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national curry week welcome to our 17 th year n.
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NATIONAL CURRY WEEK “Welcome to our 17 th year ” PowerPoint Presentation
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NATIONAL CURRY WEEK “Welcome to our 17 th year ”

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NATIONAL CURRY WEEK “Welcome to our 17 th year ”
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NATIONAL CURRY WEEK “Welcome to our 17 th year ”

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  1. NATIONAL CURRY WEEK“Welcome to our 17th year” NATIONAL CURRY WEEK13 – 19th October 2014 © 2014 Peter J Grove with Federation of Specialist Restaurants

  2. National Curry Week 2014 • FUN & FUNDRAISING • 13-19th October 2014 • National Curry Week was started in 1998 to promote the cuisine and to raise funds for charities concentrating on hunger, malnourishment and poverty. During the week, curry lovers can get out and visit their local curry houses, some of which will be staging special events and fun challenges. • Now in its 17th year, National Curry Week 2014 again invites not only curry restaurants, caterers, pubs, canteens etc, all over Britain but also the curry loving public who wish to dine at home with a takeaway or a prepared meal. We invite both the dine in and dine out sectors to celebrate the cuisine and culture with special dinners, record-breaking attempts, raffles, auctions and, where possible, to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and suffering in South Asia and worldwide (register free now). • All we ask restaurants to do is celebrate the week in which we acknowledge curry in Britain each year and, if possible, set aside a special evening where the proceeds go to The Curry Tree Charitable Fund which, last year, focused on the Find Your Feet charity, Action Against Hunger and others.

  3. National Curry Week 2014 *According to FAO figures the number of malnourished people worldwide increased by 75 million in 2007 to an estimated total of 925 million. *The Indian restaurant sector provides around 170 million meals a year, sufficient for nearly 3 meals per person of the UK population. *One child in the world dies every 5 seconds from hunger related causes. *23 million people in Britain eat out regularly ( more than once each year). YOU CAN HELP • All you need to do is email your pledge (name, town, email address) to donate at to If you are ordering a takeaway log on to and you will automatically donate with your order at no cost to you. • Funds raised will be allocated to deserving causes around poverty, disaster and malnutrition each year by the trustees which include some of the top people in the Indian restaurant sector. • (For further information call 020 8399 4831 or visit "I think The Curry Tree is a brilliant idea. I wish you all the luck for a grand success of this project and I would be delighted to become a Trustee" - Food writer & TV Presenter Mridula Baljekar. "Nothing should stop us from helping those who are less fortunate than us." - Rajesh Suri, CEO Tamarind(Michelin starred restaurant)

  4. National Curry Week 2014 • The 2014 National Curry Week will again invite curry restaurants, caterers, pubs, canteens, schools etc, all over Britain to celebrate the cuisine and culture with special dinners, record-breaking attempts, raffles, auctions and more, all in aid of contributing to the alleviation of poverty and suffering in South Asia and other parts of the world. Last year, for the first time to celebrate the “currification of the world” we also invited curry restaurants from other national cuisines such as Thai, Malaysian etc • Register online at • This year, if you cannot get to a restaurant you can join in by getting a takeaway via sponsors Hungry House or using one of the special recipes from Anjali Pathak and other experts for each day of the week that appear on the National Curry Week website.If you fancy yourself as a curry cook get a copy of the special ebook ‘Spice Roots’ is available on Amazon with recipes from the world’s top Indian chefs. All sales proceeds will go to Find Your Feet charity.

  5. National Curry Week 2014 IT MAKES YOU THINK : The number of chronically undernourished in the world today equals :- • The entire population of the world just 250 years ago. • The same as 10,000 old Wembley Stadia full to capacity. • 115 times the population of Greater London. • 15 times the entire population of the United Kingdom. • 2.3 times the entire population of the European Union. Help us to make changes with The Curry Tree charitable fund supporting charities such as Find Your Feet, Action Against Hunger etc.

  6. National Curry Week 2014 Who Can Participate? • Restaurants offering curry on their menu throughout Britain – actively through holding a special dinner or joining in a special event such as the new Poppadom Eating World Record and sending the proceeds to the The Curry Tree charitable fund • Pubs and general catering establishments through offering special curry or other specialist menus during the event and competing for Curry Pub of the Year. • Offices, Universities, Schools & Company canteens by offering a special curry day or week or simply using our online information section to raise awareness. • Members of the public by having their own curry quiz night or specialist meal using the special National Curry Week recipes. * Takeaway fans can support the event by ordering their meal through one of the thousands of restaurants at Hungry House online. (

  7. National Curry Week 2014 / Media Media Support : The event is covered in the press on radio and on television. • National Curry Week ‘trended’ third in the world on Twitter in 2011 led by Bruno Mars. • Patak’s ran a highly successful promotional programme throughout Britain in 2012 in national and trade press. • The regional media featured the efforts of local restaurants throughout Britain especially for Curry Capital of Britain won in 2012 again by Bradford. • National Curry Week enjoyed more national and regional media and broadcast coverage in 2013 than ever before.

  8. If you run a restaurant, here’s how can you be involved? * Designate an evening during or close to National Curry Week and run a special diner with proceeds going to The Curry Tree Charitable Fund. • Enter one of the competitions for Customer Restaurant of the Year or Best Signature Dish (see website) • Enter one of special challenges such as The World Poppadom Tower Challenge Poppadom Eating Record or the Samosa Speed Record. • Check online to see if your city is taking part in Curry Capital of Britain so that you can represent your city. • Contact a local school or sports club to organise a Poppodomathon (see website)

  9. What special events are there? • All - Make an attempt on the World Poppadum Tower record broken once again in 2012 or the new Poppadom Eating record. • Chefs - "Pakora/Samosa Speed Challenge " • Chefs - "Best Signature Dish (Classic)" • Chefs - "Best Signature Dish (Innovative)“ • Chefs – “Chutney of the Year Challenge” • All - "Currybard of the Year“(Best curry poem) • All – “Customer’s Restaurant of the Year” • Pubs – enter the Curry Pub of the Year competition.

  10. National Curry Week 2014 Celebrate the great curry industry available in Britain in 2014 and help raise more money than ever before for The Curry Tree and its worthy causes. Restaurant, pub, canteen and and specially the curry loving public – your support is vital. As well as enjoying good food it is said curry fans are generous and fun loving. We know it and you can help us prove it. If you are an individual donate to The Curry Tree charitable fund and help those in need.For information Organised by Peter Grove of The Federation of Specialist Restaurants P.O.Box 416 Surbiton Surrey KT1 9BJ Tel : 020 8399 4831 email : groveint@ Twitter : @supportcurry