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Openers & Cleaners PowerPoint Presentation
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Openers & Cleaners

Openers & Cleaners

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Openers & Cleaners

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  1. Aeromech Textile Engineers Openers & Cleaners

  2. Our product range is highly acclaimed for it’s Technological Superiority, Sturdy, High Productivity, Cost effectiveness and Easy maintenance. This has come equally to foreign products. The product range of BLOWROOM machineries are Openers, Cleaners, Dust and Waste removal equipments. We proudly inform that our products given as follows are running successfully, producing best results in our customers end Practically About us

  3. Aeromech Textile Engineers • Range of Products • Openers and Cleaners • 1.Pre-Mixing Openers 13. Disc Pre-Filters • 2.Bale Openers 14. Contamination Feed Conveyor Tables • 3.Bale Pluckers 15. Two Way Pneumatic Distributors • 4.Two /Three/Four Roll Openers 16. Pneumatic Dambers • 5.Gradient Cleaners 17. Air Ventilators • 6.Middle Feeders 18. Pneumatic Feeding Units • 7.Condensors 19. Single Beater Lap Machine • 8.Multi-Blenders 4/6/8/10 Chambers 20. Gravity Traps • 9.Micro Dust Removers 21. Double Magnet Traps • 10.Fibre Compactors 22. Chute Feeding Units • 11. Primary and Secondary Filters 23. Clearer Roller Cleaner • 12.Panel Filters

  4. Pre-Mixing Opener Aeromech Pre-Mixing Opener portable type comprising 3 different type of beaters with large waste chamber, adjustable Grid section gently opens cotton and or man made fibers. User friendly, maintenance free, working width 1000mm with an output up to 1250kgs/hr. Trolley wheels to move every where and unrestricted 3/5/10 mtr feed conveyor for maximum pre-mixing of bale material, easily for contamination with low power geared motor.

  5. Bale Opener Aeromech Bale Opener working width 1200mm is the latest in the series and is most flexible for every type of raw material and application. Large mixing chamber ensures thorough mixing of individual tufts. Evener roller incorporating lifting lattice performs tufts opening and blending. Feed conveyor virtually unrestricted 5/10mtr for maximum pre-mixing of bale material, easily for contamination.

  6. Two Roller Clener This machine is used for treatment of various grades of cotton and further cleans preliminarily opened materials. This machine adopts Twin roll with free beating. Material is fed- axial in the machine and delivered from other end. The grid bars under the rollers do the opening and cleaning. This will prevent the big dust being smashed into small tuft and ensure an earlier dedusting.

  7. Micro Dust Remover De-dusting is an important process in a Textile Mill. A good de-dusting leads to considerable reduction in the micro dust accumulation in the Rotor spinning as well as Ring Spinning resulting in lower thread breaks and also avoid moire effect. This machine is used as the last beating and cleaning point in the Blow room line. The unique de-dusting machine from Aeromech offers an excellent result that removal of Dust and Micro dust efficiency with low power compare with other brands..

  8. Aero Synthetic Opener For Synthetic processing, the Blow room plays an important role for quality aspects. An opener is necessary for opening the synthetic material without damage the fibers. Aeromech has been manufacturing ASO-1 which is well suit for Synthetic processing units. Construction and Design is similarly to Fine opener, except the Beater pins and Grid section. An under casing and Mote knife provided under the beater. The beater specially designed for Synthetic material.

  9. Gravity Trap Aeromech Gravity Trap uses centrifugal action to remove almost all impurities which heavier than tufts regardless of it’s material composition. Gravity Trap can be fitted into any duct with a constant air-current. No moving parts, Individually adjustable Mote-knives and Steel Segments at a foot of ‘U’ turn deflect the heavier particles down into a large collection chamber. This machine is maintenance free and does not need electrical power

  10. Aero MULTI-BLENDER Aero Multi-Blender offers an optimum solution for any mixing task for staple fiber mixes. A fan feeds the material into the trunks, which are successively filled and simultaneously emptied. The principal guarantees a maximum homogeneity of the mixing. The transport air entering the machine also feeds the material to the following machine. The process of filling, mixing and feeding are controlled by pneumatic system

  11. Aero Bale Plucker Aeromech Bale Plucker is for the initial stage for opening raw material in Blowroom, used for plucking bales of various cotton grades and or man made fibers. Cotton bales are placed in the round circle, the carriage rotates above the bales with a high revoluting beater and grids in the carriage, the carriage plucks the bales. For every circle of the carriage will lower it’s position according to pre- set the distance. Such keep the plucking continuously and up to the lowest position. The plucked tufts will sucked by the fan in the next machine.

  12. Aero Gradient Cleaner [GC6] The Gradient Cleaner GC6 is a very effective machine for all types of cotton. Six beaters arranged in rising steps at an angle of 45* carry the tufts upwards whilst removing a large proportion of the heavy impurities through he grids. Fixed cross plates restrict the passage between the beater rolls. The robust beater blades have ‘U ‘shape despite a severe beating action, they don’t damage he fibers. Large window and internal illumination of the spacious waste chamber enable the removal of waste to be observed. Material must not be removed from the gradient Cleaner by immediate suction s this would impade waste removal. The machine must eject the tufts into an air stream drawn from the room except when it is delivering into a feed trunk of the next machine

  13. Aero Magnet Trap [MRO] Magnet Trap in the ducts or machines capture Iron particles which are entangled in the tufts. The Double magnet trap is fitted in the material transport duct, where possible at the start of the line before machines with vulnerable working elements. Two sets of each containing 3 high power 150*100*25 magnets are fitted in an Zic-Zac section of the duct

  14. Aero Dust Extract [Airex] A simple means of extracting excess transport air and any air bourne dust. Dust extract is typically installed in duct line after the openers. Air and Dust from material transport system passes along a perforated section of during in dust extracted through perforations to central filter. Adjustable Damber controls amount of air exraction.

  15. Single Beater Lap machine [Scutcher] Single beater lap machine [scutcher] working width 1015mm sensitive almost maintenance free, feed control by sensing lever and cone drive with differential gear. Krischner beater for fine opening and cleaning, Adjustable air supply influencing covering of the dust cage with tufts, Large dust cage diametrically exhausted across it’s whole width to form a compact lap of layer with high length and cross regularity, Heavy calander rollars pneumatically loaded for formation of heavy laps, Calander rollars ‘One laying on Two’ for horizontal running of laps to avoid false drafts, Automation for lap delivery, lap removal from lap spindle between reserve and working position and without interrupting production, complete automation readjust able. The pneuma feeder provides a uniform feed to the scutcher. An adjustable sensitive pressure switch located in feed trunk maintains the material level variations within tight limits.

  16. Filters and Compactors This Series combining of First stage , Second Stage, Fiber Compactors are used for the projects of Dust removal from process of Blow room, Carding, Combing and serves as air circulating filter in the Pre-spinning, Post spinning. It is also adopted in the dusting powder polluted circumstances which mainly contain fibers.Dust contained after treatment less than 1mg/m3.Efficiency 98%

  17. Clearer Roller Cleaner Aeromech Clearer Roller Cleaner cleans thoroughly the fluff from the roller and collects in the chamber provided by a unique suction device. The fluff collected can be removed easily from the chamber. The clearer roller comes out on the other side completely cleaned automatically. The guide is adjustable to fit on different diameter of rollers of types of spinning machines. Save 95% of the cleaning time and labor. Low power consumption with high efficiency. Adjustable to all sizes of rollers. Transportability easy within the mill. A superior device to clean the Clearer rollers automatically.

  18. Aeromech Textile Engineers • For any Technical assistance: • Mohanraaj.N- Proprietor • Chinnagurusamy Lay-out • Singanallur post • Coimbatore-641 005 • Tamilnadu-India • Ph:91 422 391 7818 • Mob:91 99409 26151/ 91 81446 86006 • E.mail: / / • • Web: http://