools | Change this trip

Change This Trip will direct you to choose an option for the type of change required

The system will take you through a series of questions to complete the change process


Travel Tools | Cancel this trip

Cancel this Trip assumes you want to cancel the entire trip.

Please note: Cancellation Info and be aware of any Possible Penalties as a result of the Cancellation


Travel Tools | Book again

Book Againallows you to Recreate the same trip for different dates

Travel Planners can access a Trip and book the same one for other travelers using the drop down list at top of page


Travel | Other services

Other services can be booked as part of an Air, Car and Hotel Reservation. These bookings will be part of the Compass Itinerary

No additional transaction fees are incurred booking these services


The Dining feature is available through Open Table - Not only can you make online reservations for dining , but you can search for restaurant information at thousands of restaurants all over the country.

If you are an Open Table member you will accrue your points


If you are not making a reservation online you can still invite guests from this link

The dynamic search allows you to not only make a reservation but provides great information about the restaurant with reviews from Gayot and Zagat


Entertaining a Client-Rather than navigate to another site, you can book Sports, Concert and Theater tickets from this page.

A credit card will be required for the purchase and the same cancellation policies apply as if you were booking on the site directly.


The Rearden Mobile Assistant provides an icon “R” for your Blackberry desktop for quick access to all the services booked through Compass

Today Rearden Commerce supports Blackberry, iPhone, and Mobile Web for SmartPhones


Leading the way in Travel

For Technical or Navigational Assistance Please Contact:

eCommerce Online Support