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European Doctorate in Teacher Education – EDiTE PowerPoint Presentation
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European Doctorate in Teacher Education – EDiTE

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European Doctorate in Teacher Education – EDiTE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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European Doctorate in Teacher Education – EDiTE
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  1. European Doctorate in Teacher Education – EDiTE MonikaKovacs, PhD ELTE - Budapest Faculty of Education and Psychology

  2. Az EDiTEprojektLLP projekt • Lifelong Learning Programme • Erasmus Multilateral Project • EACEA Grant Agreement No. 2012-3214/001-001 • 2012October–2014September

  3. EDiTEconsortium Erasmus Multilateral Project • University of Innsbruck • EötvösLoránd University - Budapest • University of Lower Silesia – Wroclaw • University of Lisbon • University of Bucharest Advisoryboard: European Network onTeacher Education Policies (ENTEP) Consultationswith EUA, ENTEP, ATEE (AssociationforTeacher Education in Europe)

  4. Aim of the project • The aim is to develop a joint degree program in doctorate education with a focus not only on a comprehensive learning programme (advanced studies) but also an intensive research programmethat creates a general framework for its students to realise their autonomous individual research.

  5. A European project Itaims to develop a shared understanding on European teacher education highlighting common identity and common values of European teachers as well as to promote opportunities of teacher mobility among the member countries.

  6. Jointdegree program • A joint program resultingin a jointdegree (delivery of the curriculum in an inter-universitycollaboration) • A mobility phase is part of the EDiTEProgramme. The doctoral candidates will conduct part of their studies at a partner university of the EDiTE consortium. • The mobility phase and individual student research is supported by a supervisory system with two supervisors. The first supervisor should be from the home university of the student, the second supervisor should be from the partner university where the doctoral candidate studies during the mobility phase of the programme.

  7. The curriculum A PhD forProfessionals: todohigh-levelexpert and professionalworkrequiringtheuse of researchmethods 3 years (6 semesters): 180 ECTS 1) Advanced pedagogicalstudies (60 ECTS) 2) Research intensive modul (120 ECTS) The curriculum modulscontentwaspublishedin May 2013:

  8. The research modul • The aim of the EDiTE research program is to enhance the involvement of EDiTE doctoral students, as part of their learning in Module 2, in concrete research activities connected with ongoing research projects and with existing research orientations in the partner institutions. The program is therefore based on existing research activities and orientations in the participating partner institutions.

  9. Thematicfocuses 1. Teacher education: • National teacher education policies • The professional development of teachers • The development of practical skills and competences in the teaching profession • Curriculum of teacher education • Assuring and managing quality in teacher education • The history of teacher education and teacher policies • Innovation in teacher education • Institutional frameworks of teacher education • Teacher as learners, professional learning communities

  10. 2. The teaching profession and the work of teachers • The professional competences of teachers • The knowledge basis of the teaching profession • The social position of the teaching profession • Teacher professionalism • The work of teachers

  11. 3. European policies related with teacher education and the teaching profession • Current teacher policies and teacher education policies in the EU and the member states • The history of teacher education and teacher policies in the EU 4. Human resource management and development in schools and HEIs • School level human resource management and development practices • HE institution level knowledge production and knowledge sharing, communities of practices • School level knowledge production and knowledge sharing, communities of practices • Research on the understandings, motivations and behavior of actors and on change them • The development of HRM capacities of school-leaders and the impact of their work • Developing academics as educators

  12. 5. Teaching and learning • Curriculum development • Development of adult educators • Diversity • Teaching and learning innovations • The impact of teaching practices on learning • The management of the learning process by teachers • Teacher/student relationship • Understanding of learning

  13. 6. Other themes • Exploring research trends on teachers and teacher education • Characteristics and impacts of the socio-cultural environment of education from the perspective of teaching and teachers • Developments and existing practices in the education system and their impacts from the perspective of teaching and teachers • Historical aspects of the teaching profession • Understanding the mechanisms of educational policy from the perspective of teaching and teachers • Research on the understandings, motivations and behavior of actors influencing teaching and teachers

  14. EDiTE’sblendedlearningstrategy • BL will increase the level of active learning strategies, peer-to-peer learning strategies, and learner centred strategies used making the programme more attractive but also more responsive to individual needs; • BL will act as one of the key factors influencing the growth of distributed learningenvironments thus enhancing the mobility of ideas, interaction; • BL will provide an opportunity for reaching a large, European dispersed audience in a short period of time with consistent, semi-personal content delivery being thus increased cost effective.

  15. Conclusion • Because of the project a national and an internationalconsultationonteachereducationdoctorate has beenstarted • Being a member of this project has had an effectonthealreadyexcistingprograms • Disseminationof goodexamplesmighteffectotherdoctoralprogrammes • More research is neededhowtointergratetheresearch modul intodoctoraleducation(costs, effectiveness, personalrequirements, evaluation)

  16. Conclusion • Blendedlearningstrategies: anotherlevel of a common European education - cheaperthan „real” mobility, itcanreach more students, moresustainable (expertmeetingsvsstudentmobility) - makesspecializataionpossible: thebestexpertcanteachallthestudents of the program (vsthe „same” courseeverywhere) - realpartnershipbetweenexperts (one team instead of competition) - realpartnershipbetweenstudents (workingtogetheronprojects) - EDiTE: good modell of partnershipdevelopment

  17. Contact • Halász Gábor • Szőllősi Tímea • EDiTE ELTE website: • Project leader Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Michael Schratz Department forTeacher Education and School ResearchDean ofSchool ofEducation Leopold-Franzens-Universität InnsbruckInnrain 52A-6020 Innsbruck Tel.: +43 (0) 512 507-4650Fax: +43 (0) 512 507-2815 •

  18. Thankyouforyourattention!